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  1. Congratulations Ralph 11 years today

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    11 years mate,, did you ever get an answer to your original question. :wink2:
  2. Firefox browser disaster today

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    Boy ................. is there a loot of real crap on this site and also everywhere else I normally visit :nerd::surprise:- I don't normally see it because I have an efficient adblocker and many many many custom rules. Firefox's addon system fell over during the last few hours and if your...
  3. New Today!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, im hoping to get some help on some issues im having! thanks
  4. new here today

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    hi everyone i have just got a megane scenic 1.6 automatic x reg 2000 only done 51250 miles, i need the auto due to disability, Im into Custom Airbrushing for a hobby , I also own a custom dodge b250 panel van ,
  5. Inspection today, ball joint loose and foglamp blinding

    Steering and Suspension
    So I got inspection done for my car(RENAULT CLIO III 2012) today and have to replace ball joint front left and was wondering if its easier to replace the wishbone or just the ball joint? Is it very hard to replace? Also have to fix my foglamps as they are blending, how would I go on about...
  6. Car accident categories all change from today..

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  7. bbc1 8.30pm today (mon)

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    lets see if it looks into it in detail or leaves parts out i tower block fire Ron
  8. Today was a 1st -day time t.v

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    Having booked Mot for yesterday and it passing! Today I found myself at a loss as had planned to do repairs today and tomorrow, so after dropping child at school came home, cracked on a brew and sat down to 'daytime t.v' with a couple of choccy biscuits... OMG - Jeremy kyle - these people...
  9. Had 4 new tyres on the van today,

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    Didn't really need them as she fitted 4 for me yesterday.
  10. Guess who I met today

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    Saw this guy .. seems to be begging for pins in Edinburgh:grin2:
  11. Here's my prediction,, Eddies Predictions

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    OK we're out of the EU but all this money being spent on new hospitals will never happen All the main players in the leave camp were never interested in building hospitals or schools, both would need their taxes staying at the same. level they are now they want to pay less Why pay all these...
  12. Attempted to replace my headlight today on mk3 clio!

    I got my dipped headlights replaced a few months ago after one blew. Today, the bulb has stopped working again! Is the bulb life of a GE bulb really that bad? Anyway, I bought Bosch this time so hopefully these last longer! I attempted to replace it myself this time as I was away from home and...
  13. Cleaned the Megane's engine bay today...

    My mottah!
    Spent a couple hours dusting 6 years of grime off the engine bay today. Never been done by the previous owner so I couldn't resist! Didn't use any water, as it scares me, even though many people say its safe if done correctly. (I'm disaster prone) lol. To clean it I used 5 microfibers...
  14. Newbie Today.. Renault Laguna GT Coupe arrives in 3 days :)

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone. I have driven a few Renaults in the past with work, But until yesterday, I had never owned one. Just put my 3.2 Audi TT up for sale and bought a 2009*RENAULT*LAGUNA*2.0T*GT*3dr. Thought I'd come say hello. :d:driving::cool:
  15. Copyright in USA Today UK Tomorrow

    Cars & motoring
    Copyright act could make it illegal to repair your own car Software is becoming integrated into everything we buy, but DCMA throws basic principles of ownership into question Think you own that shiny new car you paid a bundle for? Not so fast. The software that runs on your car's computer...
  16. Someone got a good present today.

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    Someone on the sea front had a good present today, a aerobatic demo by a Russian Yak 52 by the look of it, flown by someone that knew what he was about, how a engine can produce so much power at such low revs is hard to believe the thing seemed to be flying on tick over, he few off waving is...
  17. fitted these today

    Exterior styling
    well i at last i have got round to fitting these drl opinions please.
  18. New today

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    Hi all new as of today
  19. What's made you smile today..

    General Chat
    Same idea as the grumpy one but its got lots of smiling instead of grumpiness ..tell us why you are happy for instance has you car suddenly decided to double its MPG..have you won the pools or lottery I think you get the general idea guys and gal's :d I will start.. My clio had just passed...
  20. What's made you grumpy today.

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    Dont know if its been done on here but its on other forums I have been on..the idea is to tell us why your having a grump day /day from hell or just generally down in the dumps we then can diagnose if you need help or just locking away.. :devil: I will start..just got blocked by a facebook...