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  1. tom tom Carminet

    hi all i have a clio gt line With tomto carminet in and the remote control has unpaired with the sat nav can anyone tell me how to pair it back up i have put new batteries in the remote but still nothing many thanks Paul
  2. Tom tom sat nav remote megane 2012

    Ask the Experts
    Hi there , looking for advice would like to buy a remote for my Tom Tom sat nav in my megane 2012. Do i have to buy specific one or would any Renault Tom Tom Remote work ? Thank you Catherine
  3. Tom Tom carminat removal

    Hi all, i have had a problem since an update where i updated from TomTom home 2 and my Satnav got stuck in a loop and will not finish the update which it seems has damaged the firmware in my GPS unit (WISMO 218) Question is now which part do i have to change? How easy is it to change? I have...
  4. Xmod (14 reg) Tom Tom dashboard issues

    Hi, I have Xmod and loving it. However, when I go to switch on the radio or nav as both are on. The problem I have is that it will not switch on immediately. Now sometimes it does then switches off. Also when I switch it on it thinks about then goes through a sequence where it switches on and...
  5. Change head unit and keep Tom Tom?

    Hi all I have a 2014 scenic 3 dynamique Tom Tom. I have found the OEM hands free to be quite poor ( when on other end ) compared to other makes especially my old 2012 S-max, also I miss DAB. Does anyone know if you can change the standard head unit and still keep the Tom Tom? The only sort...
  6. Carminat Tom Tom Expert Mode

    Hello All This may be better off placed somewhere more appropriate but after spending a week trying to sort out a problem on someone’s 2002 Laguna Carminat, we could not reset the system back to factory settings as it asked for a code so that it can placed into expert mode, obviously to...
  7. Megane 2015 Carminative Tom Tom SD card

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all Apologies if there is already a thread for this or if I am posting in the wrong place. I am hoping that someone can help me. I have a 2015 Megane and have never updated the satnav since purchasing the car from new. I am going to France shortly so wanted to ensure my maps are up to date...
  8. Renault grand scenic Bose Tom Tom diesel 61 plate

    I have the anti pollution light on with spanner, I have tried running on high revs for 40miles bit wouldnt clear it, yet when I put diesel in it the light disappears for a couple of days anyone know what the issue is? I would be very greatful for any help. Thank you in advance Terry.
  9. Megane Tom Tom Dynamique Aftermarket Head Unit/Screen

    Hi, I am looking to replace my head unit and screen completely, hopefully replacing it with something that has CarPlay on it - however I am unable to find any aftermarket replacements to fit my model. Long shot, but has anyone changed theres, or seen a unit/screen that will fit? I have a 2011...
  10. Radio completely dead and blank tom tom screen

    Hi everyone my cigarette lighter wasn’t working and I changed the fuse and now it’s working but ever since I changed the fuse my radio won’t work and my tomtom screen is completely blank. I have a mk3 Clio 62 plate, any help of advice would greatly be appreciated.
  11. Renault Scenic 1.5 dCi Dynamique Tom Tom 5dr (Tom Tom) (10 - 12)

    Can anyone please help Ive been experiencing problems with my scenic when i go into 5th and 6th gear the car judders for a few seconds. last week the engine failure light came on so i pulled over and turned engine off. now ive run a diagnostic on the car and its showing P0380 Glow plugs/Heater...
  12. Clio Tom Tom Stereo Harness

    Hi Guys New to the forum and have a question, my son has a 2010 Clio Tom Tom and bought a Pioneer stereo, the guy in Halfords told him it was plug and play. Tried fitting it today and there is two connectors on the harness but three from the car. Anyone had the same problem and know of the...
  13. CLIO III - Aftermarket Radio and keeping Navigation (TOM TOM Carminat)

    In Car Entertainment
    Hello, I have a CLIO III , dynamique S 1.5 DCi from 2011 It has the automatic Air Con and the GPS TOM TOM Carminat Navigation I wanted to replace the original Radio with and aftermarket Radio, while maintaining the Navigation functionality. I didn't want to spend 200euros on the Paser...
  14. carminat tom tom sim card change

    In Car Entertainment
    Has anyone ever opened up the built in tom tom to change the sim card ? My live services hadn't been used for 3 years so they've declared it out of use and de activated the sim card. Unfortunatly it can't be re-enabled. didn't tell me that until they took payment and then made me 3 weeks for it...
  15. TOM TOM LIVE renewal

    Hi, I bought an Espace TomTom that had some time remaining on the previous owner's Live services. This has now run out, but if I go to MENU then LIVE SERVICES there's an option to ENABLE. Selecting this brings the greyed out icons back to full colour and the Live traffic info seems to come back...
  16. Clio Dynamique Tom Tom aftermarket head unit.

    In-car entertainment
    Hi guys, hoping someone on here can help me out. I have a 2012 Clio Dynamique Tom Tom. It currently has the standard stereo/sat nav setup installed. I want to replace the head unit with my own Sony unit. I'm aware that I'll lose the function of the built in sat nav but I don't use it anyway as...
  17. Clio MK3 dynamique tom tom

    Hi I have a problem with my Clio where sometimes neither the wipers nor the lights can be switched on or off for a period of time but then suddenly they start working again. The exception is that you can always get the wipers to work by pulling the stalk to wash the screen. I have been told...
  18. Trafic Tom Tom

    I recently bought a 63 reg trafic and can't seem to figure out how to control the sat nav, it shows where I am on the road but I can't seem to get directions. Should I have a remote or does it work off my phone or something, I've tried all the buttons on the stereo. Or is it meant to be touch...
  19. Tom Tom Sat Nav

    Hi guys Im hoping to purchase a 2011 Grand Scenic which has TomTom sat nav. How is this installed on the vehicle? Is it SD card or DVD? If the vehicle hasnt got its original installation disc or card what can i do? Do i need to purchase it from Renault? Im new to the renault and want to be...
  20. Tom Tom navigation not working Megane 111

    Tom Tom navigation in Megane 111 stopped working and now says no maps found. Any one got any ideas. Thanks.