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  1. Making holes tomorrow

    Campervan Chat
    In the process of getting warm. I'm cutting holes in the Bongo tomorrow morning, I bought an holesaw at Screwfix to help me wish me luck. Chinese diesel air heater fitted in the engine bay but need to get the heat produced into the van. Soon as I can I'll be adding a few photos. I did try with...
  2. Copyright in USA Today UK Tomorrow

    Cars & motoring
    Copyright act could make it illegal to repair your own car Software is becoming integrated into everything we buy, but DCMA throws basic principles of ownership into question Think you own that shiny new car you paid a bundle for? Not so fast. The software that runs on your car's computer...
  3. Check Steering and service light on. MOT tomorrow

    I've had the steering wheel off and checked the alignment of the clock spring / rotational connector and checked all the cable connections were corrosion free and secure. It all looks in order. I didn't put a meter on it though. I've tried turning the wheel lock to lock for 5 seconds each to...
  4. MOT 8.30 tomorrow

    General Chat
    Never comfortable watching your van go through its annual test. Fingers crossed! Dave
  5. 15% Off Everything Ends Midnight Tomorrow

    Special offers
    15% Off Everything Ends Midnight Tomorrow Voucher Code: EASTER Our 15% off voucher code can be used on engine oils, gear oils, brake fluids, spark plugs, filters, cleaning products and much more... Take Advantage of this offer here >> ...Also don't forget all UK mainland orders over £100...
  6. Looking at car tomorrow - advice needed

    Cars & motoring
    Hi I'm new here....I'm going to look at a dci 1.5 clio tomorrow and want to know common well as mpg and power and to is it worth the buy cause i'm havin mixed feelings about the car...Can anybody help?
  7. Tomorrow is the day I become an owner!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    :d I'll be taking delivery of my first Laguna tomorrow. It looked nice and drove well on the short test drive. The dealer told me the rev counter not working is a common fault on these renaults (16V 1.6Ltr 5 door Laguna Dynamique on a Y plate) But I haven't spotted too many posts about them over...
  8. New car coming tomorrow!

    My mottah!
    It'll be the first new car the family has ever had! Feeling flush now. :d Clio Mk3 in Extreme Blue, Renault say it'll be ready to be picked up tomorrow so going at about 5pm when I get home. Part ex'ing my current car - a '95 Peugeot 405, it'll be a tragic moment saying bye to the old girl...
  9. Tiggerz_SRi's big day tomorrow

    General Chat
    Well, tomorrow's the day when Tigz signs his life away! He's round mine now and we've just started the night off with some beers having spent the best part of today helping the bride sort out the reception tables etc! Speaches written and suit's tried and fitting thank god, seeing as I've put...
  10. Picking up my Laguna II tomorrow :)

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there, Bought a Laguna II today to bridge the gap between giving my current Vel Satis to my aunt and getting another. It's a 51 reg 1.8 manual Privilège in a juicy green colour that I've never come across before. 95,000 miles and it's being MOT'd today before I pick it up tomorrow. This...
  11. Hello from a newbie, picking up my Grand Espace tomorrow

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Its the done thing to say hi, so here we go.. Hi! Just bought a Grand Espace, and know the value of forums from the past, so thought I'd join up. looking forward to having a massive car, do a lot of weekend trips away, kayaking mainly, so need a good overnight option, thinking that we can...
  12. Just bought a crappy Clio!

    My mottah!
    Just came back 30 mins ago from buying a £160 Clio from my local car dealership. Reason it was so cheap ? Here's the MOT certificate word for word (was tested last week by the dealers garage department). Result - Fail Manatory items: Rear N/S Wheel bearing feels rough when rotated Rear O/S...
  13. Low cost Scenic idle issue please help! (MOT tomorrow!)

    Hi all, Just one more little issue with my low cost Scenic project (Phase 2 2000 2.0 Monaco) now that the cat, issue is sorted (cut in half and welded to get around dropping the sub frame!) The coil packs have improved the idle enormously as it seems two of them were not working as they...
  14. This time tomorrow Euro 2008 cup will be claimed.........

    Who by!? Have your say!!?! I hope its Spain, Love an under-dog! And hate the germans lol
  15. I am driving S.Loeb & P.Solberg Cars Tomorrow

    General Chat
    Hi, well i have been a busy little Boy!! today:d playing with my toys and have the S.Loeb Citroen Saxo 1/10 scale Nitro Thunder Tiger ready to play with tomorrow and i hope to be doing a few drifts and burning some rubber as you do:d ;) never used youtube for videos before so iam going to have...
  16. Rumour of Fuel Blockade Tomorrow

    Cars & motoring
    Just had a call to say that there is a rumour in this area that the hauliers are planning a fuel blockade tomorrow 6th Dec, M5/M50, guess will have to wait and see if true or not:rolleyes:
  17. Laguna 2 Coil Spring repair tomorrow!

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, I have another problem with my Lag2 1.6 Expression and would really appreciate your help. My front o/s suspension coil spring snapped today ;( I'm going to fix it myself tomorrow and would like to know the following bolt and nut sizes in advance. 1. Anti roll bar securing nut. 2...
  18. Gettin my Megane II 1.5dci 106 2006 tomorrow

    Cars & motoring
    Hi everybody, long time reader first time poster, ok so as the title says Im pickin it up tomorrow , but my Q is this the model im gettin has the comfort pack fitted , can anyone tell me what Im actually gettin , twin sunroof and leccy mirrors aside, and also my insurance company asked me if...
  19. need replies before tomorrow, grand scenic

    Wheels & tyres
    hi, hope to get some replies before tomorrow if poss, we need 4 new tyres on our grand scenic. we asked renault, they say we need re-inforced tyres on it, we went to two other garages of friends of ours, they rang ranault, and they were tolled that it just needs normal tyres ?? they passed on...
  20. Go to collect my cc tomorrow

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All, I am very excited as I go to collect my (fairly) new cc tomorrow. A 1.6 Authentique from a well know firm with depots in Derby, Newport etc. Yes, I know everyone says I should have got the diesel but this was such a bargain & I'm not a real speed merchant. I'm trading in a 3yr old...