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  1. Want to replace the TomTom in Clio 3 phase 2

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    Hello!!! I have a Clio 3 1.5 dci Dynamique TomTom & I wanna know if I can take out the TomTom it currently uses & replace that by “plugging in” a newer one (preferably touch screen as I currently have that funky controller thing). Just asking if it’s possible to actually do that & how the hell...
  2. Sd Card

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi, I bought a 2012 Espace and the Tom Tom navigation has stopped working. I am unable to locate the sd card. Does anyone know the location of the sd card and also how do you update it? Thanks for your help!!
  3. TomTom GPS showing, but not radio our anything else!

    In Car Entertainment
    Please help! I just bought a 2020 Renault Dynamique TomTom and everything is just lovely, except .... all I can get on the main display is the GPS, and when I turn that off, just the time and temperature. This means I dont see radio stations, and dont get to connect my Bluetooth phone. Any...
  4. Alternative to carminat tomtom

    Hi, my tomtom in scenic is pretty poor, does anyone know ifit can be replaced with other more recent quality navi sw? Perhaps installing waze on sd card? Or some other sw?
  5. How to connect Bluetooth in Renault Megane Dynamique TomTom 2011?

    In Car Entertainment
    Trying to set up the Bluetooth in my car, don’t get a new Bluetooth signal from my car to pair my iPhone to. Nothing seems obvious, there doesn’t seem to be a Bluetooth option on the TomTom so I can’t use the live services as no internet due to not being able to connect my phone. If anyone could...
  6. Clio I-Music - Can I change display to TomTom Sat Nav?

    Hello All, First time posting here. Is it feasible to change my display in 2010 Clio I-Music to the TomTom display? These are now going cheaply on Ebay but not sure if it will work with my head unit? Current Head Unit: Example TomTom Head Unit: The example one is abit 'used' so would...
  7. Megane 3 TOMTOM MIC wiring

    I have fitted an after market Apine headunit. I purchased the "Naviback/TomTom Interface Quadlock" to keep my satnav operational. Everything works except the mic. I re-fitted the old headunit and tested the mic. It is working fine, so I think it could be a mismatched wire. I can see where the...
  8. 2009 Laguna Coupé TomTom Cruise Control

    Ask the Experts
    Hi all, I hope you can help me with a quick question. Is there a "poverty" spec Laguna Coupé TomTom edition which doesn't have cruise control? I've a Coupé with cruise control buttons on the steering wheel but without the switch beside the electronic handbrake to activate the system. Instead I...
  9. TomTom Carminat essential update

    If like me you noticed the traffic information icon (green circle) has been no longer present in the last week or so and you are no longer get traffic info on your SatNav, you probably need to update the software on your TomTom Carminat. I found this solution to the problem on the TomTom...
  10. Renault scenic Tomtom 2010 dci

    Clock setting problems. System settings only allows language and reset parameters option. Pressed every button, not remote model. No buttons around clock. Please any ideas? Cheers!
  11. Carminat TomTom - WNRO Update Issues

    Hi, Apologies if I've missed an existing thread for this, I couldn't see one in the first few pages and I would say its probably a fairly hot topic at the moment. I have been struggling with the urgent TomTom update following the GPS week number roll over on 6th April. I feel like I have...
  12. TomTom essential Update

    General Chat
    After the 6th April without this update your Tomtom won't work correctly i.e Loss of navigation, No time displayed. Visit Tomtom Website To download the free software. A step by step guide and video is available on the website
  13. iPhone 8 and Laguna TomTom Tunepoint

    Ask the Experts
    Evening all Going to pick up a 2011 (60) Laguna Dynamique TomTom next week to replace the thirsty old petrol one. It has the TomTom built in, and a tunepoint under the arm rest with an aux in and usb slot. Would my iPhone 8 be able to stream Bluetooth music, or at least play it through the...
  14. Carminat ToMTom, Trafic - no GPS or roof aerial!

    Hi, my Carminat ToMTom Live seems to have no GPS. I need to identify the GPS (satellite) cable to see what connector type is needed for a replacement antenna. I bought a Trafic 2013 with campervan conversion (having pop top roof). The replacement roof has no antenna! I'm thinking that was the...
  15. In-dash TomTom Sat Nav

    Hi guys! I bought a Renault Megane 3 (June 2012) 1.5 dci, which was imported in my country (Cyprus) from UK last year. The car has an in-dash SatNav system and to be honest i don't even know the model of the SatNav. I want to identify the version of the SatNav and also i want to order an SD...
  16. Retrofitting tomtom to Dynamique models

    Is there any information surrounding the retrofitting of navigation systems from the TomTom models (the R-Link capable ones) to lesser models such as the Dynamique? I'm under the impression that replacing the head unit, adding the switch module to centre console and fitting the screen &...
  17. Clio dynamique TomTom won***8217;t get off the Legal notice

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    I don***8217;t have a remote for the TomTom and no idea what button I press in the car to get off the legal notice it just stays there nothing will get it off
  18. Renault Megane III 1.5dci Electronic noises, tomtom, battery ?

    Hi Guys New member here, Just bought a Renault Megane III ,1.5dci Auto 2013. Just want to know if this is normal, Noticed sometimes,not all the time, when I unlock the car and get in that I hear electronic or electrical noises for about 30 seconds and then they stop. Coming from the middle...
  19. TomTom built in Sat nav GPS no signal?

    Ask the Experts
    Hi all, has anyone ever seen a GPS "no signal" on the built in Sat nav on a trafic sport 2011? Recently had a broken wire in the engine bay which was resolve but has left this issue. Any chance the aerial on the roof is faulty and needs replacing? Any ideas gratefully received Cheers, Morgal50
  20. 2010 Scenic Tomtom 1.5 dci

    Hi guys, my first post so bare with me? Only half my heater control panel lights up. Anyone know how to remove panel for bulb replacement. Thanks