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  1. Project Kindle 5th Gen as dedicated diagnosis tool

    General Chat
    Background on this is to make a cheap highly functional dedicated Android tablet to diagonose cars via a odbii usb/wifi device, using cheap or FREE or non compliant devices via hacking / modding them. This is a ongoing project for when bored and have free time at night as a carer for my Autistic...
  2. Nissan Note SRS/airbag tool ( Solved )

    Other makes
    whats a good general purpose tool for airbags /srs must be compatible with a 2007 Nissan note...?
  3. Renault HARN1004 asks to Connect Diag Tool instead of unlock code

    Greetings, all I have purchased a Renault HARN1004 radio, for which I also have the unlock code. I recently installed it in a car that isn't a Renault (because the Renault radio is so much better looking than any aftermarket crap), but instead of asking for an unlock code, it displays "connect...
  4. Clio II 1.5dCi what's best tool for alternator?

    Hi All, Calling anyone who has changed an alternator on a Clio II 1.5dCi (02 reg) please - the lower mounting bolt is quite hard to get to, my normal spanners and socket are a bit short. Is a long breaker bar or a longer offset ring spanner the best tool to get to it? Cheers in advance
  5. Lower ball joint removal - correct tool

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, Renault grand scenic 2007 petrol. Front lower arm ball joint removal, it will not come out if the arm. What is the correct tool or method? Everything is apart, caliper out way bar removing this from the trailing arm. It's 40mm across the splines. I've hit it but decided I needed advice. Kev
  6. Renault Laguna RXE 2.0 v8 1997 diagnostic tool

    hello guys Which scanner can I use to read a 12-pin OBD?
  7. track rod inner joint tool

    General Chat
    never used a tool to remove the whole track rod before but looking to get a tool for future use , seen some on ebay but would like your experiences on any good or not
  8. Handy cheap tool for damaged threads

    General Chat
    Just accidentally came across this while browsing on YouTube .... looks a very useful item to have in the toolbox Deburring external chamfer tool
  9. Clip tool in Tamworth

    Tools & equipment
    Hi, Has anyone got a Renault Clip tool in Tamworth or the local area? I***8217;m hoping to get my Megane 2 scanned to see if there***8217;s a code on the injection system to hopefully fix my air con. I have been reading about the air con system for weeks now and none of my generic scanners can...
  10. OBDII tool powers up, but won't detect the protocol

    Hi there, I recently purchased an ELM327 for my Renault Megane Scenic from '99. When I plugged it in, it would power up, but the protocol couldn't be detected. I then read online that the ELM327 v2.1 is garbage, so I purchased an OM123, which works by cable, not bluetooth. Same problem, it...
  11. k9k766 engine / egr tool

    looking at cleaning the Egr valve and pipe work on a K9K766 engine, found a fue posts but the egr in the posts differs from what mine looks like. I have found that renault have a tool to open/close the valve (tool part number mot1757) as an ade to cleaning it. Not having such tool I,m wondering...
  12. Best Diagnostic tool for Renault master

    Tools & equipment
    Hi there, I'm trying to find a good quality diagnostic, tool reasonably priced for my Renault Master 2015 2.3. The normal odbll plug is different, there seems to only 11 pins and a rectangular shape. Any advice or information would be appreciated, thanks
  13. Is a timing tool kit necessary?

    Tools & equipment
    Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong area. Long story short, after one of the members here pointed out my wife’s car has a timing belt rather than a chain, I found out it’s going to cost $1,700NZD (£894GBP) to replace. :surprise: That's too rich for us, so I think I’ll DIY it. When I...
  14. injector coding tool

    Tools & equipment
    what diagnostic tool is any good for coding injectors trying to find one that is general that will cover most cars or some Ron
  15. Megane tourer brakes rewind tool question

    Before I tackle the rear brakes on my Megane I-Music tourer MKIII 10 it is there any decent video/tutorials and does the rear piston turn when going back iN or just push back as is ? and what size pads does it take as eurocarparts is coming up with 2 different sizes for my reg number
  16. Hubcap Tool

    General Chat
    Do I need a hubcap tool to remove the wheel trim on a Renault Captur (2016)? I have looked on eBay and Amazon, but can't find one. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. air con tool works

    Tools & equipment
    well my meriva gas was low stuck at 30psi so me being a tight git thought i have never really touched a a/c system in fact i never use one :laugh: but thought it was time i mucked about with one i had a choice basic kit or a more pro tool i went for the simple solution this is not to be used if...
  18. Best scan tool for engine problems?

    Tools & equipment
    Are there any cheap scan tools available for reading issues with engine sensors, fuel flow etc short of getting a £75 CLiP clone off eBay? I know French cars aren't the best with fault readers and the ones I've tried so far (no idea what they are) don't find any faults (despite the fact that I...
  19. Scan Tool Reader

    Tools & equipment
    Anyone knows where I can purchase a Electronic Diagonstic Scan Tool Reader/ for Renaults Laguna & Megane Coupe 2003 Models? Whats a Good price and Brand. Easy uploads and Updates. Thanks
  20. Foxwell nt644 scan tool

    For sale
    selling my foxwell nt644,upgrading to an autel Ive just purchased 18 months of updates for it ,does a great job covering all renaults on all systems. great condition with no knocks or dings etc £300 ono call Ian on 07891903013