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  1. diagnostic tools whats around

    General Chat
    ok so i have alot of them my main one is the launch crp 129 . i was looking at the launch touch pro but for 3 times the price it has little extra than the crp 129 . so thought i would look around to see whats about and came across this never heard of it before and possible a copy of something...
  2. Injector Removal Tools

    Tools & equipment
    I see quite a few Injector Removal Tools on the internet, has anyone used them and if so what make would be advisable to get. In two minds have a go myself and buy an Injector Removal Tool kit or book it into a diesel specialist and have done.
  3. Ball Joint Removal Tools - Renault MASTER

    Steering and Suspension
    I’ve got a 2005 Renault Master that needs the passenger side, Upper Ball Joint replacing. I’ve had a variety of quotes (£350, £250, £120 > Mobile replacement), though from what I can see, it’s not a hard job (I had both hubs off recently, so that part should be easier this time) and can be...
  4. Tools you carry in your car ?

    General Chat
    I have been meaning to ask this for a while, but what tools do you individually carry in the boot of your car ? Just the wheel changing gear or are you more untrusting ?
  5. cordless tools battery dead

    General Chat
    so we have all been there good drill evan an expensive one but the battery is dead do you bin it NO i used to make up new battery packs from sub c cells was about to do the same again on my 14v / 18v drill and 24v rattle gun but things have moved on you can now turn them into li-on battery...
  6. brake pipe flaring tools

    Tools & equipment
    i have had this set for must be 20 years plus but its getting a bit worn out this is just an example so thinking they are all the same i bought a new...
  7. Diesel Injector Removal (works on Delphi & Bosch) Without Specialised Tools **PICS**

    Diesel Injector Removal (works on Delphi & Bosch) Without Specialised Tools **PICS** Hi, Just thought I would share a little trick I have been using to remove Diesel Injectors without any specialised tools. Remove the High Pressure Pipe and Return Flow Pipe to each Injector. Undo the...
  8. Amateur tools that aren't chocolate ?

    General Chat
    I have been out the loop in terms of mechanics these past ten years and so need to know what new names there are out there that are affordable and dependable for the non professional mechanic. Yes I do know about Britool, Elora and Snap-On, I used to have them when I worked professionally as a...
  9. N/S/F Laguna III hub replacement tools

    As title says N/S/F bearing has went on my Laguna III 2dci 150BHP so intend replacing hub ..looking on Eurocarparts they only seem to list one so presume only one available unless anyone can tell me otherwise ..going to replace discs and pads whilst at it but will take a pad and disc to factors...
  10. Jack and tools - 2011 Grand Scenic

    Tools & equipment
    Hi guys I bought a 2011 Grabd Scenic today but where is the jack and tools in this vehicle. No place for them in the boot and tye spare wheel is underneath so not sure where they are!! I dont have the manual so cant check. Cheers Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  11. Alternative Uses for Tools **Bit of Fun**

    General Chat
    You get the idea, sillier the better........ Pictures Please...... Sorry about the focus, well tis the smallest room :frown2: Been doing some bathroom Cladding. Piggin Cloaking strip wouldn't stay still whilst adhesive was setting. This is the method. Tools from the 1970's helped.
  12. What tools are needed to change break pads on Clio 53 plate

    Wheels & tyres
    What tools are needed to change break pads on Clio 53 plate
  13. Scenic 2002 1.6 water pump tools

    Hi, Please let me know what I can use instead of the official crankshaft locking pin as i am helping my son do the water pump in his scenic 2002 1.6. Also, where is the best place to get the replacement plastic plugs at the left hand end of the camshafts. Cheers FB
  14. 3.0 V6 L7XE Engine timing tools

    I have recently bought a 2001 Laguna Initale with the 3.0 V6 L7XE731 engine. I suspect the engine timing might have slipped as the engine is very very lumpy sounds like a bag of spanners. I want to check the timing but don't seem to be able to find any engine locking tools or information on...
  15. DPO Tools

    Hello Everyone. I have a 2000 reg Scenic with a DPO gearbox. I've removed, stripped and cleaned the valve body plus replaced the Pressure Regulator and Lock Up solenoids. Everything is going fine. But now I want to refit everything I have come upon a slight snag. I need the tool for locking down...
  16. Is changing fuel pump mk2 1.5dci realistic/do able at home? regular tools.

    Hello, Apologies for having my first post as a question. I have had 8 yrs great motoring with my Clio mk2 1.5dci and taken her from 34k all the way too 150,000! Unfortunately I had my mechanic tell me the fuel pump is starting to go:-( I done alot of reading and see this is likely the end...
  17. Making cam timing tools

    Im going to tackle the cambelt replacement on my 2002 renault scenic to avoid the arm and a leg scenario from the local garages. Ive found the cam timing kit made by sealey,but Im after the dimensions for making up the tools myself,ive scoured the forums and found the info for...
  18. Renault Timing Tool Kit

    For sale
    Ive only ever used it once on a 2003 Scenic 1.6 Petrol but I have been told it will fit the Megane etc Petrols too.. Its made by Franklin and cost me £55 I think it was when I bought it.. If its any use to anyone on here then £20 collected or postage on top.. Thanks Stu
  19. URGENT.. Anyone with Diagnostic tools near houghton le spring??

    been looking and looking. i cannot find any section showing members with diagnostic tools' locations i have some myself but not for french cars unfortunately only 400 miles since bought (3 weeks) and now got misfiring and engine is shaking as if injector is not working, excessive smoke...
  20. Tools /machinery for sale..

    For sale
    Been hanging out till the last minute but I have realised my health isnt improving so i am putting some of my stuff up for sale..:( Clark drill press model CDP201b excellent condition and all in good order.. Clark metal cut off saw also in...