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  1. Completely off topic!!

    General Chat
    Hi guys, I know I'm a newbie but can I take advantage of your wonderful generosity please?! I've entered a pic of my 2 Working Cockers in a competition on Facebook and wonder if you'd all mind making a couple of clicks to vote for it please? It's the one where Harvey is giving Hudson a little...
  2. THE ALL NEW BUBBLEGUM THREAD...Anything goes, no off topic, Just clean and civil !!

    General Chat
    Hiya. Well, here goes nothing ..... First post in this new thread is football related..... Not for some I know..... But I would like us all to take a moment out here for Fabrice Muamba...The Bolton player why collapsed today after 42 minutes of play and is in a critical condition. Prayers and...
  3. Live topic test

    Would someone be so kind as to do a Quick Reply to this post and then stay on the page for a moment after they have replied? Thank you.
  4. Another Megané Won't Start Topic

    Hi all from Australia...:sunny: I have searched your forum, and have come up with a few solutions, but the symptoms are a little different. My GF has a Megané and experiencing the same 'I'm not going to start because you need me right now' problems, and have read that it could be the TDC...
  5. The off topic thread

    General Chat
    decided to start a new thread:d ........the off topic thread:d so if a thread starts to go off topic, you can come here before you get in trouble:) we all do it tho don't we:rofl:, i mean OFF TOPIC:rofl:
  6. Question about being off topic

    Hi OK just before i go to bed just i quick question,OK we have members that like to go off topic :d but not on purpose,iam sure in the this day and age someone could come up with a heading for a thread like the "Daily Chat Thread For Chavs" where the members that like to talk about daily issues...
  7. Off topic posting.

    Firstly let me start by saying I appreciate all the members who take the time to post...BUT...... There has been an increase in off topic posting lately and whilst I enjoy the banter/jokes/news can I remind members not to swamp the board with such posts. Try to be a little more selective in...
  8. Sorry, a bit off topic

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, I'm really p***ed off that this had to come up just as I am waiting for new car keys to arrive, absolutely typical... There is a notice stating that there will be road maintenence, with a no parking sign. The work is commencing Monday. I can't move my car because I have no damn...