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  1. Torque Settings

    Morning all, whats the torque settings for the spark plugs and sump plug on my scenic. Spec is in my sig below cheers in advance
  2. Megane rear wheel hub nut torque

    Can anyone advise me where I can find the rear wheel hub nut torque for a French bought Megane 1.9dci Berline Air new in 2001. Don't want to over cook it!...............JR
  3. Help! Torque settings clio caliper bolts and wheels

    Wheels & tyres
    hi, im replacing the pads on my g/f's 2002 Clio 1.2 16v QS5 Expression + does anyone know what the torque settings are for caliper retaining bolts and the road wheel nuts? thanks
  4. F4R head bolt torque settings

    Hi, new to forums but hoping for some info. Have got a 2000 laguna with the 2.0 16v f4r engine and can't seem to find any torque settings( haynes manual hasn't got this engine covered as I'm sure you know). Timing belt tensioner collapsed-pistons hit valves etc , have overhauled the head and...
  5. Wheel Bearing nut torque setting...

    Wheels & tyres
    Im replacing the rear wheel/hub bearing on a 98 Laguna with rear brums and no ABS. Can anyone tell me the torque setting for the nut? I heard a rumour that it was somwhere near 180lb/ft which i will never get from my wrench!
  6. Hub torque Clio-99

    How much is the torque for the hub, front wheel on a Clio -99. Heard about 180Nm is that correct? // Cinema101
  7. F8Q conrod bolt torque

    Hi Any answers, please! Chris:)
  8. Front Hub Bearing Torque

    I have recently had a suspension spring break on a Laguna II and I am in the process of changing it. Does anyone know what the hub bearing torque setting is on re-tightening the bearing. Thanks.
  9. anyone know the torque for rear hub nut

    ive just changed a rear wheel bearing and am not sure of the correct torque setting for the hub nut:)
  10. torque converter change

    bought a clio 1.4rt auto off e-bay with the torque converter knackered, it is in the process of being replaced, as is the gearbox shaft seal and I just wondered is there any more recommended things to do, or replace while the gearbox is out of the car. Thank you kind people in advance
  11. 2004 Scenic 1.6 Exp caliper bolt torque

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, Just bought some front pads for my new shaped Scenic 04 plate with 1.6 engine . I believe all Scenics of that year at least are the same. So can anyone tell me what the torque setting is required for the 2 bolts on each caliper. I require the reference from a known source ie Haynes...
  12. Espace torque settings

    Please could anyone give me the torque number for crankshaft pulley for Espace 2.2dci G9T engine? Also where one finds a manual for this vehicle. Many thanks Paul
  13. URGENT - Tie rod end nut torque?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I come from Slovenia. My car is Clio RN 1.2, year 2000, 150000km (94000 miles). 1 month ago my mechanic noticed front left disk was shaking and recomended tie rod end change (I belive those two on the drive shaft? :o ). I bought the things for bouth sides (28EUR), but on the internet I cant...
  14. Wheel torque settings

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi Chums. I have a set of 15" aftermarket alloy wheels on my 1999 Clio. Does anyone know what torque setting the wheel bolts should be tightened to?
  15. torque settinggs

    Hi Guys what are the torque settings for the head bolts on a 2litre 1995 petrol espace? Steve
  16. Rear Hub Centre Nut Torque Setting?

    Does anyone know what the torque setting is for the centre nut on the rear hub of a Lag 1 ph 2? the rear hub has drums if that makes any difference. Cheers Paul:d
  17. Laguna 1.9dci wheel nut torque settings

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi everyone, Could someone be kind enough to let me know what the correct wheel bolts torque settings should be on my Laguna 1.9dci Sport Tourer (17" alloy wheels) Many thanks, Chris:d
  18. Rear Wheel Bearing Torque?

    Wheels & tyres
    Does anybody know what the rear wheel hub bearing nut should be torqued to? 2001 Renault Laguna 2 1.8RT with Disc Brakes
  19. Wanted - Torque converter cover for Clio auto

    Hi all, I now find that I need a torque converter cover for my Clio auto (1.4 RT 3gear version 1995). It's the one with the splined shaft as the splines are wearing so it makes a whine when stationary & in gear. Does anyone have one or know where I can get one. (Cheap if poss. 2nd hand ok if...