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  1. Torque settings

    Hi all anybody know torque settings for 2000 megane convertible I can't find answer anywere thanks for reading help please
  2. Megane 3 estate brake caliper screw torque specs

    HI, I need to unscrew the brake caliper screws(Not the Caliper holder screws) for the front and the back side but I don't know how much torque need to be applied to put it back again. I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Does anyone knows or know where to look at least? Thanks,
  3. camshaft pulley torque settings megane 1.5dci 2004

    Can somebody tell me what's the torque settings for a crankshaft pulley bolt on a megane 1.5dci 2004?
  4. Help reading data from torque app

    Hi, after being told my upstream 02 sensor may be on its way out, as the car is running rich, mpg is bad and noticeable loss of power, I used torque app to get some 02 data readings from sensor 1 as I'm getting no fault code for the o2 sensor or not got any management lights on either, only...
  5. R21 2.1TD 1992 crankshaft bolt torque setting?

    As the title suggests....thanks in advance. RRRR
  6. Torque wrenches ?

    General Chat
    If the purpose of tightening a fixing via the use of a torque wrench is to to tighten that fixing to a specified value so as to prevent loosening of the fixing, how do people know their torque wrench is applying the correct torque before it goes ' click ', as I know through past experience of...
  7. Lower ball joint torque values ?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I am to replace the lower ball joints on my Clio over the weekend and need before I start to know the reassembly torque values, has anyone any idea ? For both the mounting bolts on the wishbone and the fixing bolt on the hub.
  8. Grand Scenic (2005 1.5dCi) no engine temperature readout **Fixed**

    Hello all, This one is a bit of an odd one that I've not been able to find on here. I recently got a new OBD reader to try with an app (trying to clear that EPB error that we all have!) but after failing to connect to any modules in my car it suddenly stopped wanting to start... I thought...
  9. F3R valve cover gasket tightening torque ?

    Hello, My valve cover gasket was old and it was like stone than gasket. It's leaking oil and i bought Victor Reinz brand which i think it's a good quality brand. I replaced gasket and it's still leaking. Not like before but gasket is wet with oil. I don't have repair manual so please can you...
  10. Laguna 2 suddenly getting torque steer to the right

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys, my car is a 2005 55 reg Laguna 2 Estate, 2.0 petrol. Had it almost 5 years and suddenly today I started getting what feels like "torque steer" to the right when accelerating. When you let off the gas the car straightens up again. It feels dangerous as it is unpredictable to drive...
  11. Crank bolt torque setting

    Hi As per the title, please advise torque setting for Clio 1 1.9d 2000 crankshaft pulley bolt, or is it just as tight as poss?? Cheers R
  12. 2005 Renault scenic 2.0 16v torque settings

    I would be very grateful, if someone could tell me the torque settings for the cylinder head bolts on my 2005 Renault grand scenic 2.0 16v, as for some stupid reason my Haynes manual doesnt cover this engine. Thanks.
  13. Laguna Coupe - Stiff Gear Changes, Low-range torque, DPF sensor, BOSE Carminat update

    Hello all fellow Renault enthusiasts I'm new to this forum and new to Renault. Just bought a supremely good-looking car, the Laguna Coupe '09 2.0 dCI GT (4Control) with 35000 on the clock. A few issues I have noticed and would appreciate a response from the community. 1st - Are the gear...
  14. 1.5 Clio dci crankshaft bolt torque

    I have a 2006 1.5 dci 68 Clio Campus sport. It was one of those "carry over" models, a Mk2 model in the Mk3 body era. My Haynes manual only goes to 2005 - okay for most things, but I don't think it fully covers the 2006 engine. For example, I have what looks like a keyed crankshaft that the...
  15. torque settings

    Steering and Suspension
    please can anybody tell me the correct torque setting for the bolt/nuts on the suspension struts to the hub and the settings for the bolt on the track rod end of clio mk2 1.4.16v. i am going to attempt this job and need some advise TIA
  16. Low rpm torque etc--missing presumed AWOL!

    Hi,, I have a 2005 espace 2,2dci, with a variable turbo.... how to check the various parts (controller, vvt unit, etc) function as they should, pls, as it has no power below about 1700 rpm, but is ok from there upwards. Fitted a new MAF sensor, but was no better, or a bit worse, so running with...
  17. 1.9dci Fuel rail pressure sensor tightening torque

    Can anyone please advise on the correct value for the tightening torque of the bosch 0281002522 pressure sensor as fitted to my 2003 Trafic dci 100. I dont want to just pull it up as tight as it will go as I have heard of instances of these sensors shearing:mad: as a consequence of over...
  18. Front strut torque settings?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello everyone I'm planning to replace the front shock absorbers for my 04 Clio dCi but I can't find the torque setting for it anywhere? Does anyone know? Thanks in advance
  19. Torque setting for main brake drum nut.

    I have an unhealthy scrapeing noise on application of the brakes on Renault Kangoo 2009 (1.2 petrol). Am ready to take the drums off to have a look at the problem but can't find details on the torque setting for when I tighten up the main nut which secures the brake drum.
  20. renault scenic mk1 petrol. Head bolt torque settings

    hello can any one please help me i have a problem ., i need the Renault scenic Mk 1/ 16 valuve petrol, head bolt torque settings as my head gasket has blown iv brought a replacement but need the settings to reinstall it please some one out there must now them need urgent