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  1. trafic 2.0l petrol head torque settings

    hi can any one help i have a 1991 trafic motorhome and am replacing head gasket it is the 1995cc petrol and need the torque sttings. any help would be apreciated.
  2. Some problems with cylinder head clio 2002

    Hello everyone, My name is Enrique(Spanish is my first language so some of the technical names might be a bit off, I'm sorry) , I'm currently fixing my Renault Clio 1.6V with my dad because the timing belt broke and some of the valves got bent sadly. We took off everything, the timing belt...
  3. Trekka - Automatic Torque Coupling

    Kangoo Trekka 4x4 Hydraulic Automatic Torque Coupling. I have a 53 plate 1.6 Trekka. This is the 4x4 version of the Kangoo. I’m getting tinkling/tapetty-tap-tapping noises from underneath (only really audible with windows down driving close to walls) & lots of tyre-squeal in car-parks at quite...
  4. torque setting sump nut

    Hi,doing an oil and filter change on my espace 3 2.2dci over the weekend,I cannot find the torque setting for the oil drain plug.Hope someone out there has the answer to this.Many thanks in advance
  5. torque torque...megane 2003 cylinder head torque settings

    right then here is my list.. ready... cylinder head bolt torque settings. rocker cover torque settings. 2003 megane 1.6I 16V K4M engine... help help help;..please.. slipped belt, bendy valves...oh poo.. thanks in advance.. mark:crazy:
  6. headbolt torque clio 1.2 8v

    I need headbolt torque settings for clio 1.2 8v pl;ease
  7. Renault Master 2 Rear Brake Caliper Torque Settings

    I'm replacing the rear discs and pads on my 2005 Master DCI120. Having failed to find info about the torque settings on here or anywhere else on the net I called the AA. The Caliper mount to hub is quoted at 110 Nm The Caliper slider bolt is quoted at 30 Nm Having bought a left hand thread...
  8. torque settings

    Hi 1.4 16v 03 mk1 scenic Can anyone tell me the torque settings for head bolts please
  9. help! 1986 trafic 1.6 petrol cylinder head bolt torque and sequence needed

    Kind of an emergency, trying tochange my head gasket on the side of the road in Calais. I have a new gasket but search as i may i cannot find the torque specs or sequence. Can anyone help?
  10. 2005 trafic 1.9 torque specifications

    Hi, I have looked all over the internet but can't seem to find the torque settings specific for a trafic. I'm mainly looking for the hub nut specs and caliper mount. Also is it the same for the front and rear? Any help very much appreciated Regards Ryan
  11. Torque Settings for Renault Trafic 2.1d Fwd San Remo Camper 97/98

    Hi all, i've been trying for sometime to find out torque figures for the above vehicle. Even asked Renault when picking up parts but was given the old, "system down" so no. I have searched the internet high and low bought downloadable manuals that don't download etc etc. What iam after is...
  12. Renault master 2007 torque settings

    Could anyone help me . I need the torque settings for the cylinder head on my renault master. Would be grateful for any help
  13. torque settings for 2007 renault master

    Hi there was wondering if anyone can help me out with the torque settings for my 2007 renault master. Would be grateful for any help
  14. Torque diagram petrol 2.0 16valve (F4R 700/701)

    Has some one seen torque diagram for 2.0 16 valve petrol engine? All I found is max torque 188Nm at 3750rpm. It was found here I would appreciate torque form factor curve to optimize fuel consumption.
  15. Clio 1.2 8v Big end & Main bearing torque settings

    Hi I am looking for the torque settings as per title. Thanks Walter
  16. How to Adapt a �-Inch Male Torque Wrench to 17mm Renault Wheel Nuts?

    Wheels & tyres
    How to Adapt a ½-Inch Male Torque Wrench to 17mm Renault Wheel Nuts? I have a ½-Inch (male) Torque Wrench with which I want to tighten Modus wheel nuts to 77 lb/ft. Is any sort of adapter available? Failing that, is there a way of getting more purchase than a standard Renault wheel-nut...
  17. Megane 1.6 16v Cambelt Torque Settings

    Hi All I am changing, Cambelt, Water pump, Dephaser Pulley, Aux Belt at weekend. Also have an oil leak from cambox so will be removing that also. (Both parts of the cams) Have all the locking tools but do require torque settings for it all. 2005 Megane 1.6 16v Tourer. Many thanks if anyone can...
  18. master t35d 1990 stub axle torque

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi all Currently in the process of changing the nsr wheel bearing in the wifes master mk1 horsebox, however what torque do you need to put the stub axle nut at? Please help she wants to go out in it on Sunday :confused:
  19. torque setting for clio182 driveshaft nuts

    Hello, I've seen several references to torque settings 250nm and 280nm but none specific to the 2.0L version. I guess it'll be EVEN higher. Can someone tell me the correct setting for a 2005 clio rs182. and….. isn't there any easy access online search engine to look up torque settings …… am I...
  20. Renault Kangoo 2008 1.5 DCI Crank Pulley Torque settings?

    Does anyone have the torque wrence settings for a Renault Kangoo 1.5ci 2006/8 Crankshaft Pulley? I need to torque mine up but dont have the settings HELP!!