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  1. Laguna more torque after belt change

    I finally got around to changing the timing belt and water pump on my 2002 Laguna II 3.0lt after a few deliberations (quite proud of myself as this is the biggest job by far that I have done). It took me three attempts to get the belt tension right (didn't have electroic gizzmo) and the marks...
  2. Laguna III hubnut torque?

    Can anyone tell me the size of the hub nut bolt and the torque needed to do it back up as just looked at brake pads and its metal on metal so got some nice shiney new discs and pads waiting here to be fitted shame I havnt got the tools to do it rant over lol :crazy:
  3. Scenic II 2.0 16v Timing belt torque figures.

    Hello, I am a newby not only to this Renault forum but also to any forum. Still don't know the difference between a thread and a post? I have a Scenic II 2004 2.0 16v auto, engine code JM1N with airco. Recently my wife when driving said the car felt like the brakes came on by themselves and also...
  4. spark plug torque

    can anyone please tell if if i should torque up up spark plugs or just get them snug. i would rather torque them up if anyone knows the correst torque, 2005 1.4 renault modus dynamic, thanks.
  5. Renault laguna 2 1.9dci f9q750 camshaft torque settings?

    hello everyone , i wanted to ask what is the torque settings for f9q750 camshaft ? because i have a oil leak which is coming from under the metal pate that holds the camshaft in place and i want to replace that seal . sorry for mistakes bad english
  6. Wheel nut torque setting?

    Wheels & tyres
    I've just purchased a torque wrench, a relatively cheap one as its just for wheel nuts perhaps once or twice a year. I'm a tad heavy handed, so I thought it a good idea. I would like to know what the setting should be for the wheel bolts on my Clio III with alloy wheels. Any help would be very...
  7. Clio MK2 - pinch bolt torque

    ive had a search but cant find the torque for the ball joint pinch bolt, does anyone know it? Thanks
  8. renault scenic 2003 fidji lateral bar torque settings

    hi we are about to replace the rear lateral bar on our 2003 scenic fidji 1.4 16v does anybody know what the torque settings should be when putting the new one on. john
  9. Rear wheel bearing torque Kangoo

    I have tried a search etc but it seems a bit vague. My Van is a 1.5TD 68bhp on a 55 plate. I am changing the rear drums and brakes and fitting new wheel bearings (the type in the drum). Anyone know what the hub nut torque setting is? I have found various figures but 175Nm seems to crop up...
  10. Valve head torque settings - Clio 1.4 8V

    In the process of reinstalling my Clio's valve head after having it refurbished at the local machine shop. Bought new head bolts and gasket set. The Haynes manual calls for angle torque of the head bolts to 95 degrees but a chat with the local Reanult dealership confirms the setting to be 210...
  11. Code Torque 192

    I have Renault megane 2005 1.6 Petrol Automatic car keeps shutting down after few miles goes in to safe mode says check gear box diagnostics code comes up Torque 192 can any one at all help me
  12. Torque settings, rocker cover, clio

    I have just replaced the rocker cover on Clio 1.2. Can anyone tell me please what the rocker cover settings should be?
  13. laguna 1999 1.8 16v head bolt torque

    hi looking for the correct tourque setting for a 99 1.8 16v laguna head bolts and the location of the crank locking where the pin fits also size of the pin needed
  14. Laguna hub nut torque ?

    Steering and Suspension
    HI please can anyone tell me the correct Torque setting for the BIG 32 mm hub centre nut on my 05 Laguna .
  15. Torque settings for front strut bolts (megane scenic)

    Steering and Suspension
    In the middle of replacing a broken spring on my scenic.... Can someone please state what the torque settings should be for; - the two 21mm hex bolts that connect the bottom of the strut to the hub, and - the top 21mm hex nut that holds the shock plunger to the top spring carrier. I guess I...
  16. TOrque setting for 2.2 DCI Head bolts

    Hi Guys, Has anyone out there got the torque settings for the 2.2 dci head bolts.
  17. Torque settings

    Hi, I don't suppose anyone has memorised the torque settings for a 2002 Kangoo 1.5dci? complete vehicle please for extra brownie points - really just after the track rod end to steering knuckle bolt (NM) if someone would be so kind,Thanks if you can - Ren
  18. Renault Master Torque settings?

    Wheels & tyres
    I have a Knaus Motorhome on a Renault Master base. The torque setting for the wheel nuts in the Knaus manual gives 90Nm +/- 5Nm for steel wheels (6J x 16) but that is at odds with other tyre manufacturers who give around 172Nm. The Knaus manual torque seems very low – but which figure is...
  19. Clio 2 THermostat housing bolts torque setting

    Hi any ideas on the torque setting for the thermostat housing? The car is running cold and the thermostat needs to be changed
  20. espace torque settings

    anybody tell me the settings for rocker bolt shaft bolts and cam caps on a 2002 2.2 dci please