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  1. Electronics
    HI I have a Renault trafic mk2 (2008) with electric windows and mirrors and they work fine but I do not have one touch. Is it a simple case of changing the buttons or is it more involved? TIA
  2. Electronics
    Hi, New to the forum, help please. I've a Megane iv estate 2016 Reg. It's fitted with the R-Link multimedia system. My problem, is that the touchscreen has for no apparent reason become unresponsive. I can still access the system via the 'toggle' on the centre console, but obviously, the...
  3. Electronics
    Battery was out on a trickler for three days while I meandered through the timing belt change. Didn't think to switch on load before refitting and there was only the tiniest spark. Car started up with a whirring noise, then threw a service light and ran like on three cylinders and the drivers...
  4. General Chat
    who has come across outlets that seem to give a good match for the above i have tried halfords 2-3 times but they never seem to be near the correct colour i am looking for a small pot for the jag and a tin for the honda but a good outlet would be handy for future use Ron
  5. In-car entertainment
    Hi Guys, I have a Renault Megane 3, 2011, 1.6l. I am looking to upgrade the multimedia setup in the car. Currently I have the small screen on the dashboard which displays the relevant information regarding the radio station info etc; I am looking to upgrade to a Sat Nav setup of some sorts...
  6. Bodywork
    Hello all I've changed my car and now have a black one which may need some attention at some stage to usual fine scratches and chips etc. I wanted to ask if anyone has suggestions or recommendations for where to buy touch up paint as I know some places are crap at matching it right. I also...
  7. Electronics
    For no apparent reason the front windows are playing up. The rear ones are fine but the one touch on both front windows doesn't work and on holding the button down on either window the window works but stops every couple of inches going up or down I know the seals can sometimes cause this as the...
  8. Wheels & tyres
    Hi Friends, I shall be grateful if you can please indicate where i can get touch up paint for my laguna 3 chrome black 18 inch interlagos alloy wheel. Also please indicate where i can buy 1 spare 18 inch wheel of the same type. Thanks. Ash
  9. Engines
    I have scoured the Internet for this answer and I just cant find anything similar at all!! I have a very old Clio 03 reg 1.4 dynamique 149000 miles (new car is on order finally). So as I am getting a new car I don't want to spend anything I don't really need to on this Clio as it's just going to...
  10. Electronics
    Hi, Car is a 1994 Espace Mk2. I have a problem with the offside ( drivers side ) side window. It closes but will not open. I know all ref the mechanical side of the window mechanism having replaced the cables at one time. The problem seems to be in the Open/Close switch set into the door...
  11. Exterior styling
    Not to everyone's taste I know.. But having recently replaced my Discs/pads and plus having a red Clio- I thought I'd give my Calipers & brackets a touch of paint. Looks smart I reckon :d
  12. In-car entertainment
    ive just bought a 2007 Renault megane convertible. havnt actually picked it up yet but i will be on Wednesday so i'll get pictures up then. what i would like to know is. can i buy a satnav, gps, stereo unit like off of ebay. and fit it with out buying any other wires? you know the one that...
  13. Electronics
    Hi Everyone, The wife's recently purchased 57 plate Megane CC Privilege has one touch electric windows, but they only work in the downward direction. Is this a fault? My own 05 plate Megane hatch Privilege also has one touch windows from the drivers door but, even though the switch bank looks...
  14. Bodywork
    well need one for te145 ottoman Blue, looks like ten will have my pants down to give my wallet another thumping. not available through halfords... any ideas anyone...:o:o
  15. Electronics
    The touch volume control no longer increases in steps- it simply goes to full volume immesiately and i have to send it all the way down- it does not stop at any inermediate level Is there a remdy or is it -sigh - a unit replcement costing at least a moth or twos pension?
  16. Interiors
    Hi all I have a question please regarding the soft touch dashboard on a Laguna II. My wife in her renowned wisdom decided to transport a chest of drawers on the front passenger seat rather than in the boot........we have an estate!?!! When removing said drawers, she scratched the dashboard...
  17. Electronics
    I have just inherited a 2010 Clio Extreme. It has electric windows, but I have to hold the button for the window to go all the way up or down. Is there a way to convert these to one touch up/down? Is it as simple as a new switch and relay, or is there more to it than that?
  18. Electronics
    hi i have a renault laguna 2 authentique 2001. i have one touch window on the front drivers side and i was wondering can i get it to work on the front passengers side, also do i need all 4 windows to be electric to have closure on locking. cheers
  19. Engines
    Hi, New to the site. Trying to sort daughters car! This fault has been evident for a few months now!(see fault description in title). If engine, 1.6 Petrol, is left to warm up for a minute or two, then the car performs normally. When car was at dealers for Instrumentation Panel change, I...
  20. In-car entertainment
    Just want some feedback really... I'm installing a double din touch screen headunit in my Scenic 1 '02... Has anyone tried this or anything similar? I'll put some pictures up, so you can all see what I'm upto. Here's a pic of the hole I have created... :)