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  1. Parking sensor Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer

    Hi Everyone, I'm a new owner Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer. I have parking sensors on the car but it seems that they do not work. When i put it in reverse there's the noise that i have selected reverse and a short bleep then nothing. I have put my ears to the parking sensors them selves...
  2. Heated rear screen Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Guys, I'm new owner of a Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer, for a few weeks now :grin2: I noticed last week when it was frosty in the morning I turned on the rear screen demister, after a while i noticed that it didn't seem to be working, as you usually see a visual thawing of the frost...
  3. 2013 renault megane 3 sport tourer auto gearbox fault

    2013 renault megane 3 sport tourer 1.5 dci tom tom dynamic auto gearbox fault car has done 125k and it has just come up with auto gearbox fault car has full service history until 100k then was serviced at 120k by me car came up with gearbox fault last night was revving higher than normal and...
  4. Laguna 2 1.8 16v Sport / Tourer Estate VF1KG0B0*****

    Hi, I have owned the car for a number of years and am quite fond of it - Yes! I know! - But we have all been there. During a routine clutch friction and pressure plates replacement at the local garage, the hydraulic union between the downpipe from the master and the concentric clutch were...
  5. Clio Sport Tourer rear bulb replacement

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, after reading the manual and watching the following video I am attempting to change a rear bulb. In the video it takes a lot of force to remove the light cluster but I still cant get mine off. Any tips? Many thanks Shaun
  6. Renault Laguna 2 Sport Tourer (54 plate) For Sale

    For sale
    My scruffy Laguna II has been replaced - the MOT is due on the 29th, the insurance expires on the 24th & I won't be putting the car through the MOT as it'll fail immediately on the tyre pressure monitor (needs at least 2 new sensors). One of the Xenon headlight bulbs needs replacing, the drivers...
  7. Renault Laguna 11 sport tourer 2.0l

    Hi hope some one can help last nite had to get aa out to my wife car as when you put the key card fob into the reader it did not recognise the card the patrol man done some test and has said it is the actual card reader that has gone any recommendations on were I can buy a new one hoping that...
  8. Megane 2 sports tourer tailgate recall

    I just happened to be looking on the MOT web site and it mentioned a recall for the high level spoiler, due to the posibilityof it becoming detatched. Has anyone been for the recall? My Megane estate is now 12 years old, and the high level spoiler is now held on by screws. It is not 100% as it...
  9. megane ii tourer 1.5 dci unusually stiff clutch pedal

    driving a megane 2 2009 1.5 dci tourer 76kw, since the day i bought it (7 months ago) i have been experiencing an unusually heavy clutch pedal. the clutch never slips, doesnt make any sounds, doesnt smell doesnt squick, its just toooo heavy. any ideas on what might be causing this and if yes any...
  10. Megane 2 sports tourer tailgate problems

    Hi everyone newbie here I have a 08 Megane Sports Tourer and the tailgate is refusing to cooperate I've changed the lock as that was goosed and now I've changed the switch and still no luck Traced wires as far as I can and can see no brakes, however my hi level brake light has decided to...
  11. Our new Megane Sports Tourer

    My mottah!
    Hi All, I'll get some pictures up when I get chance, but for now, I thought I'd say Hi! :smile2: The new car was supplied from Nathan (Who comes highly rated by the way) at Renault Wolverhampton & is a Megane IV Sports Tourer TCe130 Manual Dynamique S Media Nav with Bose, LEDS and Sunroof...
  12. Megan MK2 hatchback vs tourer - Front windscreen

    HI Does anyone know if a front windscreen from a Megane MK2 sports tourer will fit a Megane 5 door hatchback? The front looks the same but I am unable to find any references online. Cheers Maggi
  13. Laguna MK2 sport tourer drivers window

    Hi I have a problem with my driver side and passenger side windows along with my mirrors, all have stopped working, I checked the fuses and all seem ok so took of the door panel to find that the loom that goes into the motor was full of water, I've been looking everywhere for a replacement...
  14. Laguna 2 Sport Tourer rear door card removal

    I've got a 2005 Laguna 2 Sports Tourer that has suffered from the dreaded window drop (woke up one morning & the window was down & won't lift either using the controls or by trying to physically lift it). I've managed to get hold of a replacement window motor etc and I am now trying to figure...
  15. my 'New' laguna Sports tourer.

    My mottah!
    as i mentioned in my (re)welcome thread, this is my second laguna (see avatar for my first. should never have gotten rid of that car. loved it) when i bought it, it had a few issues. clutch went straight to the floor misfire a hole in the rear quarter covered in plumbers mait (im not kidding!)...
  16. Megane Tourer hand brake question

    I got up this morning and the handbrake had no travel, it went from say off up to lock but without any tension till it got to the top of the travel then it rachet the last couple then locks. When I took it off it slightly blinded the brakes. I then googled it to see were abouts the tension bolt...
  17. Megane 3 Grand Tourer rear bumper change

    Exterior styling
    I recently bought a 2012 Renault Megane 1.5 dCi 110 Expression ESM Grand Tourer. The car looks very basic and a bit boring (see first picture). Although I would enjoy to have the RS look on the car, this, I think, would simply be too much work, so I would like to do a simple bumper change, to...
  18. Megane tourer brakes rewind tool question

    Before I tackle the rear brakes on my Megane I-Music tourer MKIII 10 it is there any decent video/tutorials and does the rear piston turn when going back iN or just push back as is ? and what size pads does it take as eurocarparts is coming up with 2 different sizes for my reg number
  19. Hi - New Member - Laguna 3 Sports Tourer owner

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All, My first ever Renault after mainly owning Japanese and German marques. This is to be my daily runner and I have always modified ever car I have ever owned (100+) So what I have bought from a very good friend is a lady owned: Laguna 3 Sports Tourer Dynamic S 2008 120k 6 Speed Manual...
  20. Laguna sport tourer mk3 2011

    Im having trouble locating a fault in the car. B1211 voltage supply controls units open circuit/ground short, fuses both internal and external have been checked, the battery and the connections have been checked, all lights , parking sensors have been checked