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  1. Electronics
    I all i'm after a bit of advice I've just ad a tow bar fitted to my 2013 megane coupe i had to take it back the next day because the fog light wouldn't work on my trailer he looked at it and got it to work saying Renault are funny with the electrics etc saying that he had to put a second live to...
  2. Bodywork
    Will the tow bar on my 2012 trafic sport fit a 2017 trafic sport
  3. Towing & Touring Club
    Been trying to post a query on the Scenic forum as regards Scenic MK1 phase 1, and Scenic MK1 phase 2 tow bar fittings but am having no success. The question is, is there a difference in the sub frame and mounting locations between the Phase 1 and the Phase 2. mark 1 Scenics. I recovered the old...
  4. Electronics
    Hi I wonder if anyone can advise. I have fitted a towbar very easily and it came with a universal wiring kit for connecting the 7 pin socket. I am led to believe that I dont need a Can Bus relay for this model, so I should be able to wire into the rear lighting cluster wiring. My first...
  5. Electronics
    Hi, Just fitted removable tow bar to my Laguna Coupe III. Can anyone tell me where the connection plug for the vehicle dedicated electrics is located?? Many thanks grahamejackaman
  6. Tools & equipment
    My 2004 Laguna estate has a factory fitted towbar & electrics all wired in, sadly previous owner has lost the detachable swan neck. I've emailed Reault with regards to getting the part number or replacement however I've not had any luck. Anyone able to point me in the right direction of a...
  7. Bodywork
    I would like to ask someone if a tow bar which was fitted on a Renault Laguna I B56 Sedan can fits on Renault Megane 1 Classic. Thanks in advance Regards,
  8. Bodywork
    Hi all Can anybody post up a picture of the underside of their Mk3 Clio with a tow bar fitted? I've got a 2011 Gt Line 1.5 Dci Clio and I can't for the life of me see where the pickup points for a tow bar are, nothing on the chassis rails etc. This said Renault are positive I can fit one to...
  9. Bodywork
    Hi I've got a 09 Renault Clio 1.5 dci and would like to know if I can have a tow ball/bar install if so how do I do it Thanks for any help given
  10. For sale
    Hi, I've got a tow bar for a Scenic mk1 ph2 I think 51 reg. It's got the electrics as well and is in good condition. Pick up from Colchester, but I'm regularly in Loughton, Essex and Ware, Herts. Call Nick 07736946990 £30.
  11. Electronics
    Hi, Today I fitted my towbar. And whilst I was wiring it the back bulb blew, so I changed it but it still dosent work. I done a quick check of all my lights to find out I have no back driverside light, but brake light works & has no driverside sidelight? Bought new bulbs but still nothing. I...
  12. Towing & Touring Club
    Exactly how many different types of tow bar are there for a Renault Scenic? I just bought a 1.9 diesel Scenic May 03. I then bought of eBay a "2001 megane Scenic Towbar". Its actually has the official Renault plate on that says " Megane Scenic 7701-383-027". The seller bought it for a Scenic...
  13. Bodywork
    Just picked up a tow bar from a local breakers and before I make a start to fit has anyone out there done this before? The main question is "do I need to remove the bumper" and if so "what's the best way" Many thanks.
  14. Wanted
    Hi Guys, have any of you got a dedicated tow bar wiring loom hanging around for an 07 Grand Espace IV 2.0dci. If So Drop me a line with the price and we may have a deal. Kindest Regards Rick
  15. Bodywork
    hi, does any one know if a 2002 senic tow bar will fit on a 2002 megane, cheers:o
  16. Towing & Touring Club
    Hi all Does anyone know if I need anything special to connect a Meg III tourer to the caravan? Is it special wiring kit / harness, special relay box or just wire to lighting circuit and go? Also if it's something clever, where to buy it? Thanks in advance Jim
  17. Wanted
    Has any one got a tow bar they don't need for an espace 4 cash waiting if its near doncaster would be even better
  18. Electronics
    I need to get a tow bar for my 2005 espace I have put one on a few cars but have read that on the espace you can't wire it directly into the wiring on each light because of the type of lighting this car has, which I have been able to do in the past, is this correct and if so can I just fit a...
  19. For sale
    Tow bar for a Scenic 2 bought it for mine and never got it fitted, Brand new still in the box and bags, includes tow ball and electric kit. Box is a bit tatty but bags are still sealed so nothing has been lost. Here is the details...
  20. Electronics
    Can any one advise me on how to fit a wiring harness to a mark 4 espace please.