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  1. Electronics
    Had a need to put a towbar on my 2006 Grand Espace and was lucky enough to obtain a genuine Renault wiring loom (82 01 379 436) in the belief that it would be far easier to fit than any other brand 'dedicated' loom. The instructions take some figuring out but with patience it all seems to have...
  2. Wanted
    As above, in good nick, advice re electrics too if poss, i.e. dedicated kit? Scotchlock or prefer solder, bypass relay? Course it must be in good nick! Ta folks.
  3. Bodywork
    Hi, Does anyone knows a place in North London that can fit a towbar to my Grand scenic II? Thx
  4. Electronics
    Hi, I have had to replace a broken 7 pin N socket. There are 9 wires with no colors corrosponding to the standard wiring colours. Unfortunately the socket broke during removal so the pins came out of the molding. Does anyone know the colour coding used by Renault on their towbar sockets? Many...
  5. Wanted
    After a towbar for my mk4 grand espace. Hopefully near dorset.
  6. Wanted
    I,m needing a Grand Modus (2008) towbar. Its only for occasional trip to tip with small trailer so dont want to spend silly money's.
  7. Bodywork
    im looking at buying a 2014 SX1 Dynamique TTom VVT 1.6 but i will need to get a towbar (for the trailer) fitted. I have no intention of ever getting a tin tent that it will need to pull. ive been told the can be problems with the onbaord computer and retro-fitting a towbar 1. is this...
  8. Electronics
    Hi, I have a kangoo van 2011. I have bought and fitted a tow bar with no issues. I have feed the electrics cable into the area of the rear nearside light cluster to pick up most of the required signals for my bypass relay. The problem I have is finding a 'permanent' (ie when ignition is on) 12v...
  9. Electronics
    Hi Guys, I'm a newbie member hoping for some help. I've just purchased a Renault Trafic Sport 2014 and wanting to fit a tow bar, however I can't seem to find the information from Our Renault dealer, they have quoted me a fixed ball towbar kit complete for £325.00 inc vat ( supply only) however...
  10. Bodywork
    Will the tow bar on my 2012 trafic sport fit a 2017 trafic sport
  11. Electronics
    Anyone know about fitting the wiring for towbar's on traffic van and best place to purchase on line. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  12. General Chat
    Hi All, on the scenic we bought there is a towbar fitted but the hook is missing. I am struggling to find out what make the towbar is, so I can buy the matching hook. Would anybody please know from the pictures below , Thanks
  13. Bodywork
    Just went to fit a towbar. Had rear bumper off. Removed the crash bar. And removed the chassis end plates with the foil type cover. Inserted the long metal bar from towbar kit but cant see how the get to the hole to bolt it in. Its about online with the back wheel. Do i nedd to take all the boot...
  14. Towing & Touring Club
    Looking at getting a towbar fitted think I'm going for a swan neck as so it doesn't effect reversing sensors. What are people's experience of this? Any problems? Prices? Afterthoughts?
  15. Wanted
    For a 2004, 1.9 Dynamique/Hatchback. Please, please, please, has anyone got one? Driving me crazy. I thought I could do this myself. I am embarrassed. I checked with towbar supplier who said I do not need one, "just splice in", with buzzer, etc.. but gives no details of where, despite many...
  16. Electronics
    Hi all, I was given the task of connecting the rear fog light of a Koleos 2009 to the towbar connector. The wiring kit is a universal type, and has been working correctly since it was fitted - except that the fitter did not wire in either the reversing or rear fog. The rest of the lights are...
  17. Electronics
    Hi I wonder if anyone can advise. I have fitted a towbar very easily and it came with a universal wiring kit for connecting the 7 pin socket. I am led to believe that I dont need a Can Bus relay for this model, so I should be able to wire into the rear lighting cluster wiring. My first...
  18. Electronics
    hi all , can anyone help with this please , i need to know what wires connect to what on the light clusters. thanks in advance for any help.
  19. Electronics
    Hello I am trying to find out the colours going to the rear lights so I can fit towbar lights to a 2007 laguna estate. thanks in advance.
  20. Wanted
    My 2004 Laguna estate has a factory fitted towbar, sadly the previous owner has lost the detachable swan neck for it. Any one have one they're willing to sell me? Cheers all