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    Got a clio3 with some small issues hope some1 can help cause agent can't. ?
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    I've a Scenic II 2.0 16v that needs love
  3. Engines
    Hi everyone. I recently purchased a 64 plate Clio dynamique medianav 1.5, based on its advertised mpg. ( I have a 40 odd mile round trip to work) Anyway, I'm using the Eco mode button, and a straight forward commute to work seems to be hardly consuming anything. However, driving around town, and...
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    Hi just leased a Zoe electric car. And yes I heard all the jokes about how long is the charging lead! On a serious note this car seems to be a no brainer for the commuting public to disregard. Great deal from Renault if only they could deliver the car when promised. My wife has now been without...
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    Hello everyone in the Renault forum world. I have had my Renault RX4 for a while now and have been poking around in the background searching for answers to my various issues. I have found the sight full of information which has been great. I'm no expert, but more than happy to help out where...
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    Let's share some knowledge
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    Hello. I have a 2004 Renault Scenic RX4 and a 2001 Renault Clio 1.4 RXE. Hoping to get much info on the forum as well as using it for some problem solving.
  8. General Chat
    Hello Guys I paid a visit to the annual vintage car show today and took many pics of the lovely vintage cars. This particular show is held annually close to my home and takes place under the auspices of Cape Town's Crankhandle Club. Of course I couldn't resist to re-connect with my old friends...
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    Afternoon forum, Just a quick intro. I'm Daz from Manchester a 2004 Scenic 1.9DCI owner, Thanks for letting me in!
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    Hello, new guy on the block, will be asking some questions soon, maybe simple, but need advise. One coming up soon. I have an old model Megane Scenic (Sport 2.0 Dynamique) and live in North Lincolnshire. The name's Jono.
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    :d Hi to everyone onboard this Renault Fourm, I myself am a virgin to fourms, so please break me in gently lol. I lok forward to getting some useful advice from all that have had, and all that still have their Renaults. Yours....... brokieboy34.
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    Hi people of the Renault . Just bought myself my first van. Renault Kangoo. 1.9D 2001. funky kinda blue. 44,000 on clock for £1`500. Had it all checked out and all solid. So thought better get hooked in to the beat and join here. diesel, vans all new to me. Any common faults i should know...
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    Hi New to this forum and new to renault,so far things are going well. Have a Laguna 2 3ltr estate auto after the Freelander died. Alan.
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    Hi just thought id say hello to you all as i have just agreed to buy a 05 plate renault laguna 1.9 Dynamique DCI as i was in market for newer car....must be honest i had heart set on vauxhall Vectra but then went to localish renault dealer drove the laguna and was very impressed with ride
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    Hey, my name is Shaun, im 18 and im from Blackpool. I drive a Megane Coupe 1.6 8v aswell as a Fiat Bravo 1.6 16v. just though id say hi as im bored and need to waste time at work :) ill be here for my Megane aswell as a lady friends little Clio. im pretty new to French cars.
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    Hi Folks, I'm Matt, in Essex near to Colchester/Clacton (all a bit Eastenders by the sea but hey its a nice county). My wife's just bought a Megane Scenic, 2000 MY 1.6 16v RXE on a W plate, with 53K on the clock. Nice car, loads of toys and easy drive. Its a silver face lift model. Alloys...
  17. Cars & motoring
    Take a peep at this Rover MG, Longbridge Day 2, Roof & Tunnel - REPORT - UK Urban Exploration Forums Looks like a ghost town .
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    Hi folks Just joined prompted mainly by wanting to look at some of the comments about Clio bonnet catches. I own a 99 scenic RXE Dti and 2003 Clio 1.2 extreme 2 both of which are great cars. Have done over 10600 miles in the Scenic with nothing other than the light/indicator stalk failing (oh...
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    alright all :rolleyes: