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  1. 2004 Clio II 1.5 dCi TPS issue?

    So my Clio has been having a reoccuring warning light on the dash (The coil with the zigzag line above it) while I'm driving. Usually under heavy acceleration it comes on, and when the car goes to idle, it revs to about 1K rpm and stays that way, but most times it goes away. Could this be a TPS...
  2. Clio 1.2 8v 2001 P0120 TPS Fault

    Hi, I just got given a 2 door 2001 clio with only 882k miles on it for free as a "Parts Car", It had been sitting for a while as was a non starter, Owner must not have even bothered getting it looked at as all i have done to the car since getting it 2 days ago is change the battery and also...
  3. TPS location Clio mark 3 1.5dci

    Hello I have bought a new throttle position sensor for my clio 1.5dci 2008 86 I have no idea where this located PLEASE HELP . Pic attached Thanks
  4. 1.5dci clio TPS Location

    Hello All I have a 2008 Clio 1.5DCi. Can you please advise where the TPS is located. Thanks Tim
  5. TPS Multimeter Readings

    Hi, first of all I apologise if this has been asked already, I have looked but to no avail. I have a 1.9dci Scenic Mk 1 2003 auto. I have been having an intermittent fault with occasional loss of power whilst driving, sluggish acceleration and sometimes when I start the engine the accelerator...
  6. Egr tps

    HI all where is the throttle sensor im getting this error Exhaust Gas Recirculation Throttle Control Circuit "A" /Open iv changed the EGR valve and the throttle pedal but still getting this error(engine light and service light on) car runs fine and smooth no hesitation i need to get this sorted...
  7. Colour-position code for TPS sensor connector

    I am rebuilding TPS SENSOR connector of my Renault 19 1.8 Lts, FP3 engine. By an oversight misplaced the order in which the cables must be GREY, REDDISH BROWN. CAN SOMEONE HELP please? Thank you ..!:confused:
  8. 1.2 8V (D7F) TPS sensor bad?

    I'm measuring strange values on my TPS. According to the docs I found in the Dialogys NT 2621A resistance shoud be: Pin A-B: 1200 ohm (idle and full throttle) Pin A-C: 1260 - 2200 Pin B-C: 2200 - 1260 I checked it with the ohmmeter and the results are: A-B: 1.7k ohm all the way, looks good A-C...
  9. Scenic II LPG P0120 fault code

    I have a 2004 1.6 Scenic II that's recently had an LPG conversion. All went well but recently it's been revving when starting, not responding to the accelerator and reporting a P0120 fault code. I understand this to be a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) failure code. The problem has been...
  10. Help Megane 1.6 16v

    Hello, Sorry if this has already been asked and resolved, i've been looking around and not found anything. Right down to it. I have a renault megane 1.6 16v 2000, when the car starts it revs at about 1000rpm which is a little high but bearable, the main problem is when driving, the car revs...
  11. Please help! Clio engine light with TPS fault

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of help before I push this car into the closest river. 2002 clio 1.2 16v engine light comes on intermitantly and car loses all power, turn ignition off and on and its fine for a bit, sometimes even days. Fault code is lambda sensor bank 1 and TPS. I have replaced the...
  12. TPS megane

    hi all has anyone ever had trouble with the throttle position sensor if so could they tell me some of the symptoms as think mine is playing up. cheers jamie
  13. Location of Tps

    Hi, Suddenly and for no apparent reason the "Check Emmision" warning message has come on in my 2007 Scenic. The car is running fine with no apparent lack of performance or excesive fuel consumption. Reading old posts on the forum, some suggestion is made to the connector to and/or the Tps. I...
  14. Megane Coupe Issue....Good description.

    Hi, First post after searching the forums for 2 hours so hopefully it can help others out aswell. The problem: Driving along fine, No particular pattern, When the car gets to AROUND 4000 revs, Its like the car shunts and like its run out of fuel. Then the electrical warning light comes on and...
  15. Laguna II 1.8 stv 2002 - TPS vs. ECU vs. Throttle body and irregular idling

    Having a Laguna but maybe this problem is somewhat the same for other modells.. The "real problem" is that a electrical error warning appairs(engine sign), and at the same time taks control over the throttle function, with rapid frequense speeds up and down, signal that I have a serious...
  16. TPS (throttle position sensor) query

    Hi Forum - 1st post. Looking for some help with my mums 1.2 mpi Clio '96 D type. The engine idles ok - perhaps the occasional minor flutter, nothing concerning though. But as soon as the engine is put under 'quick' load it is hesitant as if it is missing. The revs eventually get there, just...
  17. TPS system wheels on wrong corners

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I have just noticed, because i've only had the car a few weeks that the drivers side front wheel should be on the left rear according to the renault guide on the door. The TPS system has not displayed any problems or errors and when I had 2 new front tyres put on, it didn't error either...
  18. TPS Sensor Problem - Scenic 2004 - Can you help?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi My car has been cutting out recently for no reason. On taking to a local independent garage, they have advised that the problem is with the TPS Sensor and that there is an intermittent signal. They have advised that they are unable to fix the problem and that I would have to go to a Renault...
  19. 2006 Scenic - Tps (throttle Position Sensor) Problem

    My car has been cutting out recently for no reason. On taking to a local independent garage, they have advised that the problem is with the TPS Sensor and that there is an intermittent signal. They have advised that they are unable to fix the problem and that I would have to go to a Renault...