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  1. Trafic 2015 brake system fault message

    Van won't start, displays 'Brake system fault' message. I've checked brakes, fuses, cabling etc. when key turned, clicking heard from circuits but will not start. Suspect its an electrical fault? Any suggestions please.
  2. Traffic auto gearbox

    I have a Renault traffic auto year 08. Problem after a long journey of about 2hrs when I get home I have a problem where it gets stuck in one gear usually reverse and I have to turn engine of and then back on to get it back to N. When cooled down it all works as normal. Could this be the gearbox...
  3. Trafric 1990 - light switch problem

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi! I'm try to restore the electrical system on a Renault Traffic -90 The light switch has "burned" and previous owners have tried to solve the problem with their own solutions and their own cable colors. The original cables were cut off, in conjunction with their own solutions. Have bought a...
  4. Traffic Sport Front Bench Seat Back Help

    Campervan Chat
    Hi All New to this great forum and need a little help, I am self building my traffic sport to a semi converted camper (all carpets, electric but no furniture) I have removed the bulkhead a few months ago but one this puzzles me is the seal base, with the bulkhead in place this was not an issue...
  5. Cooling fan Traffic Mark 2 ( Solved )

    Heating & cooling
    Hi , my problem is my cooling fan works but its not coming on when my renault trafic 2004 reaches temp . I had changed the thermostat first thinking it was that , i renewed the radiator , there was a small leak and some of the old radiator in the corner was badly corroded . Checked the fuses in...
  6. Traffic oil from injectors

    Ask the Experts
    I recently got a traffic van 05 plate 2.5 I think dci it had a bad oil leak from the timing chain we have sorted that then oil was blowing up through the injectors so we replaced copper washers and plastic sleeve and o rings started the van and it was ok then as it got hot it is blowing oil out...
  7. 2004 Traffic Misfire & smoke under load ( Solved )

    Hoping for some pointers with this van, it is a 2004 1.9 with 160k on the clock. It starts and idles fine, if you gently rev it there is no smoke and sounds OK untill it hits about 2800 rpm, then lots of light coloured smoke and misfire, will continue to rev beyond 3k but same rough running and...
  8. Traffic exhaust pressure sensor

    Ask the Experts
    Evening all, cry for help, has anyone changed an exhaust pressure sensor on a traffic? The upstream of turbine sensor, rear left of the engine cover and the pipe bolts to the manifold. It's a '64 reg traffic R9M twin turbo, I cant see how I can get to the pipe without moving the turbo? Surely...
  9. Traffic side door locking

    Hi anyone please help, I have a Renault traffic 2009 with a side door locking problem, the door will not lock on the central locking all other doors are fine. I thought it was the mechanism so have replaced but still won’t lock, having to use the manual lock catch then enter via the rear door to...
  10. Sucking noise from cab traffic 2008

    I have recently bought a Renault traffic 2008. There is a sucking noise within the interior cab when accelerating over 3000rpm. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  11. bcu or pcu 2012 traffic

    I want to find my bcu or pcu unit as I need the serial number from it. Ive looked in the past threads but can't find anything to do with it. Some say its behind the glove box others behind the steering column. It's a 20012 traffic.TIA
  12. Ex AA Renault Traffic. Electrics.

    Hi, recently bought a 2010 Renault Trafic (OU10F**) Ex AA. In the process of removing old AA wiring loom, I find 3 wires (1 red, 1 Brown and 1 yellow and white) running from the rear of the van to behind the steering console. The the red one split into 3 terminals and the Brown into 2. They...
  13. traffic relays

    My 2012 traffics lights are only working on the nearside. I am led to believe they are on a relay but I am not sure where it is. Can someone let me know. Fuses are fine. TIA
  14. 2016 traffic wont start

    i have a 2016 diesel traffic it was involved in a bump air bag went off had air bag control unit reset but the vehicle will not start it turns over but wont fire up any ideas
  15. Trafic central locking **Fixed**

    Hi I read a post in here from TLRRLT about the fault with central locking. When locking loud bleep and no flashing lights but all doors lock I have same problem checked all door and bonet switches all ok. Not sure how this site works but did try to private message above to see if he rectified...
  16. Renault traffic 2.0ltr Turbo

    Good evening hope someone can help my turbo on my 2008 57 plate Renault traffic blew November last year so today i think its gone again im still awaiting the garage to ring me back to confirm this so last November i purchased a second hand turbo as that's the only one i could get and needed the...
  17. 2010 Renault traffic 2.0dci

    Hi thanks for the ad, Im having a major headache with my van not starting, parked up over cold weekend and it;s turning over but not firing, tried jump starting and bumping but it wont fire up, I left it in gear on my sloped driveway! Ive plugged it in on snap on diagnostics and getting code...
  18. 2013 traffic. Check injection, check emissions, check cruise control

    General Chat
    All, I've had the above lights come on took it for a blast out and they cleared. But they are back on again. But this time it's now limping. I thought it was the DPF as everything was running fine until today. There is no power a over 2krpm and nothing above 60mph. It's a 2013 trafic sport. Help...
  19. No pressure at fuel pump 2006 traffic II

    Hi all. I have a 2006 renault trafic 1.9. Last week i was sitting in the van engine idling nicely and it suddenly cut out. It was low on fuel so assumed it had ran out. Id put a tenner 10 miles before and then another can full after it cut out. Wouldn't start after that. Battery drained so...
  20. Traffic DCI 115 2007 fan belt diagram **Sorted**

    Spent the last two days in the barn replacing my in the final stages, desperately need a diagram showing the routing,there are seven pulleys in!!!!!