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  1. Renault Megane I 1.6 16V Automatic Transmission Error 9G

    Ask the Experts
    Hello guys I have a problem with a Renault Megane I 1.6 16V (K4M701 engine, DP0 Automatic Transmission). After a short time i turn on ignition it starts to buzz and the D (for DRIVE position) is blinking on the dashboard, but car is in P. I can switch the position and it also accepts the...
  2. EDC Transmission - After Update Question

    Hi all, I have recently took my car into dealership service centre due to metal clunk noises. They done a software update, relearn adaptives and a readjust clutch touch points. The noises have become less but the noise is sometimes still there when driving in Normal Mode Automatic. Beside...
  3. Bolts for mounting transmission **Sorted**

    I've got a scenic mk 2 1.9dci from early 2003. The other day the transmission dropped out on the passenger side. Snapped the drive shaft too. On inspection two of the three mounting bolts had vanished and the third was only kept in by the underside of the engine mounting plate. It had worked...
  4. How to check transmission oil level

    Hi I have a 2001 renault megane classic and I'm trying to check the oil level on the transmission any help would be highly appreciated
  5. Renault Megane III 1.5 dci Auto transmission fault

    Hi there, Hoping for some advice.I bought this Renault Megane 2013 1.5dci Auto a few weeks ago. Changed the timing belt and now has a problem starting, when cold, so in it goes to have new glow plugs next week, That will be a total spend of 800 pounds I hope, that is the problem, Oh bought a new...
  6. Renault Lutecia (Clio) 1999 Transmission Fluid Level

    My car goes into limp mode in the first 3-5kms of driving someone suggested to change transmission fluid from dexIII to dexII as one is thinner and helps to run smoother and my problem will go away can anyone help Thanks
  7. DP0 Automatic Transmission Software

    Hi folks, Yes, I did search, but I never seem to have much luck that way. I am about a week into ownership of my 2002 Espace 2.0 16V gas with the DP0 transmission. My friend put 2 new solenoids and a new pressure sensor in it. That stopped the fault light/limp mode from happening, but it is not...
  8. Paul's a Newbie (Title Changed to prevent confusion)

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    Hey guys, I've got a Renault Clio 2 1.4 16v Mk2 and I keep getting an electrical fault warning at intermittent timings. Normally when I first start driving after overnight, it comes within 5 minutes(if so much) of driving. When it does, sometimes it limits the car throttle. (I'm thinking...
  9. Megane 3 1.4tce transmission oil

    Hi Guys, Quick question, what transmission oil and how much does this car use? Thanks!
  10. Master Transmission Oil

    Hi guys! Searched high and low using Google and can't find an answer. Hopefully someone can help me out. I have a 2010 Master MM33 2.3 DCI 100 (6 Speed) and the N/S front driveshaft seal has started to leak. I plan to change the seal myself, it's no issue but for the life of me I can't find...
  11. Transmission inner tube - Megane II 2006

    Hi How do I drain gearbox oil in Megane II 2006? I succeeded to open the plug , but there is another plug (inner tube) to open in-order to drain the gearbox oil. How do I open the inner tube in order to drain the gearbox? What wrench/allen key do I need for the inner tube? Thanks.
  12. Oil leak from transmission breathing pipe

    I have oil leak from breathing pipe after i made some clean-up the gearbox . It is manual gearbox. And it is leak till all oil is out . Any one can help
  13. Renault Laguna 2 2003 MK II 2.0 16V Transmission Safemode

    Hello, am facing a problem , in Transmission Renault Laguna 2 2003 MK II 2.0 16V, What happen is , wen i get start run, like 10, 15 min , it`s goes , lock to gear 3 , safe mode , ( it`s like jumps to that gear with sound after that gears not shifting, and what i do .. stop the car and...
  14. Gear transmission

    I have Renault Scenic 2006 Is it normally to use 5th fear when speed reaches 45 m/h, and 6 th gear when reaches 55 m/h as the sound of engine becomes high .. Thanks
  15. Transmission level plug

    I apologise in advance for the double up of this topic, for whatever reason I can't view the last page of my original thread. I have emailed the forum team and am still waiting for a reply and/or the problem to be fixed. In the meantime I wish to continue in getting my facts straight so that I...
  16. Please help me check transmission fluid level

    Either I've overlooked it or there is no info out there about how to check the transmission fluid level (AT) on a Renault Scenic 2.0 16v '01 that doesn't have a dipstick. I've got the car booked in for a transmission service before changing the cambelt because I don't want to spend big $...
  17. Any new cars with conventional auto transmission available

    Other makes
    Hi all, Are there any new cars still produced with a traditional torque converter automatic transmission rather then these electronically controlled manuals.
  18. Laguna II Transmission Fault

    Hi, I have a 2005 Laguna....not the best car I've ever owned to put it politely. I get the error message "Gearbox Failure, contact your Renault dealer" at random times and the gearbox goes into (what my mechanic calls) a 'degraded' state. It happens when it's hot...when it's cold...when it's in...
  19. Renault Lutecia (Clio) 1999 Transmission Fluid Level

    Hi my 1999 renault lutecia 1.6 ltr auto equivalent to the clio has been going into safe mode and not changing through the gears properly i can not seem to find where to fill up the transmission or find a dipstick or know how to tell if it is full or not can anyone help please
  20. renault megane 2.0 ide 2001 transmission fluid

    hi there i have reanault megane 2.0 ide 2001 just wondering if anyone knows where the dipstick for reading the transmision fluid is or the filling area is many thanx vinny