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  1. Zx1 extralube micro oil metal treatment

    ok fire away what do you think of this stuff is it an oil is it a snake
  2. Bianchi out of coma; to continue treatment in France

    Formula 1 news Bianchi is no longer in an artificial coma and is now being treated in France, according to a statement issued by his family on Wednesday. The Frenchman, who was critically injured in a crash at the Japanese Grand Prix in October...
  3. Diesel Treatment or Not?

    Hi, can someone advise me on what's the best diesel treatment to clean injectors, egr, and turbo? and do they all help with lubrication? and carbon build up? Any experiences / input? :d
  4. Diesel Treatment

    I have always been a bit skeptical about these additives that you had to your tank and even more so by the claims they make. Under hard acceleration I was getting black smoke out of the rear and after making round was told that some of this additive may help. I ended up buying some Forte...
  5. Best treatment for this? How would you approach it?

    Hello everyone. Just a quick question here. I have had this mark in the middle of the bonnet of the car from I bought it. Anyone know of the best way to fix it? It seems as if something was dropped on it. It is a U shaped mark with other marks shooting off from it. The paint is missing...
  6. Oil/engine treatment

    I have a 04 Scenic Expression DCI 80 with 65,000 miles on the clock. The car runs fine with no problems. I am thinking of giving the car an engine flush/oil treatment. Is this a good idea or could it cause any damage or blockages to the engine or turbo.
  7. Blue Smoke - engine restore treatment?

    I have the dreaded blue smoke and losing oil combination. Before I go to the garage to have them tell me I need the piston rings done, has anyone tried an engine restore product called Ametech? It claims to cut out the blue smoke and reduce oil loss, but I'm wondering if it is like a wonder drug...
  8. What treatment to fix gouge on undercarriage ?

    A few weeks ago drove over a yard long metal bar (I guess fell off a truck) at 140 kph on Autostrada in Italy and it left a 8 inch long gouge on the underside of my RX4 (around 1/4 to 3/8th inch deep groove/crease but didn't puncture the metal on the floor pan under the rear LHS passenger floor...
  9. Waxoyl Treatment

    Has anyone any experience of having a waxoyl treatment done to their car.? I've just brought a car and need to get this done. I'm in the West Sussex area but would travel to the right people,cheers.:)
  10. Paintwork Treatment

    Almost signed on the dotted line for a new Megane cc today. Just a few fine points to iron out. One question we have is, is it worth having the Lifeshine treatment applied. The interior is also "scotchguarded". Bearing in mind the car is pearl black metallic with full cream leather interior I am...