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  1. Interior mods for a basic 2000 Clio Grande

    My mottah!
    I wanted a basic car, and I got one. Now I'm thinking it's too basic! Please, can anyone suggest alternative interior trim I could use? Also, is there an easy way to fit a double DIN stereo, by using the space with the face level vents above the single DIN slot? Ruz
  2. Koleos interior trim colour ...

    Greetings one and all, I have a Koleos with a full leather interior but I'm having a few issues trying to find the correct colour of the leather as a few areas need refurbing. The local dealers here in our area of Spain are less then helpful, and to be honest, are darn right obstructive...
  3. 2001 Scenic A Pillar Trim

    Hi there, Does anyone know how to get the A Pillar trims off in a mk1 Scenic please? We've just bought the car and these are literally the ONLY thing that is shabby on the whole car. I'd just like to get them off so I can try and glue the fabric back down. So far, I've peeled back the rubber...
  4. Scenic squeaking dash trim

    Car is 2007 Scenic. I know this siunds trivial but the plastic trim around my dash display emits an annoying high pitched squeaking when the car goes over bumps, it seems to be worse when the interior of the car is warm. If I apply pressure to the trim it stops. Is there an easy fix?
  5. Need to remove parking senor - how do I get the trim off?

    Hi all. I need to get to the rear parking sensors on an 05 Laguna Initiale. One of them has given up the ghost and I'd like to replace it. Any advice on how to remove the black trim on the bumper? Thanks James
  6. Renault trim levels

    General Chat
    Ive googled the crap out of this and cannot get an answer. Cant even find a single reference. My 2014 (old shape) trafic has england badges right round that are definitely not added later as ive seen another van with them too. Theyre a union flag with england written in them. But what on earth...
  7. Grey trim paint on White Megane Mk3

    Hi, I have just bought myself a used Megane Mk3 in Glacier White, lovely car although there is like a grey colour on some of the trim at the back and front, some of it is a bit worn but I cant seem to fimd any mention of a colour code for it online. I dont really want to just guess and probably...
  8. Megane CC windscreen pillar trim shocker

    Happily driving down the motorway today with the top down when there was a loud bang and I was shocked to see the nearside windscreen pillar trim flapping about above my head, held on only at the top! It could have done me a serious injury! I pulled over pretty quickish and found that, apart...
  9. Removal of door interior trim???

    Hi folks,, I bought a brand new Traffic , I'm making a camper, and need to remove the slidedoor trim card .. No fixings are visible.. Ive tried light leverage on a corner, to no avail.. Anyone know the trick?? Thanks
  10. 2014 Movano passenger door trim

    Hi, I cannot seem to be able to remove the interior door trim from my 2014 Movano, I have tried google but with no luck. Can anybody advise me how to go about this please. Many Thanks
  11. window trim thingy?

    Help please! My car undressed itself on the bypass this morning, my own fault for opening the window frozen. Can not find this part for love nor money! Cars a mk1 megane coupe cabriolet. what im missing is the weatherproof trim between the top of the door and the bottom of the window passenger...
  12. Steering wheel trim

    Hi! Can the silver steering wheel trim be removed and how? I mean that part which is at the bottom of the steering wheel. Mine is worn and would need a layer of new paint. Steering wheel is on Megane 3. Thanks
  13. Clio pillar trim

    Hi Does anyone have a NS REAR pillar trim for a MK3 Clio 2011 for sale? Thanks
  14. Black Trim Renew

    General Chat
    I know we all have our favourite brands etc but over the years I’ve bought loads of cleaning and detailing stuff some cheap and some not so:surprise: But I’ve always swore by this stuff for the exterior plastic trim. It’s AutoFinesse Trim Revive. I’ve used it for years and not only is it easy...
  15. Removal of rear tail gate interior trim.

    Hi, I have a 2010 Grand Scenic, I need help in removing rear tail gate interior trim as I think I have water coming in from top windscreen seal. cant see any screws any where, do I just pull it off or is there a technique to do this Thanks.
  16. Clio MK3 - Bumper trim coming away from wheel arch

    Hi all, I've noticed this morning on the driver side of the front wheel arch the trim along the bottom of the bumper is now hanging loose, and the wheel arch is no longer clipped to the bumper on that side. I've done a search and been unable to find anything online, does anyone have any...
  17. 65 Clio 1.5 air conditioning knob trim fallen off

    The knob that controls the fan strength has a chrome circular trim set into the knob. This trim fell off yesterday and will not stay in place. So, my question is would this minor thing be covered by the warranty? If not, am I likely to be able to buy a replacement? I am assuming that there was...
  18. Megane MK3 Front Under Headlight Trim

    Exterior styling
    Hi! I've got a 2009 Megane MK3 world series, the same as this pic (not actually my one) I was wondering if its possible to replace the silver trim on the front without buying a whole new front bumper. I was wanting it in black the same as the rest of the trim around the car. My plan was to...
  19. removing black trim at bottom of front bumper? Clio 2

    Hi, - is there any ramifications of removing the black plastic 'strip' at the bottom of my front bumper on our Clio 2 2003 ? Its already spplit a bit where previous owner(s) must have caught it on kerb whilst parking, and I was going to glue it, but now I am wondering how it would look if I...
  20. Remove steering wheel trim

    Guys, The center of my Clio III's steering lost its color (originally was silver) and now it's yellow. I don't know if this happened because of the sun, but it's quite ugly and I want to paint it. But, in order to do that properly, I want to remove that trim. Do you guys know if that's...