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  1. Clio IV: Question regarding trip computer

    Hi all, I'm soon to become a Renault owner! I loved the Clio IV on a recent test drive and plan to replace my Citroen C1 (first car) with one in around six months. I discussed to the saleswoman on the test drive how driving in Europe is a common thing for me (I have family in Catalunya, and...
  2. Trip Computer Display Issues

    Hi guys,I’ve just purchased a 2010 Clio 1.6 Initiale T-Tom VVT,I bought it from my mother in law so I have the last 3 years history on it,I’ve had it 2 weeks and I am now having issues with the trip computer display,it goes from really bright to almost unreadable,never know what it’s going to...
  3. Driver Window stopped working, trip meter reset and car starting but not turning over

    Renault Megane 1.6 2007, driver electric window stopped working, stuck open about 4ins, the dealer fixing under warranty. I think i reset the trip computer as miles to next fill, AMG reset, average speed reset etc... current mileage reset. Car started ok at lunch time, but this evening, car...
  4. Battery & Trip Computer Problem

    So I tried my car yesterday 5 minutes after I had drove it for the first time in about 5 days and it wouldn't start. Tried it again this morning and same thing. Got a jump start and it worked! So took it a long run then let it tick over for a while. Turned it off and left for 30 minutes and...
  5. Renault grand scenic - "Average MPG" - from when?

    General Chat
    Does anyone know when the "average MPG" runs from? Is it for the "previous XX miles", since last fill-up, is there a manual way to reset it, or an all-time record?
  6. clio 2 trip computer switch miles to Kms

    Hello I have a clio sport 182 2005 with a working trip computer.... I would like to be able to switch the display from miles to Kms .... then combined with the cruise control I can be sure of my speed when traveling on the continent ... is it possible... how ??
  7. trip computer query?

    hi, first time ive posted here as ive just bought a renault megane dynamique 55 plate, i have a couple of questions if anyone could answer them i would be grateful :confused: firstly the trip computer... does all meganes on the how many miles left to fill up go blank after 40 miles left in the...
  8. 2008 Megane - Change trip computer from imperial to metric

    Hi everyone, I've trawled the internet looking for an answer but everything I've found relates to the Scenic which is of no use to me! I have a 2008 Megane and will be travelling in Europe and want to change the trip computer so that it reads litres / kilometers rather than gallons / miles...
  9. Scenic ii electronic dashboard resetting

    Has anybody found a solution to this problem: Our 2004 Scenic ii 1.6 Expression has intermittent problems with the electronic dashboard display. The clock (time) has reset a number of times. Now the trip recording & other figures (consumption etc) reset by themselves? How have you solved it...
  10. 03 Clio - Installing foglights and trip computer

    I have a 2003 Clio 1.5 dCi 80 expression, and I also have two questions... 1) Can you fit fog lights onto a car which has body coloured caps covering covering where they should go. What would be involved in installing, ie do you think they fit the same cables or will I have to do some rewiring...