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  1. Movano / Master 2007 trip computer

    On my new to me 2007 Movano it seems the trip computer doesn't work, or doesn't exist? I've tried pressing the button on the wiper stalk until I'm blue in the face but nothing happens. I'm sure when the driver delivered it he said he didn't have to top fuel up as there was 40 miles range left...
  2. Dodgy keysystem? and trip computer loses data

    Our 2011 Laguna 3 has been a bit temperamental twice now. The battery shows as being in good condition. The alarm went off The car ignored the cardkey Opened with the little elbow key insert okay Internal lights all off It ignored the cardkey when it was inserted into the dashboard I got out...
  3. Trip meter button

    Ask the Experts
    I removed the instrument panel to clean but after replacing the unit the button to change the mileage to the trip mileage and also to set the clock is now not working. Can anybody help????
  4. Campervan / UK trip

    Campervan Chat
    This thing was in 'what made you smile' first, but I am not sure where it fits best. So maybe it's safe to continue here. Original question was : Is anybody in the B&B business or can recommend a nice place to stay. Looking for an affordable room, not intending to do any extra bargaining. I...
  5. Trip computer fault. warranty?

    My mk3 2014 Trafic is under 4yr warranty until november this year. Trying to sort issues before that time. Trip computer is acting up. MPG just jumps around nonsense figures (eg. 9999mpg) trip distance counts up to 0.2miles, sometimes 1.2miles then goes back to zero. There is no fault logged...
  6. 1500 mile trip x 2 in a kangoo, is this a bad idea?

    General Chat
    A few months back I bought my Kangoo, its a 1,9 Diesel from 2002, it's got (relatively?) low miles at 75k and everything seems to be running pretty smoothly on it. I was wondering wether people have any info as to what these are like on long distance drives? I am going to a festival in Croatia...
  7. 500 mile trip in a 2001 Clio

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I am just about to buy a 2001 Clio with 108000 miles on the clock. I am looking at taking it to the bottom of England, which is a 500 Mile trip for me, do you think it would make it there and back? I know you can only guess but you lot will know better than me! The car seems to be in...
  8. Weird fuel consumption on trip computer

    Hello! I've got a 2002 Clio 1.5 Dci 82 HP. The on-board trip computer gives me a whopping 91 UK mpg (or 3.1 l/100km) reading, yet that is far from reality. It's usually around 60 mpg, maybe more if I'm really careful. The values were somewhat less optimistic a while back, but after changing...
  9. Renault clio 2010 trip computer problem

    I have a 2010 renault clio, i filled up yesterday just as the fuel light came on. However since filling up the miles to empty is constantly shooting up and down every second and the same with the mpg, i have tried resetting this but with no luck and its still doing the same thing. The miles etc...
  10. Trip Computer ?

    General Chat
    In my past cars I have plumbed a vacuum gauge into the manifold air pressure sensor feed to keep an eye on my fuel consumption of which may I say teaches smoother driving as well as economic driving but I realise with this more modern vehicle I know have it has or should have an OBD port for...
  11. does clio have a trip meter?

    on my driver dashboard, 07 campus, its got the total mileage displayed in lcd, theres the sticking out reset button but i cant see a trip meter on the dash, all there is is the mileage going up. is there a way to change the lcd display, never owned a renault before,am i missing something...
  12. Clio II Trip Computer

    Might be a really stupid question, but is it possible to change the units in the trip computer from MPG to MPL? All the petrol stations here charge per litre so that would be more use to me. Any help is appreciated! :smile2:
  13. Trip computer and warning system

    I have a Renault Clio music 2012. My trip computer and warning system has gone blank. Can I get it back without taking it to a garage?
  14. Clio mk2 Trip computer reset

    Hi, my first time posting on here. Just wondered if anyone could help me out. I have a 2005 Clio mk2 1.5 DCI. It has digital fuel/temp gauge and trip computer. Iv only had the car about a month but one thing really annoying me with it is that the estimated mileage left resets itself when it...
  15. Please help. Espace 54 died in flight

    I was driving last night and my vehicle just stopped working First the acceleration went, then the braking and then the steering seized Breakdown came out and tested battery saying all was well - even fitted a new one and the engine wouldn't fire enough to start The bizarre thing about the...
  16. First trip

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Had our first weekend away last weekend. Had an awesome time, interior water pump doesnt work, easily sorted, passenger window doesnt work, again easily sorted. Couple of other minor probs. Main thing i want to ask is if there is anywhere to get replacement handles for the units. The holes left...
  17. Megane MK 1 replace old dash with new one with trip computer

    I found a dash from other MK1 Megane with trip computer. The old dash is digital already, so I think is compatible. Is it easy to make it functional? What else should I need to make it works? Should I need an extra connector?
  18. Trip Computer Problems

    Hi, Recently bought a 56 plate Trafic (face lift) and I appear to have a few teething problems with the trip computer. 1- For some unknown reason the trip miles will reset itself if van is turned off for several hours ie overnight. It doesnt always do it though, its like power is being lost...
  19. Clio extreme Trip Computer question

    As above MK2 Clio trip computer. Stupid question but how do you reset the functions, MPG & Trip mileage etc? On all other cars pressing and holding the stalk button does it but on this nothing happens, it just rotates to next function! Many thanks
  20. Koleos trip range reading

    I have noticed that whenever I fill up the tank (approx 13 galls), when I check the trip meter "Range", it never gives more than 450 mile range. Assuming it has 13 gall at 40 mpg, it should read nearer 520 +, and as I tend to average 45 mpg, that would give a range of at least 580 miles. I can...