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  1. No Electrics Working (Intermittent Fault)

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forums. however the car is not new to me, i've had it for 15 years now since new, It's a 2004 Renault Megane 1.6 (Saloon). I've had all the common Megane issues, all sorted no issues, but yesterday. I was driving along the highway at 70 km/hr when all of a sudden...
  2. Trouble starting 2006 Modus

    I have a 2006 modus with 160k km on it. I went to start it the other morning and the engine would not start. I get a message on the screen saying gearbox overheating. All electrical systems seem to work and everything else appears normal. I live in iceland and it has been pretty cold the last...
  3. Trouble starting Renault Master 2 2.5 tdci

    Ask the Experts
    It takes more than five attempts for the van to start and then takes a while before it can rev over 2000 revs but after that it flies, with the odd moment where it lacks power even when warm. I have removed the EGR valve and cleaned it out and also the chamber too (well as good as I could from...
  4. Megane 3 2010 starting trouble

    Hi guys, Apologies if something similar has been asked, I'm new here and don't know alot about cars. Took my car to a garage for a diag because the engine management light had come on and an orange warning message 'check anti polution system' was displaying. Long story short they blagged...
  5. Clio campass 1.5dci trouble starting

    Hi, just bought a 2nd hand clio and having problems getting it started, fitted a new fuel pump and glow plugs, diagnostics is saying fuel pressure injector but when codes are cleared car wont even turn. Seems to start better when its jumped otherwise takes a good few goes any ideas please?
  6. back to trouble again Clio 2 16v 1.2 2003

    hi all , after months of trouble free idling and running after changing spark plugs our car is faffing about again , but only intermediately not all the time every time. So it goes like this (sometimes) - I turn key, start engine it idles roughly and the middle orange indicator lights...
  7. radiator hose trouble

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone for the last couple of hours I've been trying to undo a radiator hose clamp th as situated under the engine of our grand scenic, but I can't get my pliers and hands in to undo to it, has anyone got any suggestions please? Or do i just need to take stuff out to do it??? ***x1f635; im...
  8. firewall grommet trouble.

    Hi guys im trying to find a grommet..unused or used...a hole...just anything i can feed my power for amp through. I have a clio mk3 2008 1.5dci 3dr. pics would be greatly appreciated. thanks all Steve
  9. Havin trouble with my knob

    Dear All Recently picked up a red leather interior for my Megane CC Finally had a break in the weather to make a start on the swap. The guy who I bought it off said the gear knob just pulls off It did but the old one and new one are different The old one has a groove at the bottom where the...
  10. Laguna 3 keyless entry trouble

    Hi guys, me again... Just replaced the battery on my key fob as I was getting a warning on the dash. Used the same type of battery (cr2036 iirc) and the keyless entry is now playing up for both keycards. I used to just be able to put my hand in front of the sensors on the doors and they'd...
  11. Media nav trouble on Captur

    Hi Trying to update the sat nav on the media nav on my Renault Captur.I have put a memory stick in the usb,but then when I select "map update" on the option, it don't let me do anything.I have done return to factory settings on the sat nav and tried again but no joy.Has anybody got a solution...
  12. Gear box trouble

    I have a 1.4 Clio 07 58,000 on the clock. I can quite easily put my car in to 1st gear but changing to second is causing issues. As I come out out first to second I have to near enough take the gear stick back to neutral position then in to second. From second upwards its all fine no issues at...
  13. Turbo trouble

    Hi all. Got a snapped cam chain that's ruined my turbo. Now I need to somehow find one and can't seem go find one anywhere. My cars currently at a garage (the third one it's been at since all this happened) now Ideally I want to get one delivered there because I'm sick of taking my car all...
  14. Braking Fault - Trouble Code: C1175

    Hi, I have a 2004 Renault Grand Scenic 1.9dci and its displaying a braking fault and the service light is on. My OBD reader says that it has a C1175/5175 - Braking fault code. Does anyone know what this fault is as I've searched the forum for an answer but I couldn't find one? Thanks in...
  15. Trouble finding new spare part for air box housing spare rubber breather hose, part n

    Hi, I am new to the forum so my apologies if I have placed this in the wrong section. Whilst trying to fix idling issues on my young daughters recently purchased Renault Clio Mk2 1.4 16v 55 Reg, my husband has discovered that there is a small short cracked rubber breather hose on the air box...
  16. Trouble Maker

    General Chat
    I've just been looking at the Egg situation :grin2: Eggs Thrown Scenic 11 2466 batfink5 1110 KingWhiskers 965 ours2012 555 lancs dave 327 Colin :) 263 chuffer690 227 Phil48 210 Nottnoc 202 Dancingdad 125 Don't get me wrong there are some "flingers" in there but look at the forum plonker at the...
  17. Sound trouble Scenic 2

    In-car entertainment
    Hello, first of all sorry for the writing errors because it's not my normal language. I hope verry well that someone can help me. The problem with my scenic 2 (2008) with the soundsystem that has integrated GPS and joystick, When it is cold (from 3degrees or less then my soundsystem can start...
  18. Renault 5 Trouble

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I have a problem with a Renault 5 1996 1.4 with single point injection not starting. Got a good spark at the plugs, got fuel going in and out of the carb from the fuel lines with pressure. Was running ok but now won't start. Checked the TDC crankshaft sensor and cleaned it, that seems ok and...
  19. Reanult 5 Trouble

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I have a problem with a Renault 5 1996 1.4 with single point injection not starting. Got a good spark at the plugs, got fuel going in and out of the carb from the fuel lines with pressure. Was running ok but now won't start. Checked the TDC crankshaft sensor and cleaned it, that seems ok and...
  20. Instrument panel trouble megane scenic I I 05

    Hi, the instrument panel on my grand scenic I I '05 is faulty. The left side with the petrol gauge and speed is working but dull and the right side is blank. It sometimes works but most of the time is like this. I've tried cleaning the connectors with lighter fluid but it didn't make a...