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  1. fake or true

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    i have no idea if it was true would it be more known
  2. Could this be true?

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    I realise it is an advert for a company’s product, I am in no way associated with this company but after reading what someone else put on this forum about EGR cleaner I searched for information on it, if this stuff can actually do what it says it can do on the video it would be amazing Admins...
  3. Ferrari: Rivals masking true pace

    Formula 1 news team principal Maurizio Arrivabene said there are "encouraging signs" that his team have made real progress with their 2015 car, but also cautioned that their rivals were masking their true pace. Ferrari finished quickest in three...
  4. is it true

    does the engine need to be removed on megane 1 to do clutch:mad::mad::mad::mad:
  5. How true is this..

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    Be warned this vid is graphic..if your squeamish do not watch..:crazy:
  6. Fuel Gauge not reading true amount.

    Hi all, Just bought the missus a 2007 Renault megane cabriolet 1.6 and have realized that the fuel gauge is not moving above 1/4 of the tank. The fuel to range computer is reading what the fuel gauge is saying and the fuel level drops at the rate i expect if it was full so, the question is how...
  7. true code programer

    ok most of us know that its very hard to get a key/card coded,:d hope it comes down in price as its deffo worth it as whats the price of a new card coded? a few cards it would have paid for its self
  8. Strange But True

    Wheels & tyres
    Have had steering judder when braking for the last couple of weeks so was planning to replace front pads & discs. However, the problem seems to have disappeared on its own accord. The car has spent most of the time spent in garage could it be that lack of use caused the problem??
  9. Strange but true

    :cool: After having power loss on laguna 1.9 dci 2003 estate i changed fuel and air filter, MPG improved slightly from 25 mpg to around 28 mpg around town, after refueling reset tip metre to 0, After about 30miles mpg back to 25 mpg 30 on motorway. I was doing 70 MPH on motorway and decided to...
  10. dephaser replaced 1 year ago at renualt dealers is it true they replace the cam belt

    had it fixed under warranty but read on here they would have changed cambelt etc as it was done at a proper renault dealers.well any ways its back to conking out and the nice rattle is there yet again been quoted 700 to have it replaced after a year.700 pounds a year seems an expensive car to...
  11. Is this true ??????

    hi......ive just heard that if you have xenon headlamps on your vehicle, the vehicle must be fitted with FULLY WORKING headlamp washers to pass an MOT test !!!!!! On my 52 plate Lag 2, obviously having the xenon's, the headlamp washers havent worked properly since i bought comes up...
  12. Is it true the old 2.2 Laguna.....

    Is a nightmare to do a belt-kit on. My mate who needs one done was telling me his local garage told him its a pig firstly because there are 16 8mm belt cover bolts to undo and secondly because there is a metal cover and with that not much maneuverability. He ask me to ask here because the...
  13. Two true stories

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    STORY NUMBER ONE World War II produced many heroes.. One such man was Lieutenant Commander Butch O'Hare. He was a fighter pilot assigned to the aircraft carrier Lexington in the South Pacific. One day his entire squadron was sent on a mission. After he was airborne, he looked at...
  14. Refused MOT because back door wont open. Is this true?

    I had my car booked in at Kwik Fit on wednesday for MOT. It had to be moved to friday cause their exhaust fume monitor failed. I have one door stuck at the back and I was told that although it is not a part of the MOT, he could refuse to test as he couldn't open the door to check the wheel...
  15. espace 22.dci faults as reported by garage, are they true?

    My 53 Espace has just had its 52000 mile service having change oils etcno prob, then he put it on the computer the car has a load of faults including the radio want keep its code because it needs a new dash board £500 also it needs a new cam belt because if we leave it as it is the cam shaft...
  16. If it seems too good to be true.........

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    it probably is. Was watching this auction this evening. Posted it on another forum....... seems it IS too good to be true. Lets hope...
  17. Top Gear - Are you a true fan?

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    Try this "Stupidly hard quiz" to see if your a true fan..... ......I thought I was a true fan until I did this test, I crashed out after about 5 questions :(
  18. Tiggerz_SRi, you are a true gent!

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    I would like to take this opportunity to pubicly thank Tigz in showing the true spirit of this forum. Yesterday, my daughter of 4 and 1/12 months was admitted to hospital due to showing symptoms of Raynards Disease or something very similar. Anyone with a young child will know exactly how I...
  19. All your Playstation Dreams come true

    Cars & motoring
  20. How True is This ?

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    An incident occurred in a supermarket recently, when the following was witnessed: A Muslim woman dressed in a Burkha (A black gown & face mask) was standing with her shopping in a queue at the checkout. When it was her turn to be served, and as she reached the cashier, she made a loud remark...