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  1. The truth is out there..

    General Chat
    Not to be missed set your TV's..9pm Channel 5..Scully is still a hotty..
  2. The truth about megapixels

    Photography Club
    The truth regarding mega pixels to a large extent it's a total load of hype or better described as a total load of :censored: or a sales gimmick I'm going to put this link in the photography section too, since in reality that's the place where it belongs. Keep in mind this Guy is talking about...
  3. JC5 Gearbox.... the naked truth

    I was plunged in the deep end with gearbox's, they have always seemed a bit of a cult circle of which I never trod. However, due to the failing of a circlip on the N/S drive shaft, my wife's Espace went *snap* *thud* then didn't "went" any more. It would select all the gears fine, but wouldn't...
  4. The truth about factory stereo replacement ??

    Cars & motoring
    Evening All, Just joined this evening - feel welcome already. I drive a 2004 Laguna Dynamique ( 04 plate ). The stereo is the original factory supplied model. Recently the CD has started skipping. I was considering replacing it with a newer, MP3-ready model ( maybe also with iPod...