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  1. Renault modus tune point

    Hey I've just bought a Renault modus expression 61 plate and in the glove box is a connector for an old iPhone/ usb and a headphone jack. I've connected it to an iPod and headphone jack but can't get it too work even when the radio is on aux. Does.anyone have any suggestions.
  2. J8S 2.1 TD rebuild and tune up

    Hi all... I have finally managed to install my J8S TD in my Jeep CJ7 and all is running OK except that I have a small oil leak from the rear of the engine, which I assume is from the rear crankshaft bearing. I have renewed the sump gasket and very carefully installed it with silicone so I'm...
  3. Eco tune. Megane 1.6 auto?

    General tuning
    I'm looking for an eco tune for my megane 1.6 auto. Can't seem to find anything about it. I'm currently getting 26 mpg as only do short journeys and wondered if anyone knew of a company that does it or any experience of it. the car has only done 65k and is fully serviced. I drive like a...
  4. Megane 3 after market Tune Point

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all, I just bought a 61 plate megane coupe Dynamique TomTom. It hasn't got tunepoint (like my Clio GT Line has) and I was hoping to get it fitted. The chaps at the sales desk seemed to think it was not possible and I would have to just use Bluetooth. Is it possible to fit tunepoint as an...
  5. Tune point software update/Samsung Galaxy Note 2 incompatibility

    In-car entertainment
    I have looked at the Renault website and it days you can update the Tunepoint software, which I have tried to do. When I tried it gave the error message "no music files present. Has anyone else suffered this and if so what can be done to resolve the issue. Also, if the software is updated...
  6. Christmas Offers!

    DNA Tuning
    Ok Guys I am Offering Gift Vouchers over the festive period. These are Ranging from £25 all the way to a full stage 1 remap! So get those loved ones to buy you something you really want this X-Mas! Feel free to call or email us for more info!! 07568306796 [email protected]
  7. the word 'tune' in my profile name

    hey guys, just to let you know; my profile name is related to music, not mechanics.. i have very basic mechanical skills and even less knowledge... so, here goes; i have an 02 scenic 1.9 dci, i was happily driving around town and stopped at a supermarket for 10 mins, when i return to my car; it...
  8. Buying A DCI To Tune

    General tuning
    between the 68/86 or 106 is any one particularly better to aim for than the other? or are they all the same but different software? The 106 is in a different tax bracket but does it have a different Turbo size or any other tuning advantage to counter that?
  9. General tune up

    Computer Club
    Fans(some of them) out for cleaning and "general service" :0 2nd pic is another pc.. a V8 :) thats what the cpu cooler is called anyway. The cooler adjacent to it is a mch cooler.
  10. How to manually tune AM on radio / casette

    Hi - This is an apparently obvious question - I have a Scenic 1.4 rte, 2000 with the original radio/tape. How do I manually tune to a specific frequency? The radio searches when I try to tune, but I want to tune manually. In particular, there is an AM station which the seek seems to have found...
  11. manual tune radio????

    hi, i have bought a FM trasmiter so i can play my ipod through my radio, i have got to set the radio on a "white noise" station but it just keeps finding the nearest station automaticaly. is there a way to stop it from doing this?
  12. want to tune my car

    General tuning
    hi i got a renault laguna II and i want to tune it a bit what shell i do first??
  13. Laguna coupe radio out of tune

    I noticed this morning that when I had the rear window heater on the radio was affected, out of tune, hissing, crackling etc. Turn heater off all OK. I also noticed that a couple of the elements were not working. As the aerial for the car is in the rear screen could these broken elements be the...
  14. Tune Pack - iPod

    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone might be able to help with this one... I bought a Grand Scenic (07 plate) and want to put an iPod dock in it so that it can be controlled by the steering wheel controls.... I've heard from Renault that this is called a "tune pack" but can't find any...
  15. Clio 1.2 Authentique radio manual tune

    Hi guys. I've recently bought a cradle for my iPhone that has a built in fm transmitter. For the transmitter to work I need to tune to an unused radio frequency and match it with my cradle but when I switch to manual tune it automatically picks up weak radio stations and I can't manually select...
  16. Fine Tune radio on o2 laguna

    Hi All, I am clearly a newbie, But I have spent hours trying to find this solution both on this site and the net. I have an o2 plate laguna estate 1.9 DCI I have picked up a bluetooth visor car kit for my iphone and it has an inbuilt FM transmitter. All I want to do is fine tune to around...
  17. Easy tune and best for clio 172? Anyone please

    Im looking to tune up my clio for track days to get a bit more out of it but dont wana go over the top and cant think straight on whats best and any good:confused: does anyone know the best little things without compromising Much fuel economy, and reliability and cheapest ways of doing this...
  18. 4000 mile Spanish tune up

    Cars & motoring
    The trip to Granada and Seville went by without fault - apart from a meeting with a tree in the Alhambra car park :loser: And after 4000 miles at an average of 60mph (vmax 120 in a high speed dual with a black clio in glorious rolling siera nevada country :rolleyes: ) she's running sweeeeeet :d...
  19. Dyno Tune and Chip on Megane 1.9dci 120hp

    General tuning
    Hi all, Well as the thread says im getting my megane II 1.9dci 120hp dyno'd and tuned with a piggy back chip. it's going in 1 week and what i would like to know is there anyone else on here that has done similar tuning? i have had a De-cat, im only hoping for a 30-35hp gain what i wanted to...
  20. :D This tune is driving me crazy

    General Chat
    Trying to remember the tune, I must have sat through this video ad around 200 time's today. But hell, I just can't remember how it it goes, s'cuse me, I'd better go try it again. :) Video ammortizzatori in azione - nissan, pathfinder, viralspot, jeep - Dailymotion Share Your Videos