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  1. Electronics
    Hi all ive seen a radio i fancy replacing my current tuner verison in my 54 scenic. I know chances are display wont show on dash but will radio still be able to be controlled with my steering stalk if radio states its steering remote ready Thanks in advance Stu
  2. In-car entertainment
    I have a tuner list radio/cassette. I have inputted the code, however, the radio whilst playing, beeps and then turns itself off after approximately 2 minutes. I then have to re-input the code, but it does the same again. Can anyone please help me solve this problem. Thanks.
  3. Electronics
    I have a 2005 Grand scenic with a after market stereo - I would like to fit a original stereo but unsure if a tuner list or update list type? Can you identify by the plugs for radio connection? when working on car I have found build stickers dated 09/2005 and 10/2005 so assume it a very late...
  4. Electronics
    hi, the cd's load in the multi changer under the passenger seat but the option for cd's does not show when using the source button anybody got any suggestions
  5. Electronics
    guys and girls Help me out... I have à tuner list radio en when i put the yatour ytm05 in the blue socket the radio quits playing and there is Nothing to show on the dashboard... When i disconnect the yatour then the radio kicks back in and the frequenty shows back on the dashboard... Any...
  6. For sale
    Selling a Clio 2 TunerList radio, as it is the wrong type for my (2005) car. Collection or postage available depending on postage cost. £20 - based in Stockport, Greater Manchester CODE INCLUDED
  7. For sale
    from a laguna 2 comes with the code and postage included. good condition, no faults with it. just bought a cabasse unit, so this isn't needed £16 including postage
  8. In-car entertainment
    eventually bought one an indash 6 CD player from ebay along with the head unit. i have entered a code and the head unit springs into life, but when i try and do anything with the multi CD player the central display shows "ERR CD". does this mean that it's broken or do i need to put another code...
  9. Wanted
    anyone got one? must have the cable to go with it...
  10. Sport
    What could they do with a bog standard 1.6 production car? :drool: In turn what would the insurance company make of it. Williams F1 team turns car tuner extraordinaire The business didn’t start off so well. Jaguar had ordered Williams to build a running prototype of the breathtaking C-X75...
  11. In-car entertainment
    Hi All, I want to replace the tuner list radio with an aftermarket, but want to retain the stalk controls and display. Has anyone done this? If so what replacement head unit is the best option? Thanks Gary
  12. Welcome to RenaultForums
    After many years spending too much money on my petrols with cams, head work, flywheels and the like, i have decided to be sensible to get a comfy car. i had my Laguna II 1.9Dci 130bhp for 1 day before i got it remapped :D cant beat bad habits. hello all. people may recognise my screenname...
  13. Electronics
    Anybody able to help me? I have a 2000 scenic 1.6 with a replacement tuner list curved fronted model which seems to take and reject cd's and spin for a second them stop but it won't do anything else it beeps every time I press anything and the display won't work but the temp and time works. What...
  14. Electronics
    Hi All, Fist time poster! I have bought a tuner list radio to replace the after market one which was installed by the previous owner of my 2007 Mk 2 Clio campus. I cant seem to get the stock controls or display to work although the display does work as it currently shows the time. So far the...
  15. Electronics
    Hi - I just bought a megane 2004 1.5 DCI 80 and this is my first thread on the forum =] I am hoping to connect the tuner list radio to my phone(3.5mm jack), but i dont seem to be able to find any aux in cables avaliable for tuner list radios ... Is the 2005 onwards update list radio AUX in...
  16. Electronics
    I have a 2005 Laguna Extreme 1.9DCI estate. I have just replaced the standard stereo unit with an aftermarket stereo and now wish to fit a stalk adaptor so that the steering wheel controls still function; however, before I can select the correct adaptor I need to know whether the standard...
  17. In-car entertainment
    Hi all, I have just got a 2008 Laguna GT, so far I'm very pleased with it but I see talk of tuner list and update list radios, how do I know which one i have and what's the difference? I have Carminat Bluetooth CD sat nav with no aux in if that helps.
  18. Electronics
    Hi everyone, hope you can help me. I currently have a standard Renault Tuner list head unit with the built in cassette unit with an underseat standard cd multidisc unit(C.D. Unit does not work) in my RX4, but was wondering if a single tuner list cd/radio would fit my vehicle with all steering...
  19. Electronics
    I've had two Espaces with a Tuner List head unit and I fitted an AUX cable in order to plug in an MP3 player. I've just sold the cable on EBay but the buyer says that it does not fit their 2005 Clio with a Tuner List head unit. Would that be correct?
  20. Electronics
    hi might b a silly question but can a update tuner fit into my year does it have the same wire harnesses cheers