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  1. Transmissions
    Hi, does anyone know the torque limit/specification for the stock clutch on the Clio mk3 1.5dci 106hp? I'm thinking of getting it tuned and just want to make sure it's not gonna completely fry the clutch Thanks!
  2. Engines
    Would like a remap,but can’t justify cost,boxes any good? Thanks,Richard.
  3. Tuning & Modding
    I’ve been looking at buying one of the CRDT2 tuning boxes by TDI-tuning, I’ve found one for a 2.0 Renault trafic (115) and I was wondering if anyone knows weather this would work on my Megane mk3 coupe 1.5 (90). I suspect the “reprogramming” they do just involves putting new sensor plugs on the...
  4. General tuning
    Having had my Astra for 18 months now and being happy with its 165bhp, I decided that it was time to get a bit more out of it I still have 18 months warranty left so i didn't was to go the remap route, And also remembering Coups experience with his remap and the effect it had on his DPF I...
  5. Tuning & Modding
    Hello there, I currently have 2011 MK3 clio DCI which I do a 60mile round trip to work everyday now, almost all motorway. I am wondering if its worth getting one of these chips which state they can improve MPG and power which I dont understand how it can do both? Do you think its worth getting...
  6. Tuning & Modding
    Hello, anyone has experience with RacingBox chip tuning? What do you think about it?
  7. TMS Motorsport
    Who are HKS Tuning Parts and where I can I buy them ? We have put together some info on HKS. The short answer, is from us :) HKS turning parts for Japanese Cars and beyond delivered by TMS Motorsport According to the BBC Japanese cars are the most reliable cars in the UK. TMS Motorsport are...
  8. General tuning
    hey im new here. iv recently got myself a 1.9 dci laguna 2, iv already unplugged the maf sensor and blanked the egr valve and iv got a bit extra out of it. just wondering what other people have done to these engines to get maximum power from them. also i would like to know peoples opinions on...
  9. TMS Motorsport
    Hi All, Book mark this link, for tuning parts for all renaults :) Renault Tuning parts from TMS Motorsport Any questions, please get in touch [email protected]
  10. General tuning
    I'm thinking of getting a tuning box for my 1.5 Megane. I have read a bit about them 1p, resistor, wreck your engine, do nothing etc. Have any of you guys bought and used one on a Renault? Did it work? Is there a huge difference between the boxes? I know you can do the Evry mod on a VAG car...
  11. For sale
    Hi, i have a DTUK red tuning box and also a pedalbox for a Laguna coupe 2.0dci for sale. These will also fit a hatchback Laguna from 2008 onwards. Both in perfect working order and boxed. Cost around £350 but am only looking for £150 for both. The pedalbox makes a massive difference to throttle...
  12. In-car entertainment
    Hi, I am still trying to get to grips with my new (TO me) car radio, I'm given to understand that each pre-set has two tuning capabilities but am unable to fathom out how to load 7-12 pre-sets, can someone help?
  13. General tuning
    Hi everybody I've obviously got the 130 dci scenic which I have had remapped to the maximum I could standard. My question is what could I do next to improve the performance even more? Has anybody got any good past experiences and advice?
  14. General tuning
    My Laguna 3 is Estate Sports Initiale. Year 2012. Mileage 29011 Engine TD 175 bhp. I've sent emails to both GCL and the Superchip folks to advise me on re-mapping. I have not had any replies. I wondered whether my model was not re-mappable or that perhaps no more could be gained. I have to...
  15. Electronics
    hi everybody,i have got an 06 kangoo diesel the 1.5 model and i would like to know whether anyone has ever fitted one of the performance diesel tuning chips and if so was it worth doing or did it cause problems
  16. Tools & equipment
    Hi, I am quite an old school car owner/tuner and have done a fair bit of tuning on classic cars, mainly minis. I have a few Renaults, and one of them I am thinking of stripping out and using for some track days. The car is a Laguna II 2.0 Privilege, it has 64k miles on the clock and runs and...
  17. General tuning
    Hi all has anybody had any experience with racechip tuning box on a dci 175 is it safe ,what are the pros and cons on doing this Thanks Garry
  18. Tuning & Modding
    As above any used these tuning boxes iff ebay
  19. Engines
    I Have a 1.8l PETROL 120bhp 88kw Laguna II 2005 mod. is there any positive use of a chip tuning like this one: Does this box remap my car by it self...
  20. Tuning & Modding
    Hello All, I have bought a tuning box for our 2005 Scenic 1.5dci. Thought I will create a slideshow if someone wants to know how to connect this. Would probably work the same way on other Renault 1.5dci engines. Any questions, let me know. Here is the link: vq7ILyg-rBM&