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  1. Electronics
    I have a 62 plate Twingo. When the cruise control is on it will not reduce the speed with the steering wheel controls. Occasionally it cuts the cruise control out completely and the service light comes on. Any suggestions as what it could be please?? Thanx
  2. Electronics
    Hi! I’ve had my 2008 twingo bought second hand for a month now so I’m not familiar with the warning lights on cars etc., as this is my first vehicle! This popped up today beside my fuel/miles as I was driving and I think it might mean that I need to get my car serviced? Can someone confirm this...
  3. Steering and Suspension
    My missus has a MK3 Twingo 1.. She heard some rattling and eventually I pinned it down to a broken front spring. Garages want £140 a side to sort when the spring itself is £30 online. I could do this myself, but would I need to do a full suspension alignment after? £230 - £280 seems a bit steep...
  4. Exhausts
    Hello, what could be problem that inside cabin smells like exhaust gases or oil? My first car, no knowledge at all. What to look at?
  5. Interiors
    So I know that from 95’ the Twingo could have airbags as an option, but I haven’t seen any on one before 97’ and I want to import one to the us so it needs to be pre 97’ (since I can wait til 2021). Does anyone know what a 96 or 95 Twingo with airbags looks like inside, like are there any...
  6. Ask the Experts
    What was the first year the Twingo had airbags? I know on Wikipedia it said it was an option in 95’ but I’ve never seen one pre 97’ with a dashboard that looks like it could fit airbags, does anyone know?
  7. In Car Entertainment
    I was given a new radio from previous owner of the car but it wasn't installed when I bought the car. I've been trying to get the old radio out using the metal prongs but every time the left side pops out fine but the right side will not budge. I've tried several times and the same thing keeps...
  8. Engines
    Hello, I am hoping to get some advice about my Renault Twingo 2007 Dynamique model. It is an older car with relatively low mileage (approx 110k km) which was due a major service last month. Among other things, all the spark plugs and fluids in the car were changed, as well as a new timing belt...
  9. Bodywork
    Hi there, So my sister has a renault twingo 3 and smashed her rear brake light against a tree. I have ordered a new cluster and was wondering how easy it is to remove and replace it? I have a fiesta that has two screws and push clips which is easy to remove and think it might be a similar set...
  10. Ask the Experts
    Hi, I've had my Mk2 Twingo for 2 years now and I've always wanted to do some minor adjustments to the interior, especially by adding the tachometer from a higher spec model. I've got a base spec Freeway model (1.2 8V) which doesn't have the rev counter / tachometer. I'd like to know if it's...
  11. Electronics
    I have a Renault twingo extreme 60 ( year 2010) and today after getting out of my car and locking it I do my usual door handle check to see if it had locked and it hadn’t. So after numerous attempts of locking it and also trying to use the deadlock on it I have discovered that the driver’s side...
  12. Engines
    Has anyone replaced the spark plugs on a Twingo III. If so, how is it done?
  13. Engines
    Has anyone carried out an oil change on a Twingo III? If so, are there any special instructions?
  14. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Great to find this forum, thanks. I got my Twingo last week. I'm delighted with it. I can't understand why reviews refer to the car being sluggish and needing to be thrashed to keep up with the traffic. I find that the car accelerates effortlessly on a light throttle and using few revs. Also...
  15. Engines
    Hi everyone, hope this is in the right section! Took my Twingo to a garage after I encountered some issues with it starting up, then running when I was able to start it. I'm honestly not familiar with cars in the slightest, and the best way I could describe the issue was that it would rumble...
  16. Engines
    Hi All Hoping for a bit of advice on my daughters 61 plate Twingo Piaz. She is learning to drive so not being used very often, had some issues with battery being drained so have had to charge etc, but started OK after last being charged. Car has only done 45K On startup the engine is revving...
1-16 of 254 Results