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  1. Just a quick question about engine oil types?

    Just a quick one here! Can I use A3/B4 rated oil in a modern petrol car which is rated for A3/B3 oil? (Both 5W40). Thank you.
  2. pencil types coils, 3 available, northeast

    Hi there I have just replaced the full set of pencil coils on my Scenic 1.6 vvt, one of the old ones had failed, but now I have 3 spares if anyone is in need in the south Durham, Teesside, North Yorkshire area best regards Crofty
  3. What are these bulb types??

    Hi i've got a 2002 Renault Megane MK1 1.9DCi and am wondering what bulb types the bulbs and holders are in the photos below, these bulbs are from the front foglights, Thanks
  4. Scenic II engine types.

    Hello, I've had a Scenic 1 facelift 1.4 16v ( K4J ) for 8 years now and have found it a great car, I have repaired and serviced it myself ( inc 2 cambelts, waterpumps, auxbelts ) I have the scars to prove it!! The car has now done 140000 miles and is still going well but I can't help thinking I...
  5. CD changer types for my Laguna

    General Chat
    I have a 2007 Renault Laguna, Expression Nav. I have just bought this car, its the last of the Laguna 2 facelifts. It has Sat/Nav, but no CD changer, if I take the nav disc out to play a CD, obviously I can't use the Sat /Nav, I have checked the boot, the dash, the glovebox and under the seats...
  6. How to identify Clio types

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all I am now "involved" with a Renault Clio MK2 1.2 16V Expression due to it being my daughters first car. One question is how do I tell if it is a "face lift" model or a "phase 2" model or any other type? Thanks for reading.....Neil AKA GateKommand
  7. K4M engine types

    The emissions on my 2002 Scenic -150k miles - have failed the MOT so unless anyone has a magic remedy (I`ll try anything!) I`ve decided to change the engine. Problem is there are so many different engine codes for the 1.6 16v engine fitted into Scenic`s,Megan`s Clio`s and Laguna`s. Can anyone...
  8. Clutch types

    Following the advice I was recently provided by one of our respected fellow forum junkies, I have been on the lookout for an Espace III with the G8T powerplant. I have found a cheapy one with a dicky hydraulic clutch, which the wife likes the look of and of course I am happy to do the work on...
  9. types of clutches

    Can any one tell me how to get the correct clutch for my laguna 2 19dci privelege 05. Bought on the internet not the right one, even in the parts dealers there is 3 to 4 types of clutch for this car,does anyone know where the engine numbers are.
  10. Different types of Renault stereo

    In-car entertainment
    What is the difference the two types of head unit I read about. One is a tuner list the other update list. What would I need for my Megane 1.4 Extreme and would I be able to fit the 6 disc autochanger aswell? Thanks
  11. Engine types

    Hi sorry to ask i just wanted to know if there was a thread on here where there is pics of the different types of engines in the megane as i have a 2.0 16v on a 1999 and i just wanted to know if there is a cover that goes over it as there is not one on mine so i wanted to see which one is meant...
  12. 2 types of headgaskets 2.2 dci

    Can anyone tell me what difference this would make and can i just use either i have an espace 2002 2.2 dci im currently replacing the head on it but ive just been told theres two gaskets ones thicker ,any help would be great regards
  13. Megane I engine sealants and gasket types

    Something that has been bothering me since I bought the Y reg 1.6l 16v Megane, is around the engine there is black "instant gasket" type sealant oozing from the sides. Today whilst replacing spark plugs (and eventually coil packs that are suspected problem), I noticed the black sealant is even...
  14. Grand Scenic bulb types

    Hi Guys I would like to upgrade my standard bulbs, I already use Osram Nightbreakers in the Merc and they are great, gives a crisp white light on the road, deffo better then the standard one's. Can anyone tell which type I would need for dipped beam & main beam, I've been getting conflicting...
  15. Clio Engine types (confused)

    Hi Guys ,hope Im in the correct area here,Im having to change the engine in our Clio 1.4 8v Sport 2000 W reg, now I thought it was straight forward trying to source the 1.4 8v my Haynes disc says its a type.. E7J 77/80 ,but pic's online (3of) seem to show it as an E7J 634,(1) what is the...
  16. Questions about compatibility between F4R engines types

    Hi to all! I'm from Romania, and I have big problems with my Scenic Rx4, 2.0L, 16V, petrol, F4R 744 engine. I have to change cylinder head (culasse) and in my country, unfortunately, seems very difficult to find one. I have search since aug. 2010.:confused: My question is about compatibility...
  17. brake pipe types - steel/cunnifer

    Other makes
    hi guys, hoping to help a friend out with replacing some brakes lines but i have a couple of questions that i cant find the answer to. first of all the car (1998 corolla) i presume will have steel pipes? so.. can i replace a small section and use cunnifer pipe? or will it need to be steel...
  18. gearbox types dpo???

    anyone out there now what the difference is in the dpo gearbox's, ie: dpo027 and other suffix's, as i am having trouble locating a replacement for a 55 plate laguna 2.0 16v all the ones advertised seem to be out of 1.8 / or magane 2.0 16v or scenic and they are all dpo??? but what is the...
  19. Clio TDC Sensor Types

    Hi all, I've had an intermittent starting problems on my 1.5DC1 Clio for a month or 2. Research tells me that I need a cleaned up or new TDC sensor and thats what I have orderd from renault. When I took my car to my garage, he removed the TDC sensor to clean it up and it was in a different...
  20. Megane rear doorlock types!

    My wifes 2000 rear drivers side door lock has jammed shut, I've (as usual) been tasked to "get it sorted out you useless slob" Reading round I know I'm gonna have to get the door card off, disconnect the central locking solenoid, remove some kind of white sheild then break the "black...