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    Hi guys, So I am up against the p0089 & p0201, cleared the p0089 by cleaning. p0201 injector 1 open circuit is pending. My question is. . .On a 1.5 dci k9k can I simply plug off the offending injector output from the rail to prove? Also does the HP pump have (and should have) a safety release...
  2. General tuning
    hey all.. ive got a mk1 clio thats modified... its a 1.2 that eats 1.6 sxi astras and 1.6 golfs :) its chiped/ induction kit / and straight through sports exhaust . it was abit of fun.. now im bord. it just isnt fast enough... so i want a cheap engine that wont be to hard to drop in . that will...
  3. RSS feeds launches contestant search for the ultimate road trip Click here to read more »
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    This looks like fun..... Pretend to be Schumi and knock everyone else off the track on your...
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  6. Cars & motoring
    Greetings, Just a general question, do BP Ultimate Diesel make any difference? I have just tried it and at 110p per litre am wondering if it is worth it? Any other members using it? Chaz
  7. Engines
    Any opinions? The spec on these sound similar - once the millers is added to regular derv - but millers seems to work out cheaper... 17.5% extra bhp has got to be fantasy land for £1 a tank! Cheers! :d Link to millers: Untitled Document How about this carbon blaster! Diesel Bob Tuning -...
  8. Cars & motoring
    Check this out.. BP Ultimate UK - 102 octane anyone down south tried it out? lol, apparently its £2.43 a litre!!! i feel sorry for the guy who fills up with this every week..
  9. Cars & motoring
    CLick on the link below - it's quite interesting. Several times people have asked if its worth using SHell Optimax or BP Ultimate over supermarket fuel. It was generally decided that it made no difference to a normally powered family car. This backs that up! YouTube - Facts about high octane...
  10. Cars & motoring
    Hi all, Been reading on another forum the for/against of likes of shell optimax and bp ultimate mainly for diesels .. but has anyone with a petrol engine found any difference using them. My friend who works for one of the big petrol companies states there is not much difference between then and...
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    Hi roger and welcome to RenaultForums.