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  1. Fitting underseat sub | Clio mk3

    Clio mk3 3door. Just wondering whats the best place to mount the ground cable? Ive seen the seat belt buckle under the rear seats look half decent but unsure if anywhere else is better. Also, to get the power cable through the firewall (i know where the main grommet is) does the airbox need to...
  2. Underseat Airbag Plug

    Hi just a question if anyone has had to replace the under the seat airbag connector plug ? if so do they do the plug with a length of the loom. so it can be cut n shut into the existing car loom. Or does anyone know where i could purchase such an item Thanks in advance Jon
  3. Underseat fuses/relay

    Greetings to all, Has anyone any indication as to which circuits the fuses and relay located under the front passenger seat on the Scenic 2 relate? I ask because recent window problems have allowed water to enter this area and after cleanup I would like to ensure that the appropriate circuits...
  4. Underseat subwoofer

    In-car entertainment
    Hi guys was wondering if anyone has one of these fitted in their car. And if so which one would you think are the best was looking at either the inphase usw12 or the auna 10 inch 1. Space is limited so I would need it to fit under my seat. Cheers Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  5. Would someone take a photo on the location of this under-seat runner sensor?

    Good Evening All, I've had a "Check Airbag" on my Megane MK3 for about 18 months now and decided to attempt sort it tonight. After a lot of poking about and listening to the seat go back and forth and playing with the different wires I have found out it's this "Runner Sensor" is causing my...
  6. What is the make / model of the underseat radio in Renault Espace DCI 2.2 2001?

    Hi guys, had a large spillage in my car which leaked into the space under the front passenger & screwed up my sound system. I'm hoping that replacing whatever's down there will sort it out? I've had a bit of a hunt for what it is through Google but haven't come up with anything reliable. I've...
  7. underseat storage??????

    Hi all, just been poking about in my 172 and noticed that under the passenger seat is a metal frame near the front, what purpose does this serve? Is there a cubby tray to fit it/ or cd multichanger?:confused: cheers
  8. help! underseat tray

    hi all i need to install a M-Station Linux based MP3 player:cool: in the car (2001 Laggy2 Privilege Sport Tourer) and the only place i can see where i can mount it is under the front seats with the seperate remote head unit on the dash. does anyone know how to take the plastic trays off...
  9. upgraded to 2004 seat but wires underseat are different? help!

    I had 1999 seats in my clio, but upggraded to 2004 dynamique seats with side airbags, no problem fitting them but the wire connectors under both seats are different. the car only has two connectors for the driver seat (seat belt warning light and pre tentioner) and one connector for the...
  10. Service/airbag light and the underseat connector?

    Hi All Our 3 door Megane quite often lights up the service /airbag light. A quick wiggle of the under seat connector normally sorts it but it comes back again as we move the seat to let passengers in. I gather this is a common fault? Is there a permanent fix for this? Many thanks.
  11. Renault Scenic II - Removal of Underseat Storage Trays with Pic's

    Here are some Pics Members might find useful if they have the need to remove the under-seat trays on Scenic IIs, The Pic's below apply to the drivers seat but the procedures would apply to all 4 trays where fitted. Pic 1 arrows indicate where gentle but firm pressure should be applied to push...
  12. underseat wiring

    Morning all I have just replaced all of my seats with brand new leather ones from a 2001 unregistered Scenic but the wiring is different to mine. It looks to be the same colours but different plugs are used and the new ones look simpler. The seats are not electric so my question is, will I...
  13. Renault Scenic - Electronics - Under-seat battery

    The battery has done duff in my 1998 dTi; because it's under the seat in the cabin, apparently it has to be a special gel battery, and the local auto electrical places don't have any. By the time I discovered this, the Main Dealer parts counter was closed and doesn't re-open until 8:30am...