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  1. Fault DF091 Unlocking Boot/Sunroof

    Hi Everyone Totally new to this and a little bit of a “fish out of water” but here goes I have a Renault Megane Privilege VVT (2006) which is the hard topped Cabriolet I have had problems after the winter in trying to open the roof. One side of the boot section lifts while the other remains...
  2. laguna estate II, rear doors locking and unlocking

    Hi guys, sometimes when I switch OFF, either by start button and remove card key or vice versa, the rear doors start locking and unlocking approx every 5 secs and it only stops when I use the card to lock the car, any ideas.
  3. Weird issue with unlocking doors with a key

    Hello! I own Clio III 2008. Remote control key with two buttons. I am having a weird issue when attempting to unlock doors with a key. There are two scenarios: 1: I unlock doors remotely and then I can close and open doors with a key. 2) (Issue) When I attempt to unlock doors, closed...
  4. Unlocking problems

    Hi Over the past few month I found that sometimes my car will not unlock when I press the key card, I end up walking round the car a few times pressing the card until it opens but what I have noticed is if it has rained and the outside of the car is wet it is very difficult to unlock the car...
  5. renault trafic no dash lights, no start, no locking / unlocking functions

    hi all. I am new to this forum and I would just like to say I know naff all about cars and motors etc. :| Any help would be greatly appreciated as it just seems to be one problem after another with my van. Firstly.... Its a Trafic 54 reg. I believe its a 1.9 with 6 speed. Its done roughly...
  6. Megane keeps locking and unlocking

    The last 3 days or so when I get out the car it has been automatically locking when I walk away and when I go to get into the car and open door it locks and unlocks rapidly before I have even started the car any ideas please
  7. NSF Door Unlocking Issue

    Hi I have a 57 plate laguna 3 2.0l hatchback. Since August the drivers door doesnt always unlock. If i press the unlock on the key card all the solenoids fire. Pulling the drivers door handle doesnt mechanically open it. I then have to repeatedly press open and lock and eventually sonething on...
  8. Mk2 Scenic Rear seat not unlocking

    Hi all, One of my rear seats will not unlock from the floor when you lift up the paddle, I have to place a screw driver into the back mechanism and lift the locating spring up to free the seat, Is it possible to adjust the 2 locating/Locking springs Many thanks for reading
  9. Clio Boot keeps unlocking

    Hi, My car has developed a fault whereby the boot unlocks itself without activation of the key fob. It's happened whilst driving a few times which is obviously inconvenient. Sometimes when locking the boot whilst parked, the boot will unlock itself i.e. it doesn't lock in to place. Any ideas...
  10. 02 clio locking and unlocking

    Hello all Ive a 02 1.2 petrol clio, it just recently started locking and unlocking. had to pull out the 5 amp fuse to stop it. It does it on and off at no set times. It doesn't have the auto lock system fitted, just the simple push button fob. Any advice greatly appreciated
  11. drivers door not unlocking

    Car is a Megane mk3 250. If I lock the door with the key fob (1 Press) doors lock, except the drivers door. If 2 press for deadlock then it locks. However once deadlocked, when i unlock the car, the drivers door doesn't unlock. I can open the passenger door lean across and open the drivers door...
  12. 2011 Clio not unlocking

    Hi I've got a late 2011 Clio iMusic and it doesn't always unlock when pressing the unlock button on the key. I've tried new batteries and still have the same problem. It could be an issue with the key in which case I can get a replacement however I noticed when attempting to unlock the vehicle...
  13. door unlocking problem

    When I press the ***9919; fob it will unlocking all the other doors except the drivers door I have to press the unlock button about 10 times ?? Any ideas people
  14. Driver's door not unlocking properly

    Hi. Have a Lag III 1.5 Dynamique TomTom which I bought new in Oct 2010. Now all of a sudden I can lock the car by pressing the driver's door handle button once or twice or I can just walk away or press the button on the card once or twice and the car will lock as it should. When I return I hear...
  15. Scenic 1 remote unlocking problem

    Hi Has anyone come across a Scenic1 2000 that remote locks OK (indicators flash ) but won't remote unlock even though the indicators flash. I can hear slight clicking whereas before it was a definite click on unlocking. All doors are effected. I can't think of a common failure. The receiver...
  16. MK3 Megane Drivers Door Not Opening

    Hi, Recently my Meganes drivers side door has stopped opening properly. When i go to open it the car unlocks as it should and all other doors open but the drivers doesnt. I have to open it from inside to get in. Does anybody haveany ideas why? Also the alarm keeps randomly going off, could...
  17. Kangoo Tailgate unlocking problem

    Hi All, new to this forum and Renaults. Just bought a 2005 Kangoo MPV 1.5 DCI and have a concern with the central locking. All the doors lock and unlock except for the tailgate which seems to always lock itself once closed and will only unlock if you quickly press unlock twice on the key fob.I...
  18. Trafic Lock and Unlocking whilst driving

    i have a 2007 Renault trafic whick likes to lock and unlock whilst driving.... i have the cental locking locking programmed to self lock... seems to happen as you slow down.. go over bumps or turn corners... i have cleaned the pins on the side loading doors and the pin switches seem fine on the...
  19. Ignition/Key problems and unlocking the doors in

    I have two possibly unrelated problems!! Firstly I have an intermittent problem on my Renault Twingo. The key is used to remotely unlock the doors. The car starts usually straight away. On some occasions, which are happening more frequently, the ignition is dead. The dashboard lights light up...
  20. Scenic 2 drivers door unlocking problem

    Hi all I have had a problem with the auto unlock function on our scenic 2 during the last 2 winters. Most of the year they work fine but they have now decided to not unlock on both the drivers door and the passenger door on the drivers side. They appear to have stopped working at the same...