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  1. Are Espaces as Unreliable as the reviews say?

    Cars & motoring
    Just starting to think about getting a grand espace for lugging family and race bikes around. Got between £10k and £14 k to spent and want an automatic. The owner reviews on the web paint a picture of a mass of engine failures and electrical problems. Are they really that bad, or is it simply...
  2. Mark 1 scenic,unreliable brakes

    Mark 1 scenic 1600 rt It started with the car bringing on the abs light every now and again.Was out in 2 weeks ago and hit the brakes around 50mph(abs light had went off,it is intermitent!)and it felt as if the servo was not working!The pedal was hard and the braking was not very effective.If a...
  3. 2001/2 Laguna 1.9Dci Sports Tourer�.are they really that unreliable?

    2001/2 Laguna 1.9Dci Sports Tourer….are they really that unreliable? Hi. I’m thinking of purchasing the above vehicle as they are reasonable spacious, 50mpg, not too slow, nice looking and within budget. Naturally I am concerned at all the reports I’ve been reading saying they are absolutely...
  4. Are scenic's unreliable?

    Cars & motoring
    This is just an observation but there are loads of threads on this forum about problems with scenic's more than any other car by far, are they an unreliable car?
  5. Are Renaults unreliable?

    Cars & motoring
    I currently a 1.9DCi Scenic, which I now like. I had to get a tuning box to remove the dreadful hole in the power delivery though. But overall I like the car and so far it’s been very good. For a diesel it seems quiet, smooth and of course it’s economical. I did have one very bad experience...