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  1. Grand Scenic III headlight upgrades ?

    Any one know of anyone who does headlight upgrades on Grand Scenic down on the South coast, as my headlights are shocking ?
  2. Best Upgrades for a Mk1 Clio?

    My mottah!
    Hello, I have a Mk 1 Clio and I am a big fan! Its been nothing but reliable, cheap and a joy to drive. I've been advised to clean it up and sell it for an upgrade, but with sentimental attachment I just don't want to do this. :| Its only a small litre engine but my plan is to upgrade this...
  3. 2002 Renault scenic suspension upgrades

    Steering and Suspension
    Hey fella's. Thanks for the add! This is my first post :d. Ive just purchased a 2002 Scenic 2.0 litre 5 spd. I was hoping someone here could advise on whats the best way to get these things lowered and handling better. I was hoping for some coil overs. But I haven't had any luck finding any so...
  4. Megane mk3 upgrades

    General tuning
    Hi All, Im new to this so apologies if im posting in the wrong section. Recently ive bought 2010 renault megane 1.5 dci 106bhp 3 door k9k engine. Its my second car and I wanted to get a little bit more power from the car. Few people have suggested upgrading the turbo to hybrid, better...
  5. Advice for upgrades

    General tuning
    I have a Renault clio 1.4 2007 dynamique grey 98 BHP I am looking for your advice on 2 things. 1. Induction kit, I know this wont add much/any BHP to my car, however I am looking to replace the standard air box to add some much better sound when putting my foot down. Any ideas to which one...
  6. Master DCI100 any power upgrades??

    General tuning
    so our Quickshift 6 dci 100 pretty low on power carrying horses, I get envy seeing mainly 120 and 150s around can anyone advice on what the differences are and if easily obtainable? Thanks
  7. Laguna III stereo upgrades

    In-car entertainment
    My 58 plate Laguna Dynamique just has a standard CD Head Unit with no mp3 or usb input or playback so what are the options for either getting this to do this or changing completely?
  8. Brawn confident that upgrades will keep Mercedes at the front

    Formula 1 news team principal Ross Brawn has expressed confidence that the Brackley-based squad will carry their good form into the second half of the season thanks to a number of upcoming technical developments. Mercedes entered the mid-season...
  9. McLaren trial upgrades ahead of Silverstone race

    Formula 1 news have used one of their allotted straight line test days to trial their Silverstone upgrade package, the team's managing director Jonathan Neale confirmed in a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes phone-in on Tuesday. Neale said the...
  10. Lotus hoping for 'big step forward' with Silverstone upgrades

    Formula 1 news are hopeful that the package of upgrades they're introducing to the E21 for the 2013 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix at Silverstone will enable them to make their 'biggest step forward of the year'. Having scored a win and...
  11. Wanted: Clio Mk1 parts (for upgrades).

    This might be a long shot and a lot of parts I am after are much harder to obtain now, so I've started going on a massive ebay hunt to upgrade my car. That being a Renault Clio Mk1 1149cc (A P reg one that is) First problem, adding central locking. I know what parts I need, trouble is I...
  12. mk1 clio brake upgrades?

    hi i was wondering if there are any brake upgrades any1 no's about for a mk1 clio 1.4rt, preferably something cheapish that could just bolt straight on as the standard brakes are pants lol. I was thinking about maybe using some discs and calipers off a clio 1.8 rsi or maybe off a renualt 5gt...
  13. Headlamp upgrades... Osram Nightbreakers?

    Ok, so I do a lot of night driving and I have to say that the headlights on my car are pretty awful... (51 plate Clio Dynamique). The actual lights themselves need a refurb due to 120,000+ miles on the motorway, so this will help slightly when I get round to it. However, I know it won't improve...
  14. Renault Clio 16V 54reg best upgrades

    General tuning
    So I have a clip 54 plate and I just want to upgrade few things what's best ? I have a straight flow exhaust, alarm, induction kit that's about it but I want abit more power can I get a remap online I seen few little gadgets you hook up to your car audit remaps it ? Any upgrade ideas will help...
  15. Performance and clutch upgrades

    Hi I am looking for a good way to increase the performance on my 04 plate Grand Scenic 1.9 dci, It seems very sluggish at the moment! I found this but am always pretty...
  16. 200cup upgrades

    General tuning
    hi im new to the forums and im after some advice on how to best upgrade my clio cup200 to get the maximum power and performance.
  17. Canada - 2011

    Formula 1 news Monaco race may have ended in the barriers on Sunday, but Renault's Vitaly Petrov is confident he will be well enough to compete at the forthcoming Canadian event. Petrov was caught up in a collision between McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and...
  18. Renault: Upgrades should help us fight the frontrunners

    Formula 1 news enjoyed a stellar start to the season, with a podium for Vitaly Petrov in Australia and one for Nick Heidfeld in Malaysia. But recently the team's performance seems to have faded with Petrov and Heidfeld squabbling in the midfield...
  19. renault car stereo upgrades?

    In-car entertainment
    anyone recommend decent stereos to put in renault clio with orange lcds to match dash board? preferably sony/pioneer/kenwood as like the look of them any opinions and what have you got ??? any pics? (has to have aux input) thanks
  20. News from Renault - Renault upgrades its business customer services

    RSS feeds upgrades its business customer services Click here to read more »