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  1. Upgrading from a Clio Mk2 to a Clio Mk4

    General Chat
    Wife has just put a deposit down today on a white 2016 Mk4 manual Clio Dynamanique (right spelling?) - her present car is a 2002 Clio Mk2 - I bet she going to feel like she's won the lotto. Anything to be made aware of? - technically or otherwise?, apart from we know about the wireless key...
  2. upgrading head unit

    Evening all, first day on here so huge apology in advance if I have posted in the wrong section etc etc. I own a 2010 megane dymanique with tomtom. I am wondering If I can upgrade the renault head unit in my car to the later version with usb and aux socket built in WITHOUT knackering my tomtom...
  3. upgrading my van stereo

    In-car entertainment
    I got a 2007 kangoo that came with a radio fitted that worked with the control stork so I got a second hand unit that had a cd player on it that would also work with the control stork the problem is the radio reception is pants I plum in the number of the radio stations I like to listen to and...
  4. Upgrading backbox

    Hi all Thinking about upgrading the oem exhaust. I have a clio mk3 2008 1.5 diesel and the back bumper doesnt currently show the exhaust pipe tip. Do i need the bumper modified for the replacement? Are backboxes easy enough to fit? Thanks all
  5. Upgrading to DAB - 2015 Captur/Clio?

    Hi all I have upgraded my medianav to a Medianav evo which comes with DAB which is great but my antenna base doesn’t support it and the stick on windscreen antenna is awful. Spoke to the dealer for a price for a replacement DAB aerial base from a newer Captur and he said they can do one for...
  6. Upgrading radio OEM but it doesn't show anything

    Hi there guys, Before posting this thread I've searched for similar content but haven't found anything (some could be similar but not the problem itself). I've got my self a Renault Clio III Phase II 1.2 TCe from 2010/11 and I got this radio: Recently I bought...
  7. Upgrading sound systems for beginners

    In-car entertainment
    I know a little about speakers and audio but not enough to upgrade my audio system. I have an 07 Megane dynamique estate and I plan on changing the speakers (there are only 4! [emoji32]) and add a sub with an amp. I've attached some pictures of my speakers (such small magnets [emoji23] ) and...
  8. Upgrading light bulbs

    Hi everyone I hate the performance of the h1 bulbs in my megane 2 it's the lights with the glass cover over the bulb to try and make them look expensive lol. The light from them is shocking with lots of black spots in the road and mainly lighting up the sides. I have to sometimes put my fog...
  9. Upgrading the panel filter

    Hi everyone I am thinking of getting a panew filter for my megane gt dci and I wondered what people's thoughts on whether a foam or Cottom gauze would be better many thanks
  10. Clio upgrading

    General tuning
    Hello, I have a simple Renault Clio 1.0 2011, and my dream is, with sparing no expenses, what i need to do to turn my 77cc to 200+(clio rs like or better)? I'm thinking of buying an Golf GTI engine or something like that to put on it, then I know that will have to be done a lot of modifications...
  11. Upgrading

    Hi lads is possible to up grade my renault Megane 2008 to have the headlights to come on when I open my car with the key
  12. Clio mk2 1.6 - upgrading exhaust

    Can anyone reccomend a decent exhaust that doesn't sound chavy but still has a sporty sound to it?
  13. Upgrading MK2 Renault Clio Battery

    Hi All, wanted to clarify/understand a few things. I have recently had my car serviced and the mechanic said to me that I should change my car battery as the one I have currently isn't sufficient to power my 600w amp and have AC on at the same time. The battery currently is 063 340 CCA I...
  14. Upgrading speakers Clio MK3

    In-car entertainment
    Hello, I am new to the Renault fan club with my 2006 Clio Privilege, I am looking to upgrade my speakers and was wondering the output of my head unit and whether I need to upgrade it or not. That is the kind of head unit I have, just standard, would that be able to support some decent...
  15. Upgrading brakes

    Hi everyone, I am just about to put new pads and discs on my megane but when looking on flebay I have seen another set of discs which show it as the fitting f9r my car. does anyone know if these are a direct fit ?? the advertiser says they are :) :) any advice would be great :) :)
  16. upgrading meg3 coupe soundsystem...

    In-car entertainment
    Right first of all guys I know theres some guides and stuff on upgrading the sound in the new meganes. But I think I need a bit of personalised guidance as I am quite useless. Ive got a 2010 meg coupe dynamique TOMTOM and like most the sound quality is terrible. Now I don't know anything about...
  17. Scatz is upgrading! [Pic Heavy]

    My mottah!
    Not really having the requirement of an estate any more since the wife got her S-Max I decided now was the time to upgrade the Subaru. It's another Legacy but in saloon form this time. No longer a twin turbo but a twin scroll turbo instead which still kicks out the very healthy 280bhp that I'm...
  18. Upgrading to tomtom

    Hi all, I was just wondering what I would require to upgrade/convert my 2002 carminat system to a tomtom system?
  19. Upgrading Laguna II Carminat nav unit...???

    In-car entertainment
    OK, For my sins I also own A Rover 75, all singing all dancing version..Now on that I have upgraded the factory fit 2D nav to 3D & postcode search by the simple means of changing the old CD drive to a newer DVD based drive from a later BMW. All the plugs are the same and I obviously now also...
  20. Upgrading stereo system in Laguna II

    In-car entertainment
    I have a Laguna II privilege pre-facelift model with standard stereo and 6 disc changer in the dash. Ultimately what I would like to be able to do is to install a new stereo with DAB, and to also be able to connect my phone into the stereo to use hands free when I'm driving, so I can have the...