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  1. Urgent help needed with petrol cap

    Urgent help needed with petrol cap Hi guys, I have managed to find the emergency pull ring for the fuel cap (central locking just making a noise near the cap and not opening it), however the pull is loose and inoperative. The access is really poor and I can't see the unit. Does anyone know if I...
  2. Urgent help! Clio Sunroof Stuck

    Hi All Just bought a clio rxe 1999 and I can't shut the electric.sunroof . All the lights work which are part of the same console but this is an old car ! Does anyone know it manually as it's going to rain so and will get wet Here is hoping Regards Russell
  3. urgent Clio toxic fume light & limp mode

    hi my daughter is stuck on the M4 car gone into limp mode and the toxic fume light is on Clio 1.2 16v 53 plate manual petrol I'm 50 miles away any ideas what issue is likely to be anything suggestions I can pass down the phone to her ? Al:crying2:
  4. Electric Faults - lighting

    Hi, Got a ticket for a faulty back light on my 2007 Megane Dynamique and have now until Sunday to solve it. Had it in two garages and both have concluded that it's an electrical fault in the car. Not really sure where to go from that or what this even means I can do. The offside sidelight...
  5. Urgent - CAN Clip

    Hi all. I am urgently seeking somebody with CAN Clip diagnostic and knowledge in the Chelmsford Essex area please. I recently changed a door lock on my 03 Laguna auto, its now refusing to start (immobiliser light stays solid red when card is inserted, all else works and starter turns, but no...
  6. Very Urgent Question Regarding Throttle Body O-Ring?

    Is it safe to use either Silicone Lubricant or CarLube Handy Oil on the Throttle Body's O-Ring, which connects to the inlet manifold? I'm worried that the Silicone Lubricant may fail under high temp. I'm worried that the Handy Oil may cause damage to the rubber. Thank you. Megane III - Petrol...
  7. Renault clio 2006 mk3 - Exhaust mount replacement

    Hey guys. Can anyone help me. I may need to change the a rear exhaust mount on my mother's car. 1) Can anyone show me how it's done? Pics / previous post / or youtube video. 2) Does anyone know the torque specs for the bolts (Nm). 3) Is there anything I should be aware or be free attempting...
  8. Urgent �10 reward ERG valve location 1.2tce Clio MK3 2009

    Urgent £10 reward ERG valve location 1.2tce Clio MK3 2009 Urgent - I’m starting to hate my life I bought a forge motorsport smart valve spacer few weeks back to give my car a bov type whoosh and convert myself into a chav. It hasn’t worked out the way I planned and has ended up with me and my...
  9. Urgent : Acceleration Problem (Long Term Issue, Not Resolved) Megane MKII Petrol

    I've spoken about this before on a previous thread. I apologise if some deem this thread unnecessary, but I'm at a loss and in need of support from the dedicated members of the Renault Forum. Issue: When I accelerate, the car slightly judders. The rate of acceleration is poor during the judder...
  10. Urgent - How Do I Fit This New Sump Plug?

    It came with a smooth round washer and a rougher flat washer. Which Do I use? If both, in what order? This is for my engine oil change. Megane MKII Hatchback 1.4 16V Petrol 2007 K4J Engine. Thank you.
  11. Megane Leaking Water Into Engine Bay **Fixed**

    Recently I've noticed that the bonnet seal isn't flush with the underside of the bonnet. I completely removed the scuttle, rubber seal and the material which the seal sits on. I also unblocked my scuttle drains as a side task. I dried the fabric out, reattached the seal to the fabric (with a...
  12. Laguna 3 park brake release problem . Urgent!!

    Hi. My car (Laguna III) is unable to release the parking brake. I have "Check parking Brake" warning on the dashboard and when the driver door is opened, the warning "stop vehicle" appears. I tried to replace the fuse for the parking brake (25 Amperes) with the new one but had no solution. The...
  13. Urgent Request

    General Chat
    Anyone got a European Union flag I could borrow until Friday? I am so Sick of political folk knocking at the door . I live in Copeland Please help.
  14. Urgent help needed 2004 1.9dci Scenic plastic fallen in engine

    Hi, having used the forum for years, this is my first post as usually I can find an answer to the problem but not this one! Having a problem with the breathing system, I asked a friend to check if there was oil at the end of the breather pipe. Goodness knows why but they decided to use a cotton...
  15. URGENT. Losing power 1.5dci

    Hi guys. I have an issue. Currently on a longish motorway journey. During this journey my 04 1.5dci megane lost power whilst the throttle was pushed down. It crept down slowly, and everytime I lifted the throttle them put it back down it would make very little difference. Then after throttle...
  16. Check parking brake - cold start issue? -FIXED-

    Hi, I've tried searching all over the place and not found a definitive answer. Really need to sort this today. 2009 Renault Laguna Coupé GT DCi Last night I got into my car at about 2240 after work, it was about -4 outside. The wing mirrors were a bit cold and took a while to fully get into...
  17. Megane 3 Alloy Wheels

    Wheels & tyres
    Hey all, I have a 2012 Megane 3 hatchback 1.5dci. I'm looking to upgrade from 15 inch hubs to 17 inch alloys. I will also be getting Pirelli P Zero Neros. What do I need to look out for? (width, offset, Tyre size 205 or 225 etc?
  18. Urgent engine help needed please 1.9 dci

    Hi I'm after some advice please my dad has a vivaro and his engine has blown it's a 2006 1.9 dci 6 speed 8 valve and I've been offered a 2003 Megane 1.9 dci 8 valve 6 speed will the engine fit ? Read that many different things I'm now not sure .
  19. Urgent

    Tow bar required or no holiday (rx4)
  20. 2.5 cdti 100bhp engine *URGENT*

    hey guys, bought a 2008 (58) vx movano (2.5 cdti) which I believe is same as the master? ive gone from a 2004 120bhp version but this new one seems abit under powered? and when accelerating there is a whooshing sound from the engine and then get the diesel noise of the engine around 2-2.5k revs...