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  1. Scenic Mk 3 - check injection - smoking - excessive oil usage

    Hi, I have a mark3 grand scenic 2010 1.5dci 110. I have had a problem for a while that anything over 50ish it loses power and comes up check injection. I add some clean injector fluid to the fuel and it made no difference. I removed and cleaned each injector and used brake cleaner to check the...
  2. Heavy oil usage Megane 1.9Dci

    Dont know if this has been covered before. My Megane a 1.9 Dci has a lot of oil in the intercooler. Removed at least 1.5 lt. Now the car has been heavy on oil, but what I dont know is if this is a turbo problem or an engine breather problem. Can the experts please tell me how to check for either...
  3. Clio III Dynamique 2.0 16v M4R excessive oil usage

    Hello, We have an '08 Clio III Dynamique 2.0 16v (M4R engine) that seems to be using oil. it was serviced in October '13 at 37,000 miles after which it's oil consumption was negligible. It was then serviced in November '14 at 42,000 miles since when it has been using oil requiring regular top...
  4. Mysterious oil usage on Laguna !

    I have just purchased a 2008 Laguna 16V Dynamique. I topped up the oil about 10 days ago but the oil light has come on already. The level has certainly dropped but there is no obvious signs of a leak nor does it smoke. Any ideas before I go to a garage?
  5. High oil usage

    I have a 1.9 dci 2003 125000 miles the car is using a lot of oil. There are no oil leaks the car runs ok and has plenty of power and there is no smoke coming from the exhaust. I had the EGR valve out today and it is swimming in oil. looks like oil is get in to the inlet system. Anybody have any...
  6. excessive oil usage and loss of power

    i have a grand scenic 1.5dci on a 05 plate i have had the turbo changed and egr valve about 10 months ago but i am now finding that the car is using about 4 litres of oil every 10 days and there is no power until i get into 3rd gear. The coolent is ok there is no froth in the oil intake and it...
  7. Scenic 1.5 dci clutch slip and high oil usage

    Have recently bought this 2004 Scenic and thought it was a good buy as the mileage is quite low. Already replaced track rods, rear pads, etc. Now having problem as clutch is slipping and seems to be using way too much oil. Is this a coincidence or do I just need a new clutch?
  8. 04 Scenic Diesel Oil Usage - 1 litre/500 miles

    Hi there, I bought 2nd hand 04 Scenic in April. Ran fine till 3 months ago when it suddenly needed oil to be topped up quite a lot. I took it to garage twice who couldn't find any leaks and said it was burning oil due to wear and tear; new engine required or just put up with it. I do 400 miles a...
  9. Blue smoke from exhaust and heavy oil usage

    My Laguna 1.9 cdi have been using a lot of oil the last four weeks and there is a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust when I accelerate , can some one please tell me what the problem might be
  10. Oil burning smell and oil usage

    I have a 2003 1.2 dynamique, it has started blowing blueish smoke when cold and when its warm there is no smoke but there is a distinct smell of burning oil. it does use oil as I have had to put 4 litres in but there is nothing on the floor of the garage, I have heard that this could be a...
  11. Espace oil leak / usage?

    Hi all We have a '56 3.0L DCI, and have to top up our oil maybe every 10 fuel tanks or so - never a huge amount, maybe a litre. Under heavy accelleration (like >3,500RPM) you can see some smoke out the back, but it's pretty rare you need to nail it that hard. And when parking it on the road...
  12. WMSC modify DRS and tyre usage rules for wet events

    Formula 1 news World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) met on Friday in the Italian city of Milan and agreed a number of minor changes to the sporting regulations. The amendments include tweaks to DRS and tyre usage at events affected by wet weather. The FIA...
  13. iPhone Users Data Usage *WARNING!*

    General Chat
    Just a quick post in case any of you on here have an iPhone... To cut to the chase I'm on a monthly contract, which includes 750MB of data a month, this usually lasts me about 3-4 weeks UNTIL.... My bill was settled on Monday 12th December, thus resetting all my allowances for the following...
  14. 2003 kangoo 1.4l 8 valve high fuel usage

    I have a 2003 Kangoo 1.4L K7J engine on what car it says I should get about 37mpg but I am getting less than 30mpg. Doesn't run rough but is gutless. New plugs and air filter have made no difference. Renault dealer in Wellington is useless as car is a Japanese import and they don't want to know...
  15. excessive fuel usage

    i have a w reg clio and it seems to use loads of petrol - also occasionally when sitting in traffic there is a strong smell of fumes- petrol or exhaust im not sure but stronger on passenger side than drivers- its just passed its MOT tho so it cant be emissions - we have changed the map sensor...
  16. Ferrari: Improved tyre usage essential for title push

    Formula 1 news their 2011 title chances now hanging in the balance, Ferrari had hoped for a lot more from last weekend's Belgian round than fourth place for Fernando Alonso and eighth for Felipe Massa. So ahead of their home race next month, the...
  17. F4P Laguna 2 manual-temp gauge, torque steer, whining, high petrol usage....

    So, to start of with : When looking for reverse light switch today and deciding to leave it be due to poor access I couldn't help but notice: 1)when I press gas pedal strange "sucking air in" noise appears somewhere around throttle body. Hard to locate. Doesn't affect driving but is very...
  18. WMSC modify tyre usage and safety car rules

    Formula 1 news World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) met on Tuesday and agreed a number of changes to the sporting regulations, which will be applied with immediate effect. The amendments include tweaks to safety car periods and tyre usage. The FIA also...
  19. 1.9 dci heavy oil usage

    54 plate Scenic 1.9dci privilege: put this in for 72k service early as 'check emissions' light coming on intermittently and burning oil - these problems stsrting simultaneously. EGR valve has been replaced and 'emissions' light no longer showing, but still burning lots of oil: about a litre...
  20. Replacement power steering parts, now immobiliser cut usage

    Hi Question about my parents' Modus. A couple of weeks ago, their power steering failed. They took it to a local mechanic who sourced a used replacement part/unit and they had it fitted. Then, last week, they were out shopping, and when they returned to the car, it wouldn't start. They're...