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  1. any clip users who can help for beer/cash

    General Chat
    i have these fault codes on an 06 plate laguna 1.9 dci DF308 dpf blocked. (its not as it had a forced regen and now reads 5g soot content on 2 separate diagnostics machines) DF312 speed signal request malfunction . i haven't a clue what that means, the car is in limp mode the fella at the...
  2. Hello Psa Users

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello my name is alex and im driving now Clio II 80hp 1.5 dci 2002. :cool:
  3. Users with more than one account - a clarification of the rules

    Hi everyone, As part of renaultforums ongoing proactive defences against spammers, hackers, touters and other ne'er do wells; we have a comprehensive suite of software that we utilise, in addition to the years of experience within the Mod & Admin Team, that can be drawn upon. 99% of these...
  4. iPhone Users Data Usage *WARNING!*

    General Chat
    Just a quick post in case any of you on here have an iPhone... To cut to the chase I'm on a monthly contract, which includes 750MB of data a month, this usually lasts me about 3-4 weeks UNTIL.... My bill was settled on Monday 12th December, thus resetting all my allowances for the following...
  5. Duplicate users

    Those very clever hackers found a way to duplicate usernames when registering to the forum….this was in itself not a big issue as it was relatively simple to spot the difference between the two members, but something that we didn’t spot was that PM’s were going to the duplicate rather than the...
  6. Question for 8v Clio users

    Hi guys, Just a quick question. I have a 1.2 Clio 2000 model and would like to know from you guys when your engine starts to get harsh on the rev counter. I recently had a new driveshaft fitted and now my engine seems to change in tone after 4900rpm. Before I could take it right up to the...
  7. Virgin Media users

    Computer Club
    Have any VM users tried this? Seems pretty :cool: to me :d
  8. aol users

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    any one elses aol internet been down today ?
  9. iPhone users

    Computer Club
    Just found a couple of apps. To help try to get the best economy from our cars I keep a track of my mpg using vehcal and have started using. Ecogizer and drivegain Ecogizser is free and drivegain is a paid app haven't used then in anger yet but will be soon drive looks the better abnd more...
  10. 19/03/2010 Established Users

    We are still having problems with people spamming the forum. We have solved the issue of people registering and spamming in the main forum, but still have a problem with people spamming via Private Messages (PMs) and Visitor Messages (VMs). With immediate effect, PMs and VMs are now longer...
  11. hello forum users

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello everyone. I am a new renault owner, I have a yr2000 megane alize, it's my first car and its been pretty good so far with only a couple of minor problems to fix. Looking forward to using the forum.
  12. Microsoft Internet Explorer users told to switch browsers over flaw

    Computer Club
    Maybe the source of the problems that some members have encountered recenly
  13. Facebook Users hit by virus

    Computer Club Just a heads up:crazy:
  14. software blocks car phone users

    General Chat
    A safety device which prevents drivers using mobile phones by automatically intercepting calls and text messages when they are moving has been unveiled...........................
  15. Wireless Warning For Broadband Internet Users

    Computer Club
    I forgot to post this yesterday. i'm sure we are all safe on here but just incase. http://
  16. All AVG Users..

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    Burning bandwidth. Dam spyware collecting data from all avg users pc using up your bandwith. BURNING BANDWIDTH Grisoft, the makers of AVG, are being accused of wasting users' bandwidth and "destroying Web analytics as we know it". Grisoft's...
  17. Ignoring other users

    If, for any reason, you do not wish to see a member's replies on the forum, you can ignore them as follows: 1. Click on their username 2. In the orange bar underneath their username/avatar click "Add [username] to Your Ignore List" You will then not see their replies HTH :)
  18. Virgin users hit by broadband crash

    Computer Club
    Virgin Media customers hit by broadband crash | Media | Guardian Unlimited
  19. Microsoft credits early users for improving Vista

    Computer Club
    Pity Microsoft would not share some of their income with Craig eh :: Northwest Arkansas' News Source " Companies planning to roll out Microsoft Corp. ’s Windows Vista operating system can thank people like Eric Craig. Craig, a managing director at Continental Airlines Inc...
  20. hello users

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi. i am a service technician for renault leicester and am on here to share knowledge to all you renault drivers. feel free to contact me if you need any advice