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  1. R9M engine valve timing

    Hello guys, does anybody here know the valve timing for this engine (R9M), im intrested in IVO IVC EVO EVC. I need it for my project at univ. I would really appreciated if sombody will help me. Thank you so much.
  2. Renault Twingo 2014 Variable Valve Issue

    Hi everyone, hope this is in the right section! Took my Twingo to a garage after I encountered some issues with it starting up, then running when I was able to start it. I'm honestly not familiar with cars in the slightest, and the best way I could describe the issue was that it would rumble...
  3. Battery drain from EGR valve

    I have a Modus DCi 2008, the battery is draining due to the EGR valve continuing after the car has been switched off and locked, local garage replaced EGR valve as they said this was the problem but not resolved and they have given up and told me to go elsewhere, any ideas, the noise from the...
  4. Laguna 1.9dci EGR valve

    Hi everyone. 2005 Laguna 1.9dci sports tourer with 304,000 miles. I***8217;m cleaning the EGR due to oil and bit of hesitation, don***8217;t think it***8217;s ever been out, but have 2 problems. Firstly I can***8217;t get the wiring clip off? Is there a place on the side or top to push a screw...
  5. air idle valve

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    where is the position of the air idle valve on a 2004 renault clio 14 16v can you help please.
  6. Renault Laguna III - 1.5 Dci - PCV Valve location

    Looks like my car eating too much oil and some small leaks in engine. Based on internet search, lot of people suggested to clean or replace PCV Valve. I looking for PCV Valve location for my car Vehicle: Renault Laguna 3 1.5 dCi 110 BHP Royale Authentique CDi Engine: 1461 Diesel 78KW (K9K...
  7. which way do the turbo solenoid valve pipe go? Trafic

    Hi So I have a 2005 Trafic 1.9dci but it now doesn't seem to have much in the way of power. I got a feeling it's to do with the lack of boost from the turbo system, so i was wondering if anybody know which way round the two small pipes go when plugged into the turbo regulation solenoid valve...
  8. Battery Drain via Throttle valve on Modus

    Hi This is an update on the battery drain on my 2006, 1.4petrol, modus After fitting a replacement throttle valve and a new battery I still have problems. below is a typical day. Fitted fully charge battery, car started first time and completed 5mile journey, parked for 4hrs Car would not start...
  9. Battery Drain via Throttle valve on Modus

    Hi Last week my Modus failed to start because of a flat battery. I fitted a replacement and the engine started. When I wanted to use the vehicle again later the battery was partially flat, and a "buzzing" noise seemed to be coming from the rear of the Throttle valve. The battery was disconnected...
  10. Kangoo 2009 Fuel Pressure Control Valve

    Last few days motor taking longer and longer to start, tonight nothing just constantly turning over and didn***8217;t fire up. Had new injectors/fuel pump/glow plugs/battery in last 3 months. AA Recovery plugged diagnostic in which flagged up the code ***8220;Fuel pressure control valve...
  11. Looking to buy F2N 1.7 8 valve engine for Renault 5 Monaco

    I'm looking to purchace a F2N 1.7cc 8 valve engine, mine has dropped its cam belt and smashed things up. Could rebuild bottom half but a replacement head would be nice, 1988 Renault 5 Monaco Sorry you can't do that till you have more than 5 approved posts As the PM system is not available...
  12. Is there a PCV valve on 2005 Espace 1.9 dci ??

    I have looked at the entire breather system from the big breather box which is part of the dipstick tube right all the way to the big air inlet hose. No valve there. And the breather box looks like the same part as on previous espace, scenics, master, traffic etc. Trying to eliminate if its...
  13. OK... where is the idle control valve? :)

    So my quest for engine knowledge is on a good start but for the life of me I can't find that mysterious idle control valve anywhere on my Megane 2. Seems like all other Renaults have it but not mine! Well, I DID run into this bit of information that it might also be the "solenoid valve" (what a...
  14. Throttle control valve

    Hi im having problems with idleing on 2004 megane 1.6 petrol. Have had diagnostic done but want to save money and clean throttle control valve however having trouble with its location. Please help
  15. Valve lifters

    Hi, just been rebuilding the head on my Megane 1.4 K4J engine but forgot to keep the valve lifters immersed in oil while the engine was in bits. I can't depress them, but is that normal? What should the lifters be like when I put them back in the engine? Does anyone know? Thanks for your help.
  16. Genuine idle control valve?

    Please help me. I have been living with this problem for more than a year. Is it possible that the engine is running smoothly at 750 rpm when the Scenic 1.4 16v is coasting on a smooth road ? The minute you stop at a robot, the engine begins to run unevenly. It does not misfire at all, but a...
  17. Clio Mk.3 1.2 16 valve 55 plate fuse box removal.

    Hi Gang. I might of mentioned this before. I've found the fuses on the left hand side of the steering wheel but the moulding is in the way of the first row of fuses.the fuse panel feels loose as if it comes out. Does any one know if it can be removed as it would be a lot easier to get at...
  18. 'Dreaded' EVM Valve?

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    Hi guys, I'm new here, please be gentle :-) I have recently bought a Grand Scenic, automatic, 07 plate. The dashboard is displaying 'check gearbox', and she will not select higher than 2nd gear. I have found many similar posts on here, most of which mention the EVM valve, although many...
  19. Cleaning egr valve m9r Laguna 2.0dci 150 engine

    Just bought some wynns egr valve cleaner ready to spray into the valve to see if there’s any quick improvement. Problem is I can’t for the life of me see where I can get into it to spray it. See attached photos Looks like I may have to remove it completely, which will be a bit more time...
  20. Automatic gearbox 1.6 16 valve 2004

    Can anyone tell me please in order to change the oil in the automatic gearbox on this Renault Megane 2004 Hatch 1.6 is it a straightforward job just removing the plug and draining the oil then replacing with new oil or is it more complicated .