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  1. can worn valves, cylinder or rings stop the injector from spraying ?

    Have some black smoke and 20% loss of power, but only after the 1.9dci espace warms up a good bit. When cold all seems fine. So have spent the past week checking all the fuel lines and taking live data for each injector and all various parameters like fuel temps etc. After about 10 trips I...
  2. Bend Valves?? Sandero 1.6 8V- valves (K7M 710) **Fixed**

    hi there... sitting in an awkward situation. seems cambelt has had better days.. does the K7M 710 bend valves if the belt strips its teeth?? motor is turning over but cam is standing still..don't hear any funny noises though.. (wifes car):surprise:
  3. dci and boost valves?

    General tuning
    Hi Has anyone tried a boost / bleed valve on a dci motor? I used one to great effect on a big turbo'd petrol engine, so I wondered if one would give a result on the 1.5 derv? Would the standard 2 port valve do the job or I've seen some 3 way ones and I'm not sure what they do differently...
  4. Renault Tragic 1.9dci replacement valves

    Hi All I posted a few weeks back about a busted aux belt killing my cam belt. Anyways long story short, cam pulley had sheared. I've stripped the head and got new valves etc as I didn't want to take the chance of a dinked valve. Can anyone tell me the suggested grinding/lapping time to seat the...
  5. 2003 clio 1.4 radiator bleed valves

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Guys I need to bleed my cooling system as I believe there is a air lock. I understand there is 2 bleed valves but unsure where these are located. Can anyone help please. Thanks Stu
  6. Renault clio 1.6 16 valve timing belt shredded are the valves bent

    Hello and thankyou to the people who have time to read this. My 1.6 16v clio,s timing belt has shredded. Has it caused damage to my valves or is it luck of the drawn that my valves are ok.
  7. Cutting valves 1.4 8V Mk1 Clio

    Renault Energy 1.4 EJ6 Engine. Its low on compression on one cylinder, If I had the specs for cutting valves/seats I probably can fix this for next to nothing. I know the torque procedure for the head, everything else is accounted for except the cutting angle etc for the valves. I...
  8. Driveshaft and valves etc Megane K4M

    For sale
    I have a nearside driveshaft for a 2000 megane in good order, ready to fit £10 collection only from Basildon. Also a brand new set of 16 valves and stem seals, these were left over from a full head gasket kit but unused. There are also a few other top end gaskets included. £30 posted or £25...
  9. valves on 2L mark3 1999 renalt espace

    can any one tell me iff the valve on my 2L petrol auto mark 3 renalt espace can be adjusted and iff so what are the valve gaps for inlet and exsorst settings are please
  10. Can Modus Diesel Valves Hit Pistons If Cambelt Breaks?

    I believe I am due to replace my accessory belts, pulleys and bolts at 5 or 6 years of age, despite the low mileage of 26,000. The mileage-based limit for this service is 72,000. If the valves clear the pistons on the 1.5 dCi diesel, and the belts pass a visual check, I am considering...
  11. EGR Valves

    Hi All Just thought I would post this as there are many threads that seem to fade out just when getting to the nitty gritty of the problem. So here goes Symptoms: 1. Renault scenic 1.5dci showing "check emissions" showing on dash intermittently but getting more frequent. 2. There appears to be...
  12. Priming of valves problem

    I have a Renault Megane ,05 1.616 valve. could anyone tell me how to prime the valve lifters. Please help...
  13. valves

    could someone tell me if the inlet and exhaust valves on a 2002 dci Clio are the same? Ive bent one and not to sure which one to order. Cheers
  14. lapping valves megane 1.6

    ok so to cut a long story short i bought a megane with a failed head gasket. anyway ive now got as far as having the head skimmed, when i picked the head up earlier the guy said the valves had to be lapped in as the exhaust valves looked a bit naughty so I went and bought the valve spring...
  15. noisy valves clio 1600

    Hi my daughters car is a mark2 phase one 1600 8valve automatic. The problem i have noticed is that i can hear what appears to be noisy tappets and i was wondering what type of adjustment this engine has/requires... the mileage on this engine is 32000 so i suspect adjustments have never been...
  16. clio release valves! (simple hopefully)

    Hi guys, Got tired of googling, thought Id try here! I ran a diesel clio out of fuel, because I am an idiot. Ive found the hand pump, but also located 2 release valves. now that confuses me a bit. Do i need top, bottom or both basically :p Its an 06 dci clio, also, the lower one seems a...
  17. megane valves bent

    Hi there I am from south africa,looking for help for 1 of my friends with his Renault megane 1.6 16v rxe 2000model.All 16 his valves are bend,but the timing belt is not broken,does anyone have an idea why this happened,maybe the tensioner pulley that went slack or what other explanation can...
  18. laguna dti bent valves

    Hi i'm in the process of sorting out a laguna 1.9dti with a broken cam belt, I've got two valves stuck in the head as the stems are distorted above the guides and therefore cant be pulled out. has anyone got a reliable procedure to get em out (without handing the head to a machine shop lol)...
  19. Do you think I will have killed my valves!!

    I've just replaced the valves, I put my engine back together and put the timing belt back on, but when I put the tensioner back on I snapped the the bolt off with out realising, I then tried to start the car, engine seemed to turn over fine, but I dont think theres any petrol so it wouldnt...
  20. Senic bent valves

    I have a 2003 Renault Senic with bent valves. The original problem was accessory belt pieces went into timing belt area and jumped timing belt teeth and bent valves. Since then it has bent valves twice when all timing marks are perfect "timing has not moved at all" . It has bent the valves both...