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  1. What size bolts for passenger seat?

    Hey! I have a 2014 Renault master van that came without a passenger seat. I bought a matching seat and plan to install it, then get the van compliance checked, but before I can install it I need to buy bolts for it as the seat did not come with any. The van has the bolt holes required, and the...
  2. Trafic 1.9 dci100, 2004

    Problem starter! After a couple of months being a 3rd/4th key turn before starting, the van now won’t run. Fires on key turn but then stops when you let the key go. Fault code for crankshaft sensor was showing - replaced and still no joy. Took a fuel pipe off to check fuel is running. When...
  3. 2014 Renault Trafic LWB buying guide and pros/cons

    General Chat
    Hi Everyone, I've been thinking about buying a van for a while now and I have found a 2014 LWB Renault Trafic with only 135000km for $13000 for sale online. I'm not super into cars (but really want to learn more as I want to deck this van out) so just looking to find out if there are any...
  4. Renault master Rear Door catch

    Hi, I have a 2008 Renault Master van. The back door catch that holds the door open has broken off as shown in photos and I was interested if anyone had a solution to fitting it on securely.
  5. Carburetor

    Hello all, Iam slightly new so please appologise if i post sth wrong :) I own a Renault trafic 1990 1.7 with carburetor. I had to reseal the carburetor and now when I put it back in the engine seems to overexelerate. Unfortunately I don't know where the carburetor spring which controls the...
  6. Trafic van pot 3 blown

    I had my Renault traffic van 1.9 dci fully serviced, one week later my clutch and gear box went so I spent a £1000 getting this fixed. When I got my van back there was a slight judder but got worse over 2 days. I done roughly 250 miles over them two days. By the end of the 2 days it got that bad...
  7. Vauxhall Arena Van 2.5D 1997 Speedo Cable

    Other makes
    Hi everyone looking for a speedo cable for Vauxhall Arena van 2.5d 1997, and could anyone confirm if the Renault Traffic uses the same parts. Thanks
  8. Spare kangoo van key

    Ask the Experts
    can anyone tell where is the best place to get a spare key made for my kangoo van 57plate please? when I got the van it just had the one (2x button key) using one button to open then the key to start it and I could do with a spare back up as I nearly lost my one and only key the other day. I...
  9. Kangoo van rear shocks

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I've bought new rear shocks for my van and was wondering what to be aware of when fitting. Can I Jack the van up and work off axle stands? Or would it be simpler to take to a garage? Any suggestions appreciated Thanks
  10. I broke my van key...

    Hi, I have broken the case for my van key of my 2000 Renault Master. The key blade is fine, but the circuit board is smashed and immobiliser chip has been broken off, and now I can't turn off the immobiliser and start my van. I'm trying to find a replacement set for my local locksmith to...
  11. Help with new steels for kangoo van

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi guys im wanting to get a full new set of steels for my 2002 plate d65 van I have looked all over the net and no one seems to sell the steels in a set of 4 in silver I could of had some black one's come up but i want silver like what is on Going by the chart online my wheels should be...
  12. 2003 kangoo van 1.5dci lumpy idle

    Hi guys new to the forum need some help just picked up a 2003 kangoo van 1.5dci running lumpy at idle fault codes ive got are df116 camshaft sensor circuit no signal which ive change the sensor today and thats staying on not sure were else to look also ive noticed that one of the glow plugs is...
  13. Van - personal use

    General Chat
    I have been thinking about buying a van for quite some time. I do a few gardening jobs, here and there. My thoughts are to do a few odd jobs with a van, and maybe in a few years pack in the day job and decline into retirment. I have been looking at the Vivaro, 2010 onwards for the better? 2.0...
  14. Trafic van glow plugs 11volt to 7volt

    Hi, my 2007 renault 2.0 dci 115 trafic van has a glow plug fault. I had the plugs changed but have just realised they are the wrong voltage plugs. The ones originally fitted were bosch 11 volt. The new ones are only 7volt. I can't find 11volts ones any where and can not find the part number for...
  15. Kangoo van sidelights -2010 van

    Could anyone tell me how to get access to 2010 kangoo van sidelights to change bulb,thanks.Paul Wales
  16. Parasitic drain Renault Trafic van petrol LPG

    I have a parasitic drain I've had two new batteries brand new alternator all fuses removed trakker disconnected alarm system disconnected still got parasitic drain any ideas
  17. Leaky 2003 Master Van: Any tips?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of tracking exterior (likely roof) leaks in a Master Van? Any advice would be grateful received! Mine is a 2003 2.2lt long wheelbase hi top. Its been professional converted to a horsebox and so has a ramp/door on the left hand side. The welding and...
  18. Shaking on traffic van

    Cars & motoring
    Brought a 2014 traffic sport with (51k on clock)at weekend. On me way home soon as i got on m25 and got to around 60mph started to shake like mad, thought it might be tyres as i knew i need 1 front one.. next day got two new tyres with balancing done, drove up bypass got to 75 all was good, then...
  19. Trafic van x82 central locking

    Hi I'am having trouble with the barn doors i can hear the locking actuating but not always locking or unlocking. Also there's a black plastic disc near the lock on the N/S door which has some left right movement does it have any purpose. Thanks Dan
  20. Renault master 56 reg 120 van

    Driving van earlyer and the stoplight came on my dash and the van cut out started straight back up the was sluggish can anyone help me thanks