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  1. Renault Twingo 2014 Variable Valve Issue

    Hi everyone, hope this is in the right section! Took my Twingo to a garage after I encountered some issues with it starting up, then running when I was able to start it. I'm honestly not familiar with cars in the slightest, and the best way I could describe the issue was that it would rumble...
  2. variable tickover Scenic 1.4

    My scenic has an unusual tick over cycle. It starts perfectly first turn of the engine then tickover 800rpm as it gets warmer tickover gets faster. After about 5mins of driving at a convenient set of traffic lights switch off engine , switch on again the revs go to about 1500rpm then drop to...
  3. Espace IV Variable Power Steering component locations help please

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello all I am trying to isolate an intermittent fault with my power steering on my 2004 Grand Espace 3.5V6. I am receiving the message ' Variable Power Steering Faulty' and I am losing much, but not all, of the power assistance when this occurs. It happens on most journeys at some point...
  4. Grand Espace IV Variable Power Steering Failure & Message

    Steering and Suspension
    Evening everyone I am hoping someone can shed some light on my problem with the variable power steering on my Espace. On every journey I am getting the message Variable Power Steering Failure and the power steering becomes quite heavy although not completely lost. The car will operate...
  5. 2002 scenic 2.0 oil leak from variable valve timing pully

    Hi all 1st post so be gentle :-) I've got a 2002 scenic 2.0 16v automatic. It has had an oil leak, and the engine and auto warning light has been coming on and off at times. So took it to a garage to investigate, and said it was coming from the variable valve timing pulley near the inlet...
  6. Espace Variable geometry turbo.

    Hi. I am wondering if someone in here knows if my Espace is equipped with a variable geometry turbo. It is a 2,2 dCi from 2001. And if it is equipped with this type of turbo. How can I check if the moveable parts are working as they should? I have heard that there is a common fault on this type...
  7. Help needed with Variable Valve Timing on 2.0l 16v Renault Espace (2000)

    Just wondering if anyone has any info on the Variable Valve Timing on an Espace?! Ive had a mechanic tell me that this is the problem on my car as it lost power etc and now wont start and we have lots of oil everywhere!!! Any idea what parts are needed or even there?! How long they take to...
  8. Variable Valve timing cam pulley

    Can anyone tell me if I the Variable Valve Timing Cam Pulley is only supplied by a Renault dealer, or can I buy it elsewhere. Thanks
  9. Variable Speed Cameras

    Cars & motoring
    Recently during general ramblings at work it was mentioned that variable speed cameras, the ones that hang from the yellow posts over motorways actually do not work during night time as they have no infrared capability. Can any of you knowledgable people enlighten me as to whether this true or...
  10. Variable Valve Cam

    3 times this week (on tuesday and then once on wednesday) the car has started with an awful sound. i press the start button, and the car starts, but they i had this awful grinding noise, as if metal were on metal, for a second or two, before the car stalls. i took it into a garage, and they told...
  11. Variable wipers/computer

    At the moment I have a preset interval wipers is it just a case of changing the wiper stalk for one with the variable adjuster on it and will this allow the computer to work as well e.g. how much fuel I used etc etc. or is there more to it. Sean