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    Hi All, There seems to be a problem with the vBulletinImg download page? theres no link to the download program? Cheers Don
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    Have been trying to use this to post to the photo comp, but keeps coming up with Internal Server Error, have unistalled and re-installed but still wont work.
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    Can someone check if vBulletinImg is working OK please? I'm getting a socket error 100060 each time I try to use it Cheers hondo
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    Selwonk can't the vBulletinImg thingy be turned back on again now?
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    The vBulletinImg system is something that I've written for the forums. As it does not interface with vBulletin in any way the images are stored on a folder on the web server Periodically, usually weekly, these files are downloaded to ensure that there is a local copy in case we have a problem...
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    Apologies for the delay, but a new version of vBulletinImg is now available for downloading: In addition to using a different folder structure on the server to ensure that I can backup your uploaded images properly, the...
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    Please note that the vBulletinImg service has been switched off for maintenance
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    Hi, have installed this many times in an effort to get it to work, however, whilst I can work it with an image say from google images as the right click comes up with copy image, I cannot get it to work with my own photos on my hard drive, when I right click it only comes up with copy , not the...
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    I've written a new utility to allow you to quickly and easily add pictures to your posts: Please add bug reports and enhancement requests here Thanks