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  1. Measuring DC current on vehicles with a clamp

    Tools & equipment Actually forgotten about this discussion................... I also ordered a Uni-T 210 at that time and must say I am rather impressed with the usability and accuracy relative to my much more expensive Fluke 376FC clamp - attached a pic of...
  2. Electric Vehicles

    General Chat
    Pure Electric Vehicles to be fitted with Adblue systems from 2019. Many pure electric vehicles are to be fitted with "Adblue" Urea injection systems from 2019 onwards. Diesel car owners will be familiar with the technology, designed to reduce NOx emissions by a process known as Selective...
  3. New 2014 Trafic engines...Are they in other vehicles yet?

    General Chat
    hi guys. just having a proper nosey at the new 2014 trafic/vivaro. Mrs hogs the laptop for assignments etc and hard to get a decent look at stuff on an iphone. Like many I`ve had issues with my 2007 trafic but stubbornly I`ve stuck with my Tragic (we`ve come to jokingly call it). As i always say...
  4. Renparts Latest Vehicles Breaking!

    Renparts Ltd
    We will update this thread as often as possible with new arrivals for breaking, we process between 5 and 10 vehicles per week so if there is anything you don't see please dont hestiate to contact us with parts enquiries. Tel: (01427) 873808 Email: [email protected] We Ship Worldwide.
  5. Kangoo II recall - April 2009 vehicles

    The following recall details appeared on the EU 'RAPEX' website today: Category: Motor vehicles Product: Passenger car - Kangoo II :loser: Brand: Renault Type/number of model: Affected vehicles were produced from 1 April 2009 to 24 April 2009; fabrication numbers: U057140 to U080278...
  6. What are Motorway/Highway Maintenance vehicles?

    Cars & motoring
    Probably a really thick question but I've seen quite a few really nice vehicles recently which have a yell Motorway Maintenance or Highway Maintenance sticker on them, along with stripes on the rear which show up in the dark, so I wondered what these vehicles are for and who they're usually...
  7. News from Renault - Renault welcomes Chancellor's support for electric vehicles

    RSS feeds welcomes Chancellor's support for electric vehicles Click here to read more »
  8. News from Renault - Renault prototype electric vehicles available for test at Copenha

    RSS feeds prototype electric vehicles available for test at Copenhagen Climate Change Conference Click here to read more »
  9. My Vehicles

    My mottah!
    Hi everybody, my name is Ayden and i joined after aquiring a 1995 Laguna 2.0 RT, i thought i would post some pictures up of the Laguna and my other "project" :d And now my Poorly project (duff head gasket) its a 1988 E34 BMW 525i :devil:
  10. Musing- why exactly the same vehicles drive differently...

    Cars & motoring
    I have been pondering this one for a while. At work we have three vans all the same; two Renault Masters and a Vauxhall Movano. These are all the "same"; same spec, similar mileages yet all completely different to drive. One has a rediculously light clutch, one has a notchy gearchange and one...
  11. ex post-office vehicles (kangoo) out there?

    Cars & motoring
    anyone out there with RED kangoo vans? about to take delivery of a cheap 53 plate Dci windowed thing and would be interested to discuss potential similar problems and glitches that develop with postman pat driving the things up the point they get sold off...
  12. Flat Blade Wiper Conversion, Various Vehicles

    Cars & motoring
    Blades Made by Bosch. Direct fit to original Arms.. Same as the blades fitted to the Scenic II and Modus.. They fit very very easily.. The wipers are quiet and clear better than the origonals.. These blades are new to the market, so if your dealer says the number doesn't exist then refer...