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  1. Espace IV 3.0 DCi 'Check ignition' and limp mode. Vel Satis engine

    Hi all, I am having an issue with my newly purchased 2007 Espace IV 3.0 DCi. I hear its a problem that can be caused by several underlying issues and I'm just hoping the answer is not that I need to overhaul the high pressure injection pump as its ++£. The symptoms are that (reliably) under...
  2. Vel Satis for sale - no engine or gearbox

    For sale
    Any Vel Satis lovers out there need one as a garden ornament?
  3. Espace & Vel Satis 3.0 dci Head Gasket issue - (P9X) opinions on solutions

    I'm looking for peoples views on the ongoing success rate of changing the gasket alone or whether other problems were found & resolved at the same time - perhaps head warping? If other problems were found, what problems were found? I too have finally fallen victim what I believe is the head...
  4. Vel Satis moving mirrors at the start

    Hi forum! I recently brought a true gem my Vel Satis 04 3.5 v6. Almost zero issues with the car and one is the mirrors. So, every time I start the car an srart driving mirrors gor in a position that I can only see the bottom of the road. It is annoying and a little dangerous if I don't set them...
  5. Vel Satis 3.5 V6 Head gasket or worse?

    Hi there forum! I need to give some context before telling what issue is about. Renault Vel Satis 3.5 was my dream car for a long time. It was also one ofmy best friends dream car aswell. And know I was in a situation when I could really aford it not that is expensive but to gift myself for...
  6. Vel Satis 3.0 DCI 2003 Stereo removal

    can anyone please tell me how can i replace the front dash of the cabasse stereo on my vel satis 3.0 DCI 2003 ?

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  8. Vel Satis 3.0 dci stalling when cold

    I have a 03 Vel Satis when cold idle rough and stalls easily, re starts, once warmed up it rarely stalls, filters changed, no air in the system, primer changed, it's done 36k cambelt changed due to age at 24k, other than that runs sweetly, done a scan with delphi box, comes up df154 cam sensor...
  9. Vel Satis seat wiring

    Hello all, I have embarqued on a slightly complex project of installing vel satis electric seats in my 2003 laguna. There is no problem with the physical install - the seat size is identical although it is necessary to remove the aluminium pedestal that positions the seat much higher. The...
  10. Vel satis electic handbrake sounding like metronome when car off

    Hello all - my 2003 vel satis electric handbrake seems to work fine but the computer announces that it is faulty. The only fault is when you turn the car off the handbrake sets but then a few minutes later it starts making a clicking sound like it is trying to engage again and again and again. I...
  11. For Sale. Vel Satis

    For sale
    This is my own car. Lots of upgrading and service work done over my 3yrs with her. Rear suspension with springs and shocks renewed. New rear calipers, discs and pads. ARB bushes rear brake hoses. and rear shocks. I fitted a towbar and it has towed a small trailer twice. No real use on it...
  12. Speed limiter works but Cruise Control doesn't? (Vel Satis 2.0t)

    Hello! I've just bought a Vel Satis and I'm currently in the process of sorting all the little niggles. The most irritating one is the cruise control. The speed limiter function works perfectly, the master switch and the buttons on the steering wheel function as expected, however when I switch...
  13. keyless ignition, engine start up vel satis

    Hello, how can I turn on the KEYLESS IGNITION, on my 2004 VEL SATIS 2.2 dci-privilege. The KEYLESS ENTRY (open / close doors ) works well, but for STARTING THE ENGINE I must put the key-card into the socket, and I want it to be COMPLETLY KEYLESS. Thanks, Zoran
  14. Vel Satis Handbrake ticking all the time

    Hi all this is my first go at listing so bear with me!!!! I have a 2004 vel satis with a handbrake fault showing and when its applied it ticks like a bomb from the back of the car. Seems to work fine most of the time last week stuck on a couple of times used manual release and then reset its...
  15. Replacing SU1 gearbox in 3.0 dci Vel Satis - any advice?

    For some time now my gearbox has been struggling to reverse and it's getting worse each week, when the accelerator is applied and especially on an incline. The ATF has been checked and is ok, I'm told, and was partially replaced as a precaution. CAN CLIP comes up with fauly DF105 - declutching...
  16. Vel Satis Auto Gearbox fault? (3.0 DCi)

    Hello all. I'm currently looking for a Vel Satis, and have found one locally at a bargain of just £400, although it does need some work. Most notably the automatic gearbox has a problem. The gearbox will shift through the gears manually no problem and goes through reverse all the way to 5th...
  17. Vel Satis window problem

    My front passenger window will not go up. It goes up about 60mm and then goes back down. It is like it hits a stop and the motor reverses. Just wondering why it does not stop but goes back down. Control unit? The mechs may be same as Espace or even Laguna. Would 12 v straight to...
  18. Vel Satis 2.2dCi 2002 no startup, possible ECU damage?

    Hello! It seems I had a slight mishap with my 2002 2.2 dCi 110 kW Vel Satis. I shorted the three common rail wires together with eachother (2 green, 1 brown). Now my car will turn over (starter works) but the car won't start. The gas pedal position shows a constant 118%, the clutch pedal...
  19. Vel satis rear springs.

    Steering and Suspension
    New spring time on this Luxo Barge. I think it is a similar set up to Laguna 11? Were guys able to drop suspension far enough by levering to get spring in? I have removed shockers, 3 drop links and a long bolt through the top bush behind brake caliper. I am trying to avoid the spring...
  20. Vel Satis - Fault Codes problem, ESP, FUEL INJECTION, SERVICE

    Hi. I have a 2004 Vel Satis 3.5 V6 Petrol car with 122,000 on the clock. It threw up the typical "ESP Fault", "Faulty Parking Brake", "Fault in Fuel Injection" and "Service" warnings a couple of weeks ago and refused to rev above 2500rpm. I limped home. I parked the car until today. I have...