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  1. 2017 Clio vibrating wing mirror

    Hi - I have recently purchased a new 2017 0.9 Tce Clio. When I collected the car , the drivers wing mirror was wobbling not the casing just the glass itself. Took it back to Renault, they said it was a charactisitic Of the clio ? They Agreed to replace , which they have said they have done...
  2. Check Emissions warning light/Engine Vibrating

    Hi all, I have a Renault Grand Scenic 2005 1.6 petrol. Issues: Warning light came up on dashboard : Check Emissions Engine is vibrating when I start it up, loss of power when driving, starting off from traffic lights I need to really accelerate! i have attached a video* & photo. I am not...
  3. vibrating through steering wheel

    Steering and Suspension
    iv a 57 reg traffic iv got vibrating through steering wheel while stud and the vibrating is still there when driving it and its in the pedals as well iv had power steering pump / steering rack/bottom wishbone arms / shocker top bears /subframe bushes /engine mounting im at a lose can anyone help...
  4. Brake peddle vibrating

    Hi, my kangoo vans brake peddles vibrating I'm not sure what it could be it seems to be coming from the from anyone help me out?
  5. Megane 1 vibrating

    Hey My 1998 built Megane started vibrating when it is working with 1500 rpm or lower. This started after I done a wrong shift (30 km/h, from second into first at 5000 rpm). I realized that the car needs way more gas for taking off now. Also that the car heats up very fast. What can cause this...
  6. clutch, brake and accelerator pedal vibrating

    i have a renault megane 1.9 dci and have redone the clutch and flywheel. since i got the car back everything vibrates, the clutch pedal, brake pedal if im braking and the accelerator pedal together with the steering wheel. what can be the cause?
  7. 1.5 dci vibrating, and slight power loss

    hi, have recently bought a 1.5 dci scenic, bought cheap with a few problems. I am a mechanic and have worked a lot on this engine as where I work mainly deals with Nissan. vehicle vibrating and found top engine mount and lower gearbox torque bar worn. replaced still no better. plugged car in and...
  8. Laguna II petrol engine vibrating when idle

    Hello, I hope I can get a hint on this one. Engine vibrating when idle ,revs not stable especially when air-con is on.Fuel consumption high with low speed ,at 60 mph on motorway -fuel consumption fine. When down hill and gearbox in idle at 30 mph trip computer calculates 3l/100 km...
  9. Help! complete newbie. Trafic 1.9 DCI with severe Vibrating

    Hi, can anybody help please? I have a 2003 traffic and the top offside engine mount has been replaced as the original one had perished, now with the new mount on the van it vibrates very badly between 1700 and 2000rpm. The vibration goes through all of the van and if the old mount is put back on...
  10. Vibrating noise when accelerating

    Hello peeps, My van has had a vibrating sound for years which I thought was a loose baffle in the exhaust. It only appears through a particular rev range and then disappears, however it is now 1 more apparent, and 2 lasting longer throughout the range. IF when accelerating I put slight pressure...
  11. renault grand scenic 1.9dci - check injection and car vibrating sometimes

    Hi. I wondered if anyone could help. I have a renault grand scenic 1.9dci 120bhp on a 54 reg. If i start it from cold and drive it on a dual carriage way within 5 minutes of starting the check injection light comes on but normally but if i let it tick over for 2 minutes before setting off it is...
  12. Scenic Shaking / Vibrating at 40mph through 60mph mainly in 4th and 5th gear ???

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all Apologies to anyone perturbed by me posting about a potential topic already discussed - but im unable to fine a similar post - I have a 2002 1.8 fidji that when driving between 40 and 60 shakes / vibrates. It goes from a gentle vibration to actually feeling like the car is shaking...
  13. Engine vibrating

    Hi all. My engine is vibrating quite a lot. On idle and when driving. Also a clunking from underneath somewhere. I know very little about cars only that garages are something I like to avoid as on a limited budget! Any ideas??
  14. Vibrating Noise

    Wheels & tyres
    hi guys, newbie here, so my car makes a loud vibrating noise while driving at pretty much any speed, it stops when i turn left though....would i be right in assuming its the wheel bearing?
  15. scenic dci vibrating

    Hi all i have a 03 scenic dci and when its driving i can hear a horrible vibrating noise,doesn't happen when i take it out of gear and freewheel until i rev the engine then it starts again but it also seems to do it when the car goes up or down on the suspension,but only when the car is in gear...
  16. Clio braking issue

    Hi guys, i clio sometimes has an issue when braking. it sounds like its coming from the passenger front wheel, and it sounds almost like a vibrating / griding noise. also the pedal vibrates and the lights dim briefly. any ideas what this could be? Cheers guys note * front pads were changed in...
  17. Engine vibrating when idle.

    Hi all! Hope you can help. I recently had my coolant hose replaced. Since then I have noticed sme vibrating coming from the engine when sat in traffic. I have a 1.9 megane 04 plate. Could it possibly be the timing belt or engine coil. Thanks Claire
  18. vibrating from under car at 2000rpm even when stationary

    Hi New here and not great with cars I've got a vibrating noise coming from under the car drivers side and around the back boxobounce over 2000rpm and under no noise it's only when on 2000rpm the noise is there it's weird as if on tick over if I rev it to 2000rpm it still does it I have at 1.9...
  19. renault clio sport vibrating near transmission

    hi guys ive recently purchased an 02 plate clio sport,which as started making a funny noise,can any help please
  20. water-washed petrol clio 2002 engine vibrating and sputtering

    Hi I took the car to the car wash and forgot to tell them not to wash the engine with water.. They washed it with water and now the engine is vibrating and sputtering (better than last night but still vibrating and sputtering less frequently (like every 15 seconds) when idle. It's better when...