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  1. Engine vibration

    Hi all,I have noticed in the past month or so that my engine is starting to vibrate ,not major but enough to feel it in the steering wheel and to create ripples in coffee in the cup holder,no increase or decrease in engine RPM , any ideas why itcould be?Thx
  2. Scenic 2 2003 2.0 16v 120,000km vibration on idle

    Hello I've recently bought the above low mileage example and I'm puzzled by vibration at idlying speed. I also have the ventillation running constantly at full speed which I presume requires the resistor to be changed? Thanks
  3. renault trafic vibrations

    Ask the Experts
    Sorry i cant find my original post... brought a trafic 14 plate with 51k on, and soon as i reach 60 mph plus the van starts to vibrate and have a mad knocking sound coming from under drivers seat... i have had new tyres and had them balaned twice, took to renault and they diagnosed drivers side...
  4. Excessive vibration at 50mph

    Hi everyone, I wondering if someone could help! I am writing for a friend actually here! Honest! Here's the story 9 months ago, my friend bought a renault clio 1.4 16v 06 plate. Got it cheap, but 3 months later was advised to replace the cambelt, at 80k. He took it to this garage, not an...
  5. Master new engine mount vibration

    Ask the Experts
    I have just replaced the top engine mount on my 2005 master as it was knocking and on inspection had collapsed. It immediately developed a vibration when pulling off or accelerating hard on test drive - doesn't knock anymore). Could I have over tightened the bolts or will it go away as it...
  6. 2010 scenic gear knob vibration problem

    Dear friends, I own a 2010 1.5 dci manuel grand scenic. The gear know vibrates badly and makes noise when idling. During driving, there is no vibration nor noise. Could you have a look at the video? As seen in the video, when i push or pull the knob slightly, the vibration and noise go away...
  7. Renault trafic 2004 vibration

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi guys new to forums so hope I'm right posting here. I have had a search can't find what I'm after. I have a 2004 diesel trafic. Last week all of a sudden I've started getting a bad vibration, that feels like its in the front and also in the steering wheel, when driving between 65 and 75. I...
  8. 2004 Scenic Steering Vibration **Sorted**

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I've got a 2004 auto scenic. Recently when driving the car judders. It feels like the whole car is shaking and the steering wheel judders. It happens intermittently and I haven't found any pattern to it yet. I've has both outer CV joints replaced and the steering rack ends. I'm going to get...
  9. 2005 Grand Scenic 1.9 Diesel Vibration Fix

    Have been putting up with a massive shudder in my car for a few months now, and determined it was most probably the right-hand side engine mount being worn out. Found a replacement on Amazon for £33 (advertised as 'Top Right Engine Mount Mounting Fit for Renault Grand Scenic MK II MPV Megane MK...
  10. Slight judder and vibration at motorway speed?

    Wheels & tyres
    At 60mph or higher, the car feels like it has a slight judder in motion. I can feel slight vibration throughout the car. Tyre pressure is correct and the car is perfectly smooth under 60mph. Back left wheel has an outer counter balance weight near the air inlet. Air inlet is positioned right...
  11. Megane mk4 1.5dci EDC Vibration

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All, I've recently bought a new Megane 1.5dci EDC, and there's a vibration through the cabin (including pedals and steering wheel) at 60-70mph. It isn't present below or above that speed. At first I thought it was wheel balancing, so had all four balanced, but it made no difference...
  12. Renault Master heater fan vibration

    Heating & cooling
    Hi The fan on my 2012 Master is vibrating on 2,3,4 speeds. Is this an easy fix or is it a total removal of dash etc? Thanks Adam
  13. 06 senic auto gearbox loud vibration

    Hi all I have a 06 senic automatic that vibrates when driving. It doesn't do it when in neutral or park only when in gear and moving its that loud I thought the exhaust was blowing at first but it doesn't do it when you rev the engine out of gear . I don't think its the wheels as it can't be...
  14. vibration on gas pedal...

    Hi guys, I have a vibration on gas pedal on my car. In moving, when I push gas pedal, the vibration felt on that, but when car is stop and not moving(in D or N or P), there is not any vibration on that, and vibration will be when push pedal on moving the car... this vibration there is in...
  15. Nasty vibration on Hornet 900 *FIXED*

    Maybe some one could shed a bit of light for me. I have a nasty vibration/knocking at 4000rpm or at around 50-60mph. The chain and sprockets are due a change as they are on their last tightening, so at first I thought it was this... now I'm not so sure. I can't work out if it only occurs while...
  16. vibration in the steering wheel on moving Megane II

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I have a Renault Megane II Classic 2.0i 16V Automatic. My car has started to get very high vibration in the steering wheel recently. The vibration only comes when the car is moving, specially at low speeds. However, when the car is not moving there is no vibration on the steering wheel...
  17. Grand Espace 2.0dci auto vibration

    Hi to all renault enthusiasts! New owner of 2009 grand espace 2.0dci auto initiale in the chace of finding whats causing vibration while stationary. Its felt through steering wheel and front of the car and its very noticible and very annoying. As soon as its starts to move rpm over 1000...
  18. 1.9dci slight vibration at idle and knocking when revs increased

    I have a 2006 laguna with the f9q674 1.9dci engine that has suddenly started to vibrate slightly at idle and when you increase the revs there is a knocking noise coming from the engine. The car starts and drives fine but I have covered less than a mile since it the noise started. Any advice...
  19. Espace Auto, vibration on selecting gear whilst stationary

    Steering and Suspension
    When i am parked and start the car I have a distinct vibration when i select drive or reverse on my 2004 Auto E space 2.2 diesel. As soon as i move the vibrating goes; If i come to a halt whilst driving the car still wants to move, it would do a couple miles an hour with no acceleration...
  20. Espace Auto, vibration on selecting gear whilst stationary

    Steering and Suspension
    check fluid