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  1. My Friend's 2010 Twingo RS 133

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all well? I am new to this forum and Renault ownership. (I have a 3rd gen 0.9 Twingo) However, my friend has a 2010 Twingo RS that is just awesome! It sounds great and its a total pocket rocket. Here is a video I made of his car if anyone wishes to see it?
  2. Add video to a post

    General Chat
    I***8217;m trying to add video to a post from my phone is this possible if so how thanks
  3. Twingo Revving by itself - Youtube video attached

    Hi All Hoping for a bit of advice on my daughters 61 plate Twingo Piaz. She is learning to drive so not being used very often, had some issues with battery being drained so have had to charge etc, but started OK after last being charged. Car has only done 45K On startup the engine is revving...
  4. Megane mk3 k4m 1.6 . Oil leak? See video

    Hi, Hope this is in the correct issue. Last night I was doing some visual check of the engine, just to make sure it's all fine... I did the oil change a few months ago but didn't notice anything unusual. However last night I noticed this leak sort of.. underneath and behind the engine. It...
  5. Kangoo dci 1.5 idle dropping out on cold start **Fixed**

    Renault Clio Kangoo dci 1.5 idle dropping out on cold start. When the engine warms up a little its working fine unless you step on the gas fully on load and the engine will go to limp/safe mode. Newly refreshed injectors battery needs replacing although I do not think that it has anything to do...
  6. Non-start/no key fob reaction after battery disconnection/reconnection - with video

    Hi, Couple of days ago, I noticed my fuel gauge may been playing up a bit, so I thought "disconnect the battery, reconnect in a few mins and see what happens". However, reconnected it back up and all I'm getting is a constant clicking noise, sounds like its coming centrally (ECU?). So I...
  7. My Car used on a music video set !

    General Chat
    I was recently contacted by a music producer, who heard I had a few Skylines. They wished to use one on an upcoming Music video they were filming for an upcoming artist called 'Ragz Originale' Shameless Selfie ! It was a fun couple of days up in a London Studio, lots of special effects. I...
  8. get rid of the dmf video

    General Chat
    so just looking at one or 6 videos when i came across this anyone used them yet Ron
  9. video cut

    Computer Club
    i have x2 videos on a stick from my cctv too big to post and only need 20sec from each to show now i am on linux so any ideas on how to do it Ron
  10. 2.2 DCI knocking, suspect lifters, video inside...

    We sold our beloved Grand Espace to my brother-in-law who has managed to break it ("didn't they notice any problems at the service?", "what service?", <sigh>). It's got a very heavy knocking form the top end of the engine, he's taken it to two workshops who have both told him "bottem end has...
  11. Noise and smoke of engine (video provided)

    Hi all. I recently purchased a 56 plate 1.5 diesel Clio. It had a check injection fault when I purchased it. Which I was going to get looked at soon. However recently I noticed when I start the car it takes a while to start and when it does the following happens (YouTube video)...
  12. 2004 1.2 16v Dynamique clacking noise at idle, video attached

    Engines Not sure exactly where it's coming from, somewhere around the driver's side engine/timing belt area. Noise disappears after moving off. Possibly related information: - Just passed 70k miles, so timing belt/water pump is...
  13. Check out our new video for 2017

    General Chat
    [B]Hi All, check out our new Video, what do you think ? :) Great Music and Engine noises to go with it...
  14. Scenic Mk2 2004 rattly exhaust - video

    Hey everyone. We've got a 2004 Scenic mk2. Brought a couple of years ago and has served us well but has a few problems (air con gone, fan only works 1+2, takes 3 times to start on cold, cam belt will need replacing this year) The latest problem is our exhaust has started rattling badly...
  15. Bit of Fun Video - Stripping a Cylinder Head

    General Chat
    Hi All, Thought we would have a bit of fun doing a time lapse stripping an RB25DET Cylinder head... The keener of you will note, we didn't number valves etc when they came out, but this was a damaged head, so stripped down to sell off the parts to you guys Let us know what you think :)...
  16. Video of loud running gear noise, please any ideas?

    Hey guys im freaking out that im going to have to change another gearbox. The top gearbox engine mount broke but my brot g er still kept driving the car. Now thered a reall strange noise that im not sure is related or not. I dont think its wheel bearing because breaking/turning doesnt effect it...
  17. R-Link Video & Picture not working!

    In-car entertainment
    Hi i'm new here, I have a renault Clio Sport RS EDC 200... I've uploaded lots of various different videos and images to my USB drive. I then inserted it into the car and it comes up with "USB Detected" and then about 5 seconds later says "No multimedia content found" or something along those...
  18. Heater motor video megane 2

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone took my fan motor out today and I am wondering if a need a new one the connectors where the resistor connects is.not great which is why my heater keeps going off and on having purchased a new resistor and upgraded wiring loom. The unit seems to be vibrating in its motion which is...
  19. Problems starting Clio MKIII 1.6 with video, electrics problem?

    Went to set off on a journey on Saturday and when I turned the key in the ignition, it sounded as though it was going to start but then it didn't. Turned off the key in the ignition and tried again.. the starter motor seems to turn a bit but more noticeably all the lights on the dashboard and...
  20. Video Calls

    Computer Club
    Currently my wife uses Skype to have a video call to our son who lives some distance away. Has anyone tried the Firefox equivalent called Firefox Hallo. Any comments regarding how good or bad it may be would be welcome.